Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Do You Really Care or Not?

It amazes me at the energy people put into debating over GOD. Whether you are for or against, time is wasted and fruitfulness is non-existent. Meanwhile, the Amish people are setting a better example than most self proclaimed Christians. That also goes with saying that some self proclaimed atheists set a better example than most Christians. So I am not proclaiming that the Amish are GOD's people. But I am saying that what we do with our time matters. Spending a significant time trying to be self righteous in a negative way is no good for anyone.

I took the following statement from an article. And I would like you to read it. The man who wrote it clearly has a well defined perspective on what family is all about. And I believe that the majority of people in this world, Christian or otherwise, have a false sense of what it means. Else, modern traditions wouldn't revolve around such individualistic behavior. You think about this statement:

"Some families are just so many individuals with the same last name, living in the same house. They seem to lead separate lives, go their own ways, each independent of the other. Each is busy leading his own life. They lack the essential elements of a joyful family life---love, togetherness, loyalty, sharing. These sad little groups of lonely individuals are not families at all---they are failures. They are missing out on one of the greatest challenges on this earth---building a meaningful family relationship where work, possessions, and even feelings can be shared in love and trust."

The textbooks often define different cultures as Individualistic or Collective. As if both are legitimate choices. But the truth is, there is only one culture that is good. And that is one that follows GOD's moral principles. A collective culture might carry more of those values. And Individualistic one is nothing more than an excuse to be selfish. That's the United States as a whole. And there are exceptions per family case. But in all honesty. We should be spending far less time debating people and more time setting a better example. As parents, the time you waste being online self indulging, the more cheated your kids are. Its like a chain smoking mother treating her kids like dirt and pouring self pity all over her neighbors for being broke. You can tell the woman how to solve her problem by not buying cigarettes. But she doesnt want to hear that. She thinks her kids are too wild and driving her crazy. Yet, its because they get high on smoke all day. Its high time people stop making excuses for bad behavior and shape up. If you have kids or not, the world is full of them. And many aren't getting what they deserve. They are far more important than YOU. So make the sacrifice and do what Jesus would have done. Deny yourself and be fruitful in a way that GOD would be pleased. He put us here not to be self centered. And as I said. The Amish set a better example than most other people. The only thing wrong with them is that they horde their own salvation instead of trying to save other people like Jesus did. This is where YOU come in.