Friday, January 30, 2015

Modern Music, Movies, Video Games, News - EVIL!!!

Modern music is a form of incantations. As sensational as it may be, the way it makes you feel has little to do with its true nature or reason. Yes. GOD gave us music. But music long ago did not resemble that of today.

Long ago when there was a lack of technology, people would have simply sung together. And if there were instruments, they were crude but beautiful. More than likely string and/or woodwind instruments. The bottom line is that the music would have come directly from the hearts of those showing their love for the One True GOD. A sincere collaboration.

Today. Music is nothing of the kind. It is a spellbound form of self indulgence. And a way to make people envy and worship one another. It is used in many ways to lead people astray. At one time, the meaning of words certainly did matter. When you made a statement, it was the honest truth. If you sang the words, they were the honest truth. Today. The truth in words has become irrelevant. You can speak lies. You can sing lies. And people will praise you for it. You can make up all kinds of stories. It doesn't matter if it's true. And if that isn't bad enough. Most song lyrics set bad morals and paint a dark picture of the world.

That is where it coincides with the fact that FOCUS is the number one thing in this world that leads us. Because our focus comes from the heart. And we will follow it. The world intends to control our focus through everything we see and hear. Junk gets poured into us almost every day. We get brainwashed constantly. Being turned into something we were never meant to be. Led astray. Music is the number one tool in the world used to alter our focus. Just listen to the lyrics of music. Incantations repeated over and over. Pounding ideas into our minds. Wrapped in seductive and beautiful sounds that make our bodies want to move around. We are literally being swept off our feet with lies. And those who perform these spells are highly rewarded with fame (worship) and fortune (riches). They become kings in this world. yet, its like making a deal with the devil. They eventually fall hard. Because there is only ONE KING. And that is GOD.

Yet. Because we have been brainwashed over the last 100 years, it now seems normal for these things to happen to us. The truth has been turned upside down. And by knowing this now, you can understand why thousands of years ago, Jesus was leading people out and away from the ways of society. Because there is simply no way to stay exactly the way you are and accept GOD. In spirit, we are purified. Right down to the heart. Losing our love for the world and the things in it. A sincere love for GOD bears fruit in our life that shows love for family and nature. All the original things GOD gave us from day one. He did not mean for us to self indulge and love man-made technology. Those things lead us away from Him. And that is why we must be led away from the life we now have. We were told to raise children in the way they should go. Because they WILL be raised that way. If you raise them in the center of society, THAT is the way they will go! The wrong way!

FOCUS should be your MIDDLE NAME!


Anyone who has listened to business seminars will often hear them discuss the word FOCUS. They will tell you that is the secret to success. So how does that apply to life in general?

The reason is because FOCUS is the most overlooked reality in this world. If you acknowledge GOD, and think about Good vs Evil, then you NEED to think about FOCUS. Because the evildoers that govern this world are using FOCUS against you. They already know that whatever you FOCUS on, it will be driven into your heart. And your heart is what leads you. Don't believe me?

Turn on the TV. Flip the channels. Look at all the things they want you to focus on. Listen to the radio. Notice all the sounds and words they want you to focus on. Read the paper. Browse the Internet. Look at what is on display in the check out line in stores. My friends. Your FOCUS is being hijacked every second of the day. And THAT is what your life will become. THAT will be YOUR SUCCESS, or failure depending on how you look at it.

FOCUS is something that JESUS CHRIST told us and showed us. Maybe not the way I am telling you right now. But it is my duty to tell you that FOCUS is at the top of the list. Because without it, everything else you do is in vain. You can have all the good intentions in the world. But still end up at the short end if you are not in full understanding of how our minds and spirits work. The filthy rich and powerful few that own and operate nearly everything in society already know these things. And they would love nothing more than to turn YOU and I into dumb cattle just to keep their bellies fed while we do all the work. They don't care about your soul. They don't care about your life. They would soon shoot you in the head. Toss you aside. And wait for the next foolish child to grow up and become a new head.

FOCUS is a real threat to the evil in this world. And when JESUS stated a future return, He meant this would come through a changing of life on this Earth for all people. The wealthy evildoers that spread greed and immorality will eventually fall. Only then will true love of human nature spread around the world and create unity and community unlike anything this world has ever seen since all of Creation.

So keep in mind. That just because you see or hear something. That does not mean you should pay attention. Sometimes, we need to flee from the dangers that infiltrate our focus. If someone nearby plays a song that sends the wrong message. Do not be afraid to complain. Do not be afraid to plug your ears or run. Begin caring about what goes into your eyes and ears. Because those are the doorways to your heart. And as I always say. The heart is what WILL lead you in life. You have no choice in that matter.

Thursday, January 29, 2015


What is your foundation? What is holding you up? Is it strong? Will it last indefinitely? What truly defines us exists at a spiritual level completely separate from our material nature.

It is important to know this about yourself and others. Knowing what defines others and how to break them down is imperative to understanding the single most important thing in your life. Foundation. For instance. A person who uses money as their primary means of living their life would fall apart if you took away money. It isn't hard to notice these types of people today because our culture is heavily reliant upon using money as a means of survival. People often buy their way through life. Relying upon businesses to supply them with resources. Outsourcing it is called. If you need something, just buy it! Take away the money and you will not be able to survive. It has often been said that America was founded on Christian principles. And none of it is true. Because the government built this country with money and blood and created an individualistic style culture which is contrary to the unity that Jesus Himself promoted in His time. Our culture is founded on money. 

Everyone in this world has a foundation. Just like a tree cannot stand without the ground below it. GOD has created all things with some type of foundation. The foundation is the beginning of something. The one single thing that defines everything. The first words spoken from GOD were "In the Beginning..." which refers to the foundation of life. When we talk about roots, we are referring to foundation. Because the roots will determine the rest of any particular thing or person's life. A plant with a poor root system will not fair well later. Jesus often made reference to this in His own brilliant way.

Now ask yourself what defines you. What is your foundation. Think about all the things in your life that you can or cannot live without. You may not know this about yourself. And even if you think you do, you may be wrong. But you can think about this. If you had everything, including your family and friends taken away from you in a single day, would you live through it? We all depend on something or someone. We are not alone in our life. While it is beneficial to us to have family and friends to  shape our roots. There is one thing that should define our whole being or foundation. And that is GOD. Because anything and everything can be taken away from us. Even if it comes in the form of a government swooping in to take it all. The one thing that nobody can take away from you is GOD. And as long as He is your foundation in life, you will be just as strong with or without everything else. With that kind of constant contentment in life, there is little need for everything else. We become more frugal and without any commitment to a material life. A necessity based life is all we need. We live and grow spiritually. Our bodies die a little more each day. So while we're falling apart on the outside, we're growing on the inside. At least we should be. And we can be. Take your eyes off the money. Take the hands and feet GOD gave you and use them to survive without relying on money so much to do it. Do the work. Your body was meant to help yourself whenever you can.

You will be amazed to know that only GOD can rebuild your foundation to be strong enough to hold unlimited weight. You can easily see the signs in a person's life that they lack a commitment to GOD. Because you will see money and materialism infesting their life. It does not matter if they spend time in church or call themselves Christians. If they spend their time spending money to create a picture perfect image for all to see, then they lack GOD. It has been said they we cannot have GOD and the world both. Take your pick. The two cannot co-exist. Hence the reason why Jesus walked in a necessity based life only. He was a far cry from materialism!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

100% All Natural

The modern world has an obsession with things that are deemed "natural". While some things were meant to be utilized in their natural state, like water and air, not all things that are natural are good for us. Some might argue since GOD creates all things, then all things are good in their natural state. But something being good does not necessarily mean "good for us". And here is why. Read the book of Genesis again. Try to remember that GOD gave Adam and Eve a warning to avoid the Forbidden Tree of Knowledge. So He knew that they would have a NATURAL tendency to approach that tree. Hence the reason why He gave them the additional knowledge to avoid it. And of course, they followed what came natural instead of denying their hearts and following GOD's principle.

That simple understanding should be enough to tell us that we are natural born sinners. And the only way to stay off that path is to deny ourselves and follow holy principles that were given to us from above. If you wonder why it is important to follow GOD instead of ourselves, then you need to read other articles I have posted on this website. Even better would be to actually read the Scriptures and pray each night for GOD to bring you the TRUTH. Denying our inner desires are an integral part of walking in Spirit. Not through rituals or religion. But by hating the sin in our hearts and instead choosing to love Jesus Christ wholeheartedly.

Now we look upon the world and see that is in no different than it ever was. Even since the Beginning. People have been denying GOD instead of themselves. Following their hearts and selfish desires. It does not matter if society uses a horse and buggy to travel, or automobiles. It does not matter if people wear southern dresses, bell bottom jeans, or leather suits. It does not matter who the President of the United States is. Underneath the image of it all, people are the same as they have always been for thousands of years. No matter what the official know-it-alls in the world say. They are liars. People have not changed. Society has not changed. It still centers around desire and greed. And the monetary system is still here to prove it. GOD's written Knowledge has proclaimed that people in this world will always be sinful. And that the only way out is through Him. It was true thousands of years ago. And it will ALWAYS be true. We need to accept this and become very skeptical of what the GODless world will tell us.

Dig deeper. Take notice of the political agendas that get pushed upon us through the "100% natural" scheme. They set us up by first setting up health schemes that are based on natural eating. They throw that word around very loosely in the media to get it engrained into the front of your mind. Over time, society accepts whatever is natural as all good. Next comes things such as homosexuality. Ready to be accepted by everyone because their feelings are "100% natural". If its natural, then it must be good. Right? NOT RIGHT!! They are misled in this world, without GOD. They are at the mercy of what society tells them. They do not deny the tendencies that are destructive to GOD's own principles. And as His written Knowledge has told us, GOD ALWAYS wins in the end. I am certain that in every case, real justice will take hold. And we must always walk in this kind of faith and trust. Even when the world around us seems unfair. We might even land in situations where our faith and trust are tested. How will we handle ourselves when we are at the butt end of the law? Always remember where you stand. Be ready for it every day. A Spirit led life is no smug life. Always be on guard. Because the world is 100% naturally driven by Sin.

Do you REALLY believe??

Romans 10:9

That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

Reading this single passage from the Scriptures makes it easy to ignore everything else that was written. Just say outloud that you believe in Jesus Christ, and that GOD raised Him from the dead, and you're saved. Simple Huh? Not hardly.

In this world, seeing is believing. All you have to do to convince anyone in this world that you believe in anything is to say it aloud or write it down. Just to turn around and walk in hypocrisy. It does not have to reside in the heart. When Jesus died, the state of man did not change. He promised us He did not come to change a thing. We still walk in hypocrisy the same as we did thousands of years ago. The only difference is that we cannot simply "do things" to see salvation. Our efforts alone will get us nowhere. But efforts will be made to walk with Jesus Christ. Do you spot a contradiction in my words?

The key is to understand the heart. We can only believe with our hearts. Not our mouths. Our heart has a direct tie to our soul. Our mouth will profess what is in our heart. Whether it is based on Truth or Lies. And people will not always see the hypocrisy in the words of others. But GOD always knows. The Spirit will convict you when you sin. 

When we were told to "believe in thine heart", then that means our whole LIFE. Because if we believe in something with our heart, it will lead our life. Just like when someone has it in their heart to become a rock star, it will lead their life. To destruction no doubt. But nevertheless, if something fills our whole heart, it will lead us that way. Just like GOD was in Jesus' heart 100%. He was led that way. He told us to follow Him.

So if you stand in a church, and by mouth profess Jesus, then state you believe in His resurrection with your heart, you are NOT saved. Because if your life doesn't reflect your words, then you are a LIAR. And this does not mean trying to do good deeds for the rest of your life. This means stepping back away from the world and devoting yourself to GOD. Because anyone who accepts Him in their whole heart WILL have the desire to hate the world and instead love GOD with everything they have. This is self denial. This is sacrifice. Not as sacraments or rituals. But as a result of something. Just like Jesus truly loved the One True GOD. There is a HUGE difference between being around something because you love it versus being around it because you are forced to be. 

Jesus is to be our ultimate example. He didn't walk a walk for us to witness, just to contradict it all through "easy believism" that we see in all churches today. He did not die just to tear out a handful of pages from the New Testament. We are to do 100% of what He told us while He was here. He did not toss himself in harm's way for us to do nothing. He lived by the same example we are to live by. And that should NOT be taken lightly.

Now read the passage again. If you truly believe in your heart that Jesus was raised from the dead, then you will believe everything else Jesus told us. And He told us plenty. Primarily to leave the ways of the world behind and follow Him. Just like the disciples did. To help bring others into the light of the TRUTH. Not by spending our lives building a personal fortune. There is no guarantee of a tomorrow. Your belief is where your heart is. Where is your heart guiding you?

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Resisting Temptation

We live in a world where it is encouraged to give in to temptations. They tell us to dream big and focus our whole life on achieving what's in that dream. Follow our hearts. Do what comes natural. Be who you are. Get what you can while you're here. You only live once. Right? When we are born into this world, we are vulnerable to the temptations of Sin. We cheat, lie, steal, and betray. The list goes on. We can be raised up to "be good" and know right from wrong. Yet, when opportunity knocks, we fall into the temptation. It could be as simple as leaving the store, only to find out when you get home that you forgot to pay for something that was in your shopping cart. Oh well. No harm done. You got it for FREE! The store won't miss it and nobody gets hurt. Right? Well. That's how easy it is for all of us. To rationalize over our mistakes and wipe the slate clean in our conscience. But in reality, that only desensitizes us from the guilt of committing Sin. Making it easier to commit the next one.

Think about this. When we are children, we aren't very good at a lot of things that we need to be good at when we grow older. We must be taught and we must walk the walk. And it takes time for newly adopted ways to grow inside us to be strong enough to guide us when we are on our own. Morals and principles. No meaningful change happens overnight. We may suddenly become self aware in some way. But it takes a long time to truly change ourselves. There is usually some long term struggle involved. This is necessary for lasting growth.

To begin with we need to understand that because we come into this world, prone to the temptations of Sin, we must learn resistance. Once you understand how a muscle in our body is trained to get stronger, then you will understand how we become stronger emotionally. Training a muscle with weights is the same as creating resistance to make it more difficult to move it. You have to really put in the effort. Thus, breaking into a sweat. It can be dreadful for some people. But its mind over matter. The payoff is significant. If you keep it up, not only will the muscle be stronger in time. But it will make it easier to train other muscles because you will also become stronger emotionally to push yourself towards the goal and to do the work. There is repetition involved.

If we also resist temptation with all our might, we will be slowly training ourselves to become stronger inside. The more we do that, the easier it will become. Although, how strong we become will be directly proportional to number and level of challenges that each person faces throughout life. You cannot always rely on "life" to bring you up. And that is why GOD gave us parents. It is their responsibility to watch over us and help us meet and overcome challenges. Kids typically ask us questions every time they meet a new challenge. And they need answers every step of the way. It's an opportunity for growth.

Many parents let the world raise their children. Placing them in institutions like public or private schools, and daycares. They get them heavily involved with sports and other recreational activities late in the day. It gets to the point to where busy parents stay busy and preoccupied. They may lay claim to owning the children. But they do little to bring them up the way they should go. These children may or may not meet and overcome challenges in life. It's like rolling the dice.

GOD sent children to us to bring them up for Him. It's our biggest job that revolves around a child's whole life. We should take it far more serious than anything else. It's the planting of a seed that sprouts and is to be tended to in order to grow into something that will multiply into many more. Becoming something big and full of purpose. This is what GOD meant we he said to be fruitful and multiply. The fruit comes before the multiplying.

There is hope for a child that grows up in a bad environment and needs help finding the way. Some people in the world are dedicated to helping others with this cause. People who are heavily guided by the Spirit of GOD. Due to the nature of this Sinful world being full of pitfalls. Namely churches. People may fall into a false sense of finding the right path. The usual hypocrisy of social groups who form church institutions to have gathering and field trips. This is not spiritual growth. Its a club environment. Reality exists in the real world. Not fantastic weekend rendezvous. Jesus reached out in ways and places that the churches would not.

Through pain, prayer, and above all patience, GOD will send His Spirit into your life and guide you through. Just ask. Keep asking. Resist the temptation to show contempt if what you hope for does not happen. GOD is mysterious and knows better than us as to what we need. He delivers it in a customized package. And we might not know or understand what is happening at first. But He will make certain that it is revealed and that we notice when the time is right. Just be ready to commit yourself. No one can change overnight. Planting a new seed where one failed the first time will require an extra special solution. And there is one. Resist temptation. Exercise your trust and faith. And you will see.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Back to the Past

The biggest mistake we could ever make is to stop learning from the past. This goes for each and every person. Not just a "society". As a matter of fact, there is no such thing as society or community. Just a world full of people who either agree or disagree. And their beliefs can change at any time. Anyhow. The past is an integral component for wisdom. Something time tested by billions of ancestors who lived and learned well before we came around. I am certain that each and every one of them knew something that you or I do not. The people of the past represent the outside looking in. While we live in our modern day bubbles, the past is looking in through the window. Trying to get us to step outside ourselves to see just what we really are. And what we may need to change. If we did not rely on the past, we would be severely limited to only what modern day thinkers tell us. And when you're living in an age where everything revolves around materialism and money, there's hardly a chance to find what you are looking for without turning back time.

Sometimes we cannot trust how we feel based on popular perception. When you look back and see that billions of people over thousands of years all agreed on one single idea. Then look to modern day, seeing that the masses believe otherwise. It is time to be skeptical of what is getting tossed around today. Because it takes a fool to think a single generation is far wiser than thousands of years worth of wisdom. Today, the educational institutions have become highly political. Controlled. Regulated. Any information being passed through them is filtered and approved (or disapproved) by the government. In other words, children and adults alike are only being given limited or false information. The only information from the past that is being taught is that which honors past politicians, leaders, inventors, etc etc. As well as whatever is "cool" or "neat", such as prehistoric times. But you won't learn about groups that overcame tyrannical governments. If you do, the information will be filtered to prevent today's generation from being "in the know" about our own tyrannical government. The idea here is to "dumb down" today's youth so that they will be far more foolish and naive. Making it easy for the government to keep them weak and compliant. Like human cattle. Yes. A conspiracy for sure. Many who have become wise to present political schemes might still fall short on knowing how to identify modern political conspiracies. For instance. Politics are tied directly into popular culture. The television and radio media are owned and operated by those at the top of the political ladder. That same media is responsible for corrupting and controlling the thoughts and beliefs of the masses. As many as possible. By crowding our minds and hearts with unhealthy information. Through sights and sounds. Movies. Music. News. Commercials. Trends. They can be VERY sneaky about it too. Enticing you into gossip and dirt. Michael Jackson. Bruce Jenner. Justin Beiber. The list goes on. Today they pick this person to be front and center. Tomorrow there will someone new. They empower the degenerates. Creating a song and dance for all to watch. All the while the President of the United States is signing over YOUR life while you're not paying attention.

What do we do? Look at things this way. The filthy rich political entities didn't get that way by accident. It was people like YOU that got them there. And you are keeping them there every single day that you continue living the way you do. Living on the grid. Working for corporations. Buying from corporations. Depending on corporations. If more people went off the grid and became self sustaining, things would begin to change. Create a self contained life at home without relying so much on the outside world. Outsourcing has always been a tragic reality. Our children's minds are being outsourced for education. When they should be getting it at home. But people have become materialistic and are selling out what is truly good in this world. Stop enabling media and politics. Those two things should be crushed completely. We don't need either one to have a happy and fullfilling life. Tell the President to get lost. We don't need him either. By getting rid of these things, more and more people would be pulled together. Real unity. Real community. Creating a stronger TRUE government that aligns with people. Its criminal to let ANYONE who has alot of money to make decisions for the people. Because they are crooks. You cannot trust them. You couldn't 100 years ago. You still can't. Rid the Earth of those people and watch life dramatically improve for everyone. The past has taught us this long before now.

Thursday, January 22, 2015


The world will continue to undermine GOD by weakening the head of household.....the man. This will be done by encouraging homosexuality (less of a man), and encouraging empowerment of women (fall of Eve). To restructure and build a new society that is completely void of the moral principles of GOD. Certain contributing factors to a family that is unified in the Spirit of GOD will no longer be found in most homes. The man of the house represents the spiritual leader. Not single-handedly. But predominantly. Without the guidance of a father figure in the flesh, it would be very difficult to place children on the straight and narrow. Because a man's aggressive and fearing nature are important. It is typical to see children try to run all over a mother. But they dare try to run over the father. He can physically reprimand them in ways that will affect their whole disposition. Remember. The world always seeks to lead us all recklessly. So children sometimes NEED a heavy hand and guidance from above. The mother has her role. And it is indeed important. A man isn't complete without the help of a woman. But overall, a man should always be more influenced by the principles of GOD. Even above that of his own wife.

The typical scenario we are seeing today are gays trying to raise children. Raising them to simply "be nice", tolerant, and accepting to everyone. As if niceness is a virtue. Even your enemies can be nice. Right before they push you over. Niceness doesn't keep us from living selfishly and foolishly. We are no good to our Creator if we are only good for our own sake. We humans are all children of GOD. Naturally wired to follow certain ideas and principles above all other things. Thus, putting us on a path of spiritual growth and a working relationship with our Creator. And this material life is short. What exists beyond our short life is far more important than what we accomplish here. Because there is nothing that can be accomplished here. It is why we ALWAYS see society striving for something new and improved. Because they never achieve what they set out for. It is IMPOSSIBLE. This deceiving world creates it's own false ideas. And it leads people away from GOD in droves. Making them think they are good. But Jesus told us that no one is good except the Father. And this is proven every day of the year. The same person who flatters you and calls you good will turn on you a second later. Telling you that you are no good. The fact is that nobody can be the judge of anyone else. Good or bad. We can criticize all we want. But to say anyone is good is a judgmental lie and nobody can prove that anyone is good. It is all based on foolish perception by worldly influences. When something or someone is truly good, it/they will ALWAYS be good. Regardless of how it appears to us. GOD is always good. Even when He does not appear to be. But people are never always good. Therefore, they are not good at all. The reason why we were told to give up our will. And to be led by the Spirit of GOD. Not by the spirit of the world.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Just Say NO!

NO should be our favorite word.

But sadly it is not. We live in a YES world. People are drawn to it. They will invest all their time and mite in getting that word into their lives. Why do they work so much? To get the bank to say YES to that loan. Why do they horde so much money? So that YES they can go on those fancy vacations whenever they feel like it. They willfully walk into malls, pointing their eyes at the many temptations. So that YES they can buy this and that. Things they do not need.

Children are born with the tendency to quickly accept a YES. But they will kick and scream if they hear NO. You ever wander why that is? It goes with saying that children are predisposed to gravitate toward sin. We are all born with desiring hearts. And without guidance, we will most assuredly follow those desires. Those desires tell us YES every time we are tempted. So just imagine what too many YES's in our life would do for us. It would easily nurture the sinful desires we are born with. Sending us straight into the heart of the world. Exactly the place we do not want to be.

We should know that children must be raised to learn what is right and wrong. Because their hearts will lead them toward wrong otherwise. YES nearly always leads us to wrong. NO isn't the word that we typically want with our hearts. And it is why our willful hearts must be separated from our lives. Instead, we need to be guided by what GOD tells us. That means there most certainly will be many NOs appearing in our lives. Denying us our desires. Cutting apart those desires as they come. And over time, it will become something we learn to understand. We will be much better for it. Because our desires will lessen, leaving room for our hearts to be filled by the Spirit of GOD. The sooner this happens in our life, the stronger our walk with GOD will be. That is why we MUST raise children this way from day one. They must hear the word NO many times in their lives. If they do not, they will become children of the world.

The word NO can easily solve many of our problems. When a child asks for something, instead of asking yourself "What's the harm?" you should be taking advantage of an opportunity for them to develop self control. By denying them their desires, you are giving them a special gift that will become a blessing later in life. When I look upon the world and see so many obese people keeping McDonald's in business, I realize the lack of spiritual morality in the world. Regardless of what the intention of parents are, many are actually unfit. And they are failing GOD's children and don't even realize it. Self control is Satan's enemy. Hence the reason why we need to use the word NO alot more often with children. Some modern thinkers believe its deprivation.They are fools that carry false wisdom.

It is easy to find YES. You don't need guidance. You can go on your own and find it. But how many people do you know that will willfully look for a NO? Nobody. We all depend on something outside ourselves to lead us that way. We MUST be guided by something other than our own will. And that is where the Spirit of GOD comes in. Grown people often talk about revelations or some other "strange" occurrence in their life that has compelled them to take a different path in life. That is one way that the Spirit can find its way in. Causing you to switch tracks. Trying to get you to turn towards GOD and see for the first time. Because once your will is pointed to Him, then there is hope for you. Because you will begin to see that it is your will that He wants. And when He asks for it, say YES.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

(Everything I Do) I Do It For You

(Everything I Do) I Do It For You
 Song by Bryan Adams
Look into my eyes – you will see
What you mean to me.
Search your heart, search your soul
And when you find me there you'll search no more.
Don't tell me it's not worth tryin' for.
You can't tell me it's not worth dyin' for.
You know it's true:
Everything I do, I do it for you.
Look into your heart – you will find
There's nothin' there to hide.
Take me as I am, take my life.
I would give it all, I would sacrifice.
Don't tell me it's not worth fightin' for
I can't help it, there's nothin' I want more
You know it's true:
Everything I do, I do it for you, oh, yeah.
There's no love like your love
And no other could give more love.
There's nowhere unless you're there
All the time, all the way, yeah.
I think we should consider what our ears are listening to. The song above is well loved by millions of people. But it is essentially the same as most other popular music. Jam packed full of untruths. The most disturbing thing about these lyrics is that it is a form of worship between a man and woman. It always begins with flattery with words that cannot possibly be made of any Truth. Just a bunch of lies used to win someone over. I would be a liar if I said I didn't enjoy hearing this song. I listened to it for years after it came out. I was a big fan of Bryan Adams since the 80s. But he is just one of many idols, manufactured by the world to do evil. He may not recognize what he is doing as evil. But according to GOD, it certainly is. Adams is doing his part to mislead people in this world. And that TRUTH should disturb anyone who cares to give a damn. 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

For the Love of the TRUTH

When we conform to society, we ALWAYS end up succumbing to pride. For the simple fact that society is unholy. People often forget, or just plain never learn, that Satan rules this world. That said, the ways of the world will reflect that. We often hear people arguing that America was founded on Christian principles. They have been deceived. There are many false concepts of Christianity in the world. And all are due to trying to mix GOD with the world. This happens for only one reason. People are so conformed to the world, that they are unable to see GOD for who and what He truly is. The written scriptures in their truest form are FOOLPROOF. Those who interpret them correctly will know to stop conforming to society. Those who don't will continue to be foolish.

What would have been the point for Jesus and others to devote their whole life to a cause? He called people out of society. He didn't blend into their lives through their traditions. That is what we are seeing today. And it has been that way for thousands of years. Such as, America was never founded on Christian principles. There is NOTHING worldly that was founded on them. Satan rules the world. He hates GOD and all His people. And He would love nothing more than to lead them the wrong way. He does so through deception. We make the choice to follow through our own will. It is our own will we cannot trust. GOD didn't create us to conform. He made us to live in His principles. This prevents us from indulging in the flesh. We remain conscious spiritually. As well as sober and not drunken on fantasies and dreams like the majority of the world is.

GOD is very far from popular. Satan would NOT want the One True GOD to be popular in this world, and for obvious reasons. And because he knows that people instinctively seek TRUTH. All he has to do to lead them down the wrong path is to create a false "TRUTH" for them to follow. And it always has temptation and anti-virtues attached to make people worldly. He does indeed spend more time in the churches than anywhere else. The false Catholic Church has promoted the worldly idea that churches are holy. And that Satan avoids the churches. A COMPLETE LIE. GOD never authorized institutions to hourde GOD's knowledge like a system of government. They are far from being immune to the world. And its obvious by the traditions they follow. You will NEVER gain a true and full understanding of TRUTH by using the church as your one source. The majority of all your research and studies should come by your own efforts. It requires diligence and time to grow.

Many sources attempt to define two ways to GOD. One is by works. And the other is by faith or grace. The idea of trying to define GOD this way is another sneaky LIE. The path to GOD will reflect in your life. So there will be WORKS involved. But there will also be faith and trust involved. After all, we cannot walk the path without depending on GOD to lead us. Any other way would be impossible. There is no way to streamline it. Jesus didn't do so with His death. There is no simplicity in salvation. And there certainly is ZERO assurance we will truly make it to Heaven. But there is 100% guarantee that we can make it to a bad place. Just like there is 100% guarantee that a child will fail without being trained to NOT fail.

It is sickening to me to look around and see one person after another living life the way they do. I have been guilty of those things. But have learned that when GOD is reflected from your life, it will not appear to be like the traditional worldly life. It will be different. And in a way that turns people off. Because people of the world praise material things. The way you dress. The car you drive. The way you act. The pride you show. All the things you talk about. There is nothing but shame in them when GOD is brought up. Because He is not compatible with the world. A person who truly puts GOD above all things will have little to talk about in a room full of non-followers. This is even true in the churches. If a TRUTH teller stood up in a church and spoke GOD's TRUTH 100%, many would be discouraged or let down by it. Because it would drive a knife of guilt right into their hearts. That is what GOD does. He forces us to face everything we have ever done wrong in our life. Because we cannot deny ANY wrongdoing. This is what "cleansed" really means.

But I tell you with full certainty. I am confident enough to stand here and say that every person I personally know has likely not accepted TRUTH as their guide in life. GOD is to be put on a pedestal. And He is TRUTH. Just like Jesus said to us. "I am the Truth". Pastors often rationalize the "easy" path to salvation by stating that no one could possibly live up to the hard path. Therefore, it is unreasonable to promote the hard path at all. So it MUST be wrong. There are other variations of these same tactics to lead people to the same destruction. But I tell you. Many HATED Jesus. He handed them the TRUTH about their own existence. They resented Him for it. Because like today, those people were conformed to the world. Incompatible with the True GOD. They would have to make sacrifices in their life to follow GOD. Because anyone who really does love GOD and is willing to give up anything for Him. They will do so. They won't look for ways around it. They will just pour everything they have into doing it. Even if it means to throw away this life. Jesus proved it. He told us to do it. And we rejected Him because it's too hard for many to give up the things they love in this world.

They do not think about the fact that there is no guarantee they will live another day. A person could easily shun the path to GOD in favor of "living it up while I can". And then get hit by a bus tomorrow. What would you accomplish? Our bodies and all the things we love in this world will rot to the ground. But the soul part of us we reject in our daily life will hold us accountable later. The complex nature of the Holy Bible belongs to only certain minds that can carry it and use it to reach the masses. For there are many simple minded people in the world who are incapable of following the intended path on their own. But the way we are to follow can be adopted by all. Jesus handed us the "gate" by telling us to forfeit our life here, and to follow Him. That is the entrance only. He called it a small gate. This is an act of commitment. The biggest commitment we could ever have. The path that follows He referred to as "narrow". There isn't much room for mistakes. We may stumble. But we should never fall. It is because once we make the commitment to GOD, we will have sacrificed this life. We will segregate ourselves from it. And this will shelter us from the ways of the world. Why will we stumble? Because we are not fully isolated. Because we are supposed to reach out and bring others into this TRUTH. So we will not completely avoid being exposed to and tempted by Sin. Only Jesus was able to walk that walk perfectly.

Be careful what you believe. Because it might just be your undoing. When you see a family that claims to be "Christian". And they are dressed all fancy, looking like they fit right in with the club we call society, then you can be skeptical. They are following a false ideology of TRUTH. Most likely from a church. There is so much virtue to be found in not dressing in nice clothes. Because the imposters will want nothing to do with you. But those who know TRUTH will see you as something far better than what the world has to offer. Someone who is humbled is easier to reach. Those who stay wrapped up in pride and vanity are the ones that would have praised Jesus in church. But would reject Him if He crossed their path.


Guard your heart. It is one of the most important things you have. It has the biggest influence on your life. So there is a big responsibility that goes with it.

There is only so much we can do to consciously protect our hearts. We can be cautious as we go through life. But, it won't protect us from becoming the fool. GOD has given us many examples of foolishness in the world. And the very first was with Adam and Eve. People can have the right intentions. But that does not mean they will be act wisely.

Imagine a person who sees that you have something they want. They pretend to make friends with you just to use you to get it. This happens often in life. And is no different than the deception that occurred In The Beginning. We can be leary of all people to a point. Yes. But if we rely solely upon our own will to protect us, we will likely have to become hermits to avoid people and the world. It is why we need the Spirit of GOD in our lives to lead us.

The world targets our hearts each and every day. Throwing false truths at our minds everywhere we look. Television. Music. Video games. News. Books. Shops. Due to our nature, we will notice. There will always be something in this world that is appealing enough to attract our attention. In other words, infiltrate our mind. We can run but we cannot hide. Our mind is the doorway to our heart.

Now what happens to the things that go into our mind depends on what we believe. And how strong those beliefs are. It's not hard to see that when a person has really strong convictions about something they believe, there is nothing you can say to them that will change their mind. That is the kind of conviction we need to have when we carry GOD's will.

Our beliefs must be founded on biblical principles. Everything else goes around it. The world typically raises children the other way around. Handing them mostly meaningless and/or bad information. This becomes their foundation. Then they become foolish and easily misled throughout life. Again. Referring back to the Tree of Knowledge and the Forbidden Fruit. Certain knowledge was forbidden to Adam and Eve because they were not ready for it. I recommend that you remember to read my articles Growing Too Fast and Listen To Your Heart?? to gain a better insight on that topic.

The whole idea is to raise children with the right beliefs that properly develop the foundation of their existence. All other things that come their way will "filter" through that foundation. In other words, whatever goes into their minds throughout life, will have to go through their belief system. And it will either be accepted or rejected. So having GOD's will inside of you can keep you from becoming fooled by the world. Even if your are tempted, you will have the conviction to reject that temptation. Knowing its wrong for you. Conviction is strength. GOD's knowledge and principles are much much stronger than anything the world can or will give you.

So when you have a strong core belief system, all things that go into your mind will pass through it before ever being able to reach your heart. That is how GOD protects your heart. People often foolishly believe that all you have to do is pray in order for GOD to change you. Life does not work that way. We MUST do most of the work. It's how we pay the price. With our LIFE. You might have heard the expression "GOD helps those who help themselves". That sums it up. Although it has been taken way out of context most of the time. It should instead read something like "GOD helps those who might help Him". That sounds better. That should not be an alien concept to follow considering we should all be helping one another.

So assuming you are carrying the will of GOD. And you have strong convictions. You are guarding your heart. And it is 100% guaranteed that something in this world will come your way SOON to try and infiltrate your heart.

Popular media is the number one weapon used against us all in this world. It is all around us. It is VERY glamorous and appealing to our nature. It will capture our minds in a split second. Try imagining that old Tom and Jerry cartoon where the cat is trying to get rid of the sleeping dog Butch. He hangs a big juicy raw steak over the dog's nose. Using it to get the dog into a cage. The dog's body "floats" across the air, following the steak wherever it goes. Successfully the dog follows it right into the cage. This is a good example of what happens to us every day we look upon the world. Just driving into town, or walking into a store. We could simply browse the Internet and be tempted by something almost instantly. Websites are loaded with ads and other glamorous information with the intent of drawing you in.

But NOTHING can capture your heart without going through the mind. So a lot of effort is made all across this land to capture your mind. And if you are not strong in GOD's beliefs, you will most certainly become a fool before the day is over. And that should grab you. Now you should understand just how important it is that you act NOW. Jesus told us that we have a choice to make. And that we must make it NOW. Now you understand why. The world is stacked heavily against us. Ready to pounce and steal our hearts away. Because once it has our heart, we are lost. Fill it FULL of GOD's Will and nothing can steal it away from you.

All I can see is ME

Having the Will of GOD inside us gives us the ability to see outside ourselves. Like most things in life, this develops over time. Remember. GOD works providentially in our life.

Having lived our life for so long by our own will, we would have already established a belief system. Bringing GOD into our life will crush many of those beliefs over time. And there will be struggle and conflict within us as a result. As well as between us and other people. It also would not be surprising for others to notice that something about us has changed. Good or bad to them. Just think about all the things GOD may have to break down inside of us to make us truly humble. This definitely takes time. And He always remains mysterious to us. Even though we know He is truly here. We walk in a brand new growing Spirit that guides us.

Does this all mean we are working to become perfect? No way. That kind of thinking comes from our own will. Which is what foolishly misleads us. Life will always be hard. As a matter of fact, there is a good chance that a life guided by the Spirit will be much harder than before. But we will become more resilient and strong inside. And that is what counts.

The people of this world often base inner strength on the size of their financial security. Those things are illusions and lies. They do not exist more than a moment in time. Hence the reason why people scramble from day to day trying to maintain such things. Its false security. If the money was taken away, they would crumble. When it really comes down to it, those people fail miserably in the eyes of GOD. Because they are guided by their own selfish will. They invest most of their time on their own destiny. As if they have no faith and trust in GOD to guide them. They instead guide themselves every single day as if there is no GOD at all. And once a week at church, they acknowledge GOD with their mouths and their offerings. They are a disgrace to say the least. They are hypocrite liars. They are Cains.

The things GOD does to us on the inside do not need constant rebuilding. They do not depend on how much money is in our wallets. Whether we face tragedy or triumph, we remain stable in spirit. We stand in courage for the sake of not ourselves. But to continue down whatever path GOD is paving for us each day. Life is no longer about "me". We are no longer kings with crowns. We are servants. And our lives are a bow to Him.

Strive to recognize that GOD is working in our life each and every day. You will get better at checking yourself. Your flaws that need changing will be recognized by you. And you will throw yourself into suffering if necessary to begin changing those flaws. Again. This is not about making you perfect. It is about changing whatever needs to be changed to suit a purpose placed upon you. And you may not be able to define that purpose in words. It is just about becoming compatible with the shoes He asks you to wear. Surrender who you are. Become a "nothing" in your heart. Empty it. Let Him fill it with something else. You may lose a lot of friends and family. Because they will not understand. They will shun you. Avoid you. Some may hate you. Because they love the world and hate anything truly holy. Jesus Christ faced all these things throughout His life. And it meant His ultimate demise in the eyes of this world. But through the eyes of all that is holy, He became something very big. And it all symbolizes what we must go through. Sadly enough, many people do not recognize this. And many who do, will not have the courage or willingness to give themselves up. They love the world too much. But like it or not, we were told directly that we must make a choice. We cannot have both. GOD will not give us the world. And anyone who thinks otherwise is a liar and a fool. We must walk away from it. Leave the tree alone. All its fruit is forbidden. Turn toward GOD instead.

Warning! Pastor approaching!

Pastors can be the most dangerous people on Earth.

That's a very bold statement that no doubt requires explanation. GOD created us all to desire Truth. Of course, many lies are disguised as "Truth" in this world. So there will be foolish people who end up at the wrong end. And it is usually always out of ignorance of the unadulterated TRUTH as given to us by Him. The Bible calls people FOOLS many times throughout. It is because people have a tendency to be fooled in this world. But why would GOD allow this? It isn't His fault. We all have the chance to hear the Truth that we desire. But some people ignore it. Because it doesn't suit their other desires which are selfish. So they reject it. Instead, they opt for a false Truth as given by the world. Who helps supply this false Truth? The pastor.

Who knows GOD's Truth better than any human in the world, besides GOD? Satan. He has his own seat in the churches. Because they are designed on a worldly foundation. The door stands wide open for deception. The pastor is nothing more than a man who is misled into an institution created by other men. It is a college of organized religion with rules and regulations. It has absolutely nothing at all to do with the Holy Spirit. Now I say regulations because there is only so much a pastor is allowed to speak. Many Truths are shunned and forgotten. Because the fundamental purpose of the church does not revolve around leading others into TRUTH. Rather. It is to mislead them into HELL. But keep in mind that this does not mean the pastor knows the error of his ways. It means he is a FOOL. Just like anyone else. GOD did not ordain him. He did not sprinkle holy dust on the man.

The pastor tells the truth. But not TRUTH. There is a difference. A "Truth" is a single authentic Truth. But "TRUTH" is the whole unadulterated TRUTH the defines the full doctrine of the Bible. It is important to understand this. Because we cannot compromise when it comes to learning GOD's written Knowledge. There are many variations of a single word to be found. The context of these words aren't always the same in every case either. Even so. The word "truth" without capitals refers to an intended or supposed Truth that may or may not be authentic. So you refer to a supposed Truth as "truth" to avoid conveying something that leads to confusion or misinterpretation.

That said. The pastor intends to tell the Truth. The church needs someone to fill the shoes. And only someone who has been misled will do so. Because anyone who truly cares about the whole TRUTH will be ready to convey it 100%. Because that person will be led by GOD and not by men. But the pastor is led by men. He chooses to hold back certain Truths from his listeners. And when one holds back a single Truth, that means the whole TRUTH is not being delivered. People are being short changed and ultimately misled because of it. So there is no way that the church can lead people to GOD. Instead of leading people out of the world, the church is leading people into it and through it. This is a grave mistake. And they are smiling the whole time. Laughing and having fun. Not realizing where they are going.

Another reason why the pastor is dangerous. He expects others to seek him. Yet. Most people who are in need of TRUTH will not be seeking it. Because they think they already found it in the world. It is the reason why Jesus traveled and brought the TRUTH with Him to "hand out" to all. Regardless of whether or not they wanted to know it. A good reason why He wasn't always welcomed with open arms. The pastor sits on a throne. He goes nowhere. Because he doesn't carry TRUTH, then he isn't compelled to carry it abroad into the places that need it most. He has no desire to take risks or chances. No willingness to face persecution. He thrives on reputation and honor. This is most evident in the Catholic Church.

Furthermore. Anyone can become a pastor. You don't need to have a certain mind for it. Even though the Holy Bible DOES indeed require a certain mind to convey it. The world teaches that an educational institution can teach anyone anything. And as long as they are certified by men, they can do it believing they have the seal of approval. Of course, GOD has NOTHING to do with any of it. THERE IS FAR MORE INVOLVED WITH GOD THAN THE BOOK!! The Holy Spirit comes a certain way. And it is very unpredictable. When we serve GOD, we are often led spontaneously. GOD did not invent calendars or schedules. He did not tell us to invent clocks. He leads us when it is needed. And when the call comes, we answer it. This is fully contrary to how a church operates. And as I have stated before. Churches are fully incorporated into society. They are there to "serve your needs" like any other institution. But they do not serve GOD's needs.

Any person would ask. "If I cannot trust a pastor, then who can I trust?" There is only ONE that you can trust. GOD. And He comes through TRUTH. Let that be what you seek with all your heart and mind. And make sure that the only source is the Holy Bible. It will take a life's journey full of devotion. It will not come easy, regardless of what a pastor will tell you. We are sinners. That means we are LIARS. We cannot be trusted. But we can convey GOD's TRUTH if, and only if, we completely surrender our own will for His. This translates to mean that we give up our own life. We no longer live our life for our own cause. Rather, we live it for His. That is what we were put here for. GOD did not create Adam and Eve with the intention that they live as they please. Otherwise, the word "forbidden" wouldn't be written in Genesis. There is a purpose for our life. And in every case, it NEVER means our own purpose. Our will is what led Eve to destruction. If we follow GOD's will like we are supposed to, then things take on a whole different meaning.

Where are you going to find a pastor that will tell you these things? Nowhere at all. 


As parents, we often sacrifice for the sake of our children. Why do we do it? You may get different answers depending on who you ask. But I know that the most common answer would be "because we love our kids". Some parents may also say "It's all part of providing for and meeting their needs".

Both answers gets us in the ballpark. We sacrifice because we know it's right. If the sacrifices aren't made, then we know those parents are selfish and unfit. And their kids are suffering.

Why can't we sacrifice for GOD? We should be giving up all that is necessary to do so. And most importantly, we should sacrifice out of love. Not for salvation. There is a big difference.

I know what it feels like to have something everyone wants. And that many who envy you for it will treat you kindly. They will exalt you for it. But the minute you throw away what they want, they will turn their backs on you as if you never really mattered at all.

That is what Christianity often is like. Just a bunch of churchgoers led to a cause that revolves solely around getting something in return. If they knew ahead of time that GOD would not give them eternal life, none of them would even bother serving Him. Wouldn't it be nice if all those people that once envied you would actually treat you well, even while knowing that you have nothing to offer them? Shouldn't people give that kind of faith and trust in you. Shouldn't you do the same?

It is no wonder that GOD has not been pleased with His people. So many continue to use Him for a special prize. But I tell you this. This life isn't worth the effort of obtaining what we desire above all else. If we give it up, we lose nothing important. None of those things could ever make us content. And we can still find contentment without all those things. Again. We are giving up nothing.

But we do have something to gain from sacrificing this life for GOD. He will provide what we NEED. And as long as we do so whole heartedly, and without condition, our efforts will make us feel far more content than before. The idea isn't to harp on the salvation kick. Instead, we should be making the same level of sacrifice for GOD that any caring parent would make for a child.To put ourselves last.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


You can be a god!

Satan, the fallen angel, wants to be one. He wants all the glory of the One True GOD. But he knows he cannot have it. But he will gladly show YOU how to obtain it! But not really. He will just fool you into thinking you can. And that my friends is what we are seeing all around us each and every day.

For all the desires within our hearts are nurtured by this world often. Making us feel good inside. Which in turn makes us WANT to KEEP feeling good inside. Once is never enough. Twice is never enough. Three times are never enough. And it continues on. We can never feel any everlasting satisfaction from having our desires met.

So there is a grand scheme that has a VIP status placed upon it in this world. A special place that many spend their whole life trying to achieve. A god-like status. One that has the whole world in envy. At least that's the theory. It of course never measures up. But nevertheless, it gets promoted BIG into the homes of all people. The world calls it FAME. A man is covered in a man-made disguise. He is given a "king" like status full of riches. He is flattered from every direction. He is told that he is a god. He stands upon a pedestal too high for millions to reach. He is called Justin Bieber. He is called Lady Ga Ga. He is called many names. But he is always the FOOL. He loves his life of lies. For there is no TRUTH in it. GOD is no where to be found. Only the many ways of this satanic world. It is only a matter of time until all the flattery, envy, and riches become boring and meaningless. There will be emptiness. A very large HOLE in his life. He will suddenly become the CLOWN to the world. No longer on the pedestal. But now in the alley. Being tossed around and beaten by everyone, including those who put him on the pedestal.

We have seen these things play out many many times throughout the years. Michael Jackson is probably the most popular case of all. They often refer to it as the "Rise and Fall" of a famous person. But this yearning for fame occurs everywhere. Not just in the media business. But in politics or just around the corner. There are people everywhere trying to get attention for all the wrong reasons. Wanting to be "special". Why do you suppose that people do not learn their lessons when it comes to fame and fortune? Are there not enough examples in the world to show them that it is a life that destroys, not builds?

I see it this way. The world hates TRUTH!! They live in denial. Because they would rather seek a colorful lie over a dark Truth. They follow their desires and only work for what they want. Even if they know its bad. Just like we know that fast food kills us faster than home cooked meals, we continue to run to Mcd's every chance we get. It's the curse of our own stinking will. One we must fight every single day. Walk away from society. It never delivers on its promises.


We are not saved by "grace" in Jesus. That's nonsense. What do you think it means when Jesus stated that the path to Heaven is a narrow one that one enters through the small gate? He also spoke about the broad path that most people will follow to find salvation.

Your simplistic talk about finding salvation through grace is the broad path that comes from most churches. And as it has been foretold, churches have all but fallen away.

We cannot conform to the world and not walk in hypocrisy. Society constantly throws us into situations that keep us off our guard and failing. We are also led to promote the evils that lead others to Sin. So we are to stop conforming.

Why do you think Jesus lived in poverty and led people to give up their life to follow Him? Remember what he told the rich man? No rich person can enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

We were also told to follow the FULL doctrine of GOD's written words. But people who use simple salvation do not follow the whole Bible. Only parts. The whole TRUTH of the Holy Bible appears ugly to the world. Because the world hates the TRUTH. Society leads us to prefer lies over TRUTH. And it shows every day. Simply watching a Bugs Bunny cartoon makes us hypocrites. Listening to an 80s pop song that sings "Heaven is a place on Earth" is the same as walking in hypocrisy. Eating food that we know is bad for our bodies is the same as hypocrisy. Choosing to work a 9 to 5 job that we know promotes someone's financial wealth is a hypocrisy.

And worst of all. To love our life is a crime. Because we were told to hate this life. Because this life provides all things that are contrary to what GOD has expected from us. Pride. Vanity. Etc etc. We were also told to hate our loved ones. Meaning that nothing should come between us and GOD. But loved ones tend to live in our hearts. But they should not be in there at all. Because the heart can be deceitful. We must show love to others directly from a heart that is filled with the spirit of GOD. Not through our own will.

Three words we often see at the forefront of false Carnal Christianity are FAITH, GRACE, and LOVE. They get tossed around like free tickets to Graceland. But clearly, Jesus showed us that the walk we are to walk is nearly impossible for most people. The reason why they had trouble getting followers. Because most people aren't willing to give up this life. THERE IS A PRICE!! And Jesus was NOT it. He opened the path. But we have to walk it. It's narrow. And He said the gate is small. Meaning that we MUST leave behind all baggage to enter it. And it is one way. We must be willing to commit ourselves to it. This life isn't meant for us to be smug, living for our own purpose. The world is in desperate need for action. Sell your home. Go on a mission to lead others out of society. Jesus didn't sit at home on the Internet, waiting for people to find His website. He went looking for them. Spreading TRUTH. Even when people were ready to kill Him for it. And He expects us to do the same. If this world is what you love, give it up or you will pay a higher price.


All I ever wanted for my family is the best. For most people that is something material. But I surely have learned that nothing in this world compares to what GOD can ultimately provide and has already provided. Those are the things that the world tries to cover up because those things don't hold up pride and lust. My family is far better than that. Yes. I have a fight on my hands. And my actions may be misconceived. There may not be an easy road to what matters in this life. But as long as I know that I can take it, I will damn sure try. And even if my family hates me throughout the course, they will eventually become what others are not. This isn't about who's better than whom. It is about finding and following a path that we did not carve ourselves. But one that was made for us to take. I admit that I hate life. It's painful and difficult to stand in Truth. It seems far easier to just fall back like everyone else and want to love yourself. But as much as I hate this life, I feel a strong sense of comfort from being given a Truth I didn't always know. One that no man I have ever met would accept. Not even my brother. But I can reach my children. Because they aren't already lost. Right or wrong, I will do everything in my ability to lead them to Christ. It may or may not lead me to Heaven. This I don't know. All I can say is that if I have done right, then GOD will know. If I did a botched up job and made a mess, then He will put me exactly where I deserve to be. But there is no way that I will ever give up trying to walk a straight path. And I may feel alone when I do. But I will keep calling on GOD every step of the way. And I pray that if I am right, that GOD gives me the courage and strength to tell others about it.


You're such a MEANIE!!

Something children often say to their parents. They do not understand why we do some of the things we do. We show them our love. But we also scold and discipline them. We warn them not to do certain things they want to do. And throughout their entire childhood, they just cannot understand "why". Not until they get older. So for now, all they can do is to trust that we will take care of them and lead them right. If it were not for parents, children would be ruined by the whole world. Ending up who knows where. And the evidence is everywhere. We see neglected children feeling lost and confused. Getting into trouble. And often, they make it to adulthood never finding their way. They become adults ending up in prison. By that time, nobody can seem to get through to them.

We expect children to obey us. And they should. But they should also be able to trust us in return. We must set a good example to be worthy of any kind of respect. Not just push kids around because we are bigger. Parents are children of GOD. We should be listening to Him. Trusting Him. Doing what He asks us to. Even when we do not understand why. A properly raised child will give up a lot of what this world has to offer. Else they would be spoiled rotten. The same applies to adults. We should be giving up a lot for Him. Because it is necessary. If we make excuses and just do what we want, then we are no better than a spoiled rotten child. Because YES we will always be GOD's children. And we should act like it.


Sometimes we hear someone who proclaims to be a Christian criticize another person for doing something that doesn't seem right. Another Christian may say to that person, "How can we judge them? We don't know what it is in their heart. Only GOD knows."

First of all. We are to criticize. But not judge. Of course there is a difference. Only GOD can judge. But while it is true that we cannot measure a person's heart. We certainly fall witness to their life. The idea is that they are setting the proper example to help lead others out of the world. If their actions appear no better than those of a non-believer, then we should be skeptical of them.

When you see a celebrity standing on a stage, accepting a trophy for "Entertainer of the Year", it is safe to say that they are not walking in the Spirit of GOD. Because if they were, they would denounce their own fame and leave that life. So yes. A Spirit led life will be reflected for others to witness. If the image of our life contradicts what we are supposed to be, then we are NOT what we are supposed to be. This is the same thing as a parent understanding that they cannot tell their kids not to do something that they themselves are still guilty of doing. Hypocrisy.

Now, also understand that yes. We stumble. But we should not fall. We will not walk in perfect unison with Jesus Christ. We are like little children holding His hand. We can still stumble around. But His hand will keep us from actually falling if we keep holding it. Do not let go.

Deny Your Desires

Deny your heart's desires

Time and again.  No matter how much a person learns.  Many still do not gain a real world perspective on what it means to follow Christ.  Another reason why they instead resort to flocking to the churches to follow each other.

If we focus heavily on purifying and protecting our hearts,  then the path will be revealed to us more and more.  Desire comes from the heart.  And our hearts desire the world.  We also have the desire to worship. We must practice SELF DENIAL in order to fix the problem of desiring the world.  And the more we do this the more our beliefs will change over time.  Provided we allow our desire to worship point towards  serving GOD.  The world is always full of people who have it worse than we do.  So we should fully consider that fact.  We don't deserve more than anyone else. So we shouldn't live beyond necessity. If we really need something than it should and will be provided. Anything beyond that is an extension that takes from others. Whatever happened to the idea of giving all the extra to those in need?  What gives us the right to horde our resources for ourselves when clearly that concept is an abomination to GOD?  Your pastor tells you its alright to horde. Is he your savior? Remember the world hates truth.  Every place in it promotes lies. Including the churches.

Denying your desires will help to purify your heart. Making room for the Spirit of GOD.  There is no room in there for Him if you keep it filled with your own fulfilled desires. A desire can include anything you dont need.  Traditions.  Material objects.  We are taught by this world every day to love the things in it.  It sneaks upon us from every direction.  And that includes from our relatives and friends.  They are lost as well as anyone else.  And that is another big reason why we must rely solely upon GOD's principles to guide us.  Not simply take the advice of family and friends.  Parents are supposed to be the voice for Jesus to their children. Teaching them the principles. Later in life the Spirit will guide them. Until then children should listen to them.  That is why GOD told them to honor their parents.  To honor parents is to honor GOD.  But the world no longer follows this rule. Some people might quickly disagree with this principle, thinking that it would be bad for some children to listen to unfit parents who lead them wrong. The idea of honoring parents is based on the idea that those parents are serving GOD, not the world.

Finally. The journey you take to serve GOD is likely to exclude you from many of the things the world has to offer. Its like watching through a window and seeing children have a party.  But you're not invited.  The difference between this hypothetical example and reality is that you were invited but chose to not go. To deny yourself,  knowing that your heart is always reserved for GOD and not ready to consort with the ways of corruption without being tempted and led around by it.  It is not that parties are bad.  But whether we are strong enough to be in the world without it invading our hearts.  Jesus walked through many corrupt areas of society.  He was tempted by them all,  the same as us.  But He remained unchanged by it.  He was immune to it.  Not because He was conceived as a sinless man.  But because He always practiced self denial, worshiping GOD, and carried the Spirit inside Him better than any other human possibly could.  We should allow ourselves to follow His ways and lose our love for this world.  Only then can we SHOW love to others through GOD's will,  not ours.  Yes.  It is possible to show love without it driving our hearts sinful desires.  We do it in moral principle. We cannot do this alone.  We must have GOD's wisdom or we WILL continue to walk the foolish path. An example would be someone who is on their way to work, and running late. They see a car accident up ahead. They know that if they get to work late, they could possibly be fired. So they really DO NOT WANT to stop. But they do without a second thought. Why? Because in principle they did the right thing, according to GOD. Our own security isn't more important than that of someone else. Especially when their security is being threatened right before our very eyes. We step in, even if it puts us in jeopardy. That is an example of showing love without desire. Most people in the world show love WITH desire. Guided by their foolish hearts instead of by the Spirit of GOD.



Something misunderstood. What is it really?

When you stress over something you CANNOT change. That is worrying.

When you stress over something you CAN change, that is NOT worrying. That is you recognizing that  something needs tending to.

Do you worry about having left the heater on after you left home? Do you worry whether or not you have something to wear for work tomorrow? Do you worry that your child has what they need to bundle up out in the cold?

Those things are not worries. They are YOU recognizing needs and taking care of them.

Do you worry about whether that tax refund will come? Do you worry if you will have a job tomorrow? Do you worry that your car will keep working for awhile longer? Do you worry that the world will end? Do you worry that your child will die in a car accident?

Those are worries. And we cannot change them. We were told to NOT worry. Because they benefit us NONE. They crowd our mind. Taking up space that is needed for something more purposeful and beneficial. How can we stand for something good if we are always worrying over things we cannot change? By letting GOD guide our lives, He will guide us through.

If you stress over something you think needs changed, and you can change it. Then by all means try to change it. But not if it requires breaking something that should not be broken. Patiently learn to tell the difference between His Will and your own. Just ask Him to show you. I promise He will.

LISTEN to your HEART??

Everything today is designed to invade your heart. This is REALLY bad. Because a fundamental concept of Following Christ is to remove things from your heart that should not be there. And because we cannot be a good judge of all the things that should be. We rely on GOD's wisdom to get us there. This directly refers to surrendering our own will to replace with GOD's. In the practical sense, this would be to make the necessary sacrifices of all the things in our life that distracts us and keep our focus upon the world. All the while, learning and becoming biblically trained to gain GOD's perception of the world, rather than our own. Because GOD sees all TRUTH. We don't. We will never be fully immune to the ways of the world. Because our hearts are targeted directly by society. So even when our hearts are filled with GOD's TRUTH, we will still stumble at times. Never stop trying. It's a never-ending journey that requires constant maintenance.

Now I have to say something else important here regarding the heart. You have to know that the mind and heart are separate. But what goes into the heart must go through the mind first. This can be good or bad. What is in the heart depends upon what we think and believe. If we stop believing in something, it can die inside our heart.

Okay. Now let me say this. YOU ARE A LIAR. Yes you. You have not only hurt yourself. You have hurt your children. You have hurt me as well. And most of all, you have hurt GOD. You did it yesterday. You will do it again today. And I will bet you with my life that you will do it tomorrow. Wanna bet?

I guarantee that if you understood how your mind and heart work together, you would gain some valuable insight that would change you tremendously over time. The discussion of the mind and heart sets right at the front side of this blog. Because this world that hates truth is using your mind and heart to keep you and others away from GOD. 

When you put on a set of headphones and listen to a pretty song you grew up with, it goes through your mind and down to your heart. The heart has no brain to know what's going into it. It just fills up. It is the mind that knows. Some say "The heart is wiser". They are fools. When the heart is filled with TRUTH, we can trust where it leads us. But when we fill it with LIES, we cannot trust it at all. The popular music we listen to is constructed using fragments of lies. Just look at the lyrics of any song. Each line of text will be an untruth. Something that either never happened, shouldn't happen, couldn't happen, or wouldn't happen. Just made-up lies. Those harmless bit of lies go into your mind one at a time. If someone took a single lie out of that song and simply spoke the words to you, you wouldn't believe it. It wouldn't go to your heart. But if they conjured up a spell with music and beautiful sounds, it would attract you. It would caress you. It opens you up completely. Then the tiny lies get poured in one at a time. They go into your mind and slide right down to your heart. You just got hijacked. Now even if you know the lies are wrong. You can't shake them out of you. Because you now LOVE them. Because they are wrapped in such pretty sounds and music. So now you make excuses for them. You are now on your way to becoming the typical liar lover the world is full of. Don't try telling me that you don't LOVE listening to Belinda Carlisle cast her spell of "Ooh baby do you know what that's worth! Ooh Heaven is a place on Earth!". That is far from being the will of GOD. That should bother you tremendously.

This same method is used in all aspects of popular media. Movies use it. Video games use it. We now love running down a street with a machine gun, blowing holes in cars, buildings, and even in people. Mindlessly watching blood splatter all over the place. "Ahh. It isn't real!" you say to yourself. But to your heart, it is fully real. If you didn't love it, you wouldn't do it at all. You would hurt inside. You would cry. I have been down the road I speak of. I know what it is like to love all those things. I am probably more guilty of it then anyone i have ever known. But GOD has given me a large gift of sight. I still carry the burden of proof that I have been down that road. I will never forget. But it exists more in my mind than in the heart. For He has brought it out of me. And continues to do so more as time goes by. Because of this, my Love for Him grows stronger.

But the flip side is that those who still continue to fill their hearts with lies will quickly scold me for telling them the TRUTH. They can be watching a movie or listening to a song. The lies will stick out to me like crazy. So I will be calling them out one by one. Nitpicking it to death. It's my way of protecting my own heart as well as anyone else's. They accuse me of ruining the song or movie. As if I committed a crime. Even though in reality, I did them a huge favor. That's the way GOD would see it. Now I see why there is a Head of Household with a large responsibility to uphold TRUTH. Sometimes requiring a firm hand or a sharp tongue. For GOD's sake. We must celebrate TRUTH. Not LIES!!

LIES Revisited

People in this world love LIES. They hate TRUTH. Its proven every day. By those who reject GOD. And even by those who claim to love GOD. For instance, in popular music. It is based on lies. A boy sings about a girl and tells a story. But it is FICTION. Children's TV shows are based on fictional characters that are human-like animals or demons that pretend to be nice and good. All the while seducing them with LIES about many things. In other words, it is NOT based on TRUTH. And if something isn't based on TRUTH, then it is a LIE. Every form of modern media entertainment is wrapped in LIES. All the TV shows, movies. Even the news reports that are supposed to be based on TRUTH are wrapped in lies. "We are your one source of news in the world..." Or, "No other station can give you the weather like we can". The list goes on. You can never trust those who use lies to promote TRUTH. Because events that play out in TRUTH are trustworthy. Hypothetical scenarios do no good at all. They only set a bad example and lead others towards LIES of everything else.

I remember when I first had the revelation in my life about GOD. And how it changed my perception of the world. It really did straighten out my life and put me on a different path. But I also remember how the so-called "Christians" that were in our families. All with a long history of attending church. They criticized us for telling our children that Santa isn't real. The Easter bunny isn't real. And that most all holidays were created to promote lies and to control people's minds and actions for the sake of deception. This is a VERY important insight of TRUTH that GOD has given to me. Yet, all these "Christians" I know do not agree with it. The haven't come into the basic fundamental TRUTH about this world and the people in it. Instead, they have been given watered down ideas to follow. Mostly rituals on Sundays. Otherwise, they just live the same lifestyle as any other atheist in the world, minus a few things. But they are far from being wise. Because they have given up little to nothing for GOD.

We are imperfect. And we always will be. So mistakes will be made by anyone who strives for the perfection Jesus told us about. It isn't about winning a prize. It is about doing the best we can regardless of how much we screw up. But there is a difference between living in Sin, and living AMONGST it. Our society is demonic. It spreads its evils through the phone lines, so to speak. It comes into our mailboxes. It arrives through the news and through politicians. It is the largest entity in the world. It comes in the food we eat, whether it be as a chemical or just by design. White sugar would come to mind here. It isn't a product that GOD created for us to consume, even though we do. And as much controversy as there is over it. Its no surprise that it does more harm than good in this world. But many remained deceived about it. And many who aren't deceived are not strong enough inside to get rid of it. Deception comes in many forms. One can easily assume that anything in this world that comes to us through deception does indeed contribute to the greater evil. It doesn't matter if we see it or not. We must trust the fact that it does. And we must separate ourselves from it. This will not always be easy. We may struggle with it our whole life. That's part of being imperfect while striving to be perfect.

Just knowing that we are imperfect tells me that we are at risk of falling and failing GOD by living amongst Sin. The world is full of it. But we can choose to plant ourselves somewhere where we will minimize our exposure to it. Thus allowing us to grow in GOD's Will more and more. We eventually become strong and wise enough to be amongst Sin without being affected as much as we otherwise would have been. It is our duty and responsibility to know this. Not for our own sake. But for the reason that there are children in this world that need the example.

We must begin with the mendset that TRUTH is far more important than anything else in this world. Because GOD will not be put on a pedestal unless TRUTH is. For they are both one in the same. With TRUTH on a pedestal, we will willfully strive to eradicate LIES in our life. Facing them with courage, even if it hurts us.

Clearly we are facing a very troubling time in the world. It has become increasingly difficult to seek GOD at all without being deceived. But as Jesus showed us. It doesn't matter what the time period is. We always have the ability to "clean the slate". Thus allowing ourselves a clear perception of the world in order to see the TRUTH that exists outside it. We have to walk out of the bubble. The churches all exist within that bubble. So you are at a VERY high risk of being deceived if you seek GOD there.


We are taught to lie on the first day we are able. We are babies in a crib, hearing music on the radio spouting false stories that aren't comprised of any Truth. We hear the commercials that lie about products and services. It is all we hear. LIES LIES LIES. We are taught to believe in Santa Claus. We are told the tooth fairy will bring us personal fortune for pulling a tooth. We are told great things about historical figures who owned slaves and who also murdered the masses for the sake of "progress". We see movies on television that tell all the same lies. And we see a preference of fictional characters supposedly telling Truths which is a contradiction in of itself.

Lies define all societies and cultures in the world. And I do mean EVERY ONE. You cannot look around the world, shopping for a place of Truth to homestead. Because there aren't any. We can only find a shadow to hide in to protect ourselves, while allowing us to grow in TRUTH. We reach out when the call comes.

The consequences of all the lying is that coming generations are born into it. Thus, they end up walking a walk of lies as if it is the most normal thing ever. And in this process, those people become fully incompatible with GOD. Many will come and go, never really ever walking in TRUTH. Mostly because of denial. Because TRUTH is indeed promoted by a minority. Enough to give people ZERO excuse for ignoring it.

But imagine this. You have two ears. They each can hear a different sound. But our minds cannot comprehend both sounds simultaneously. We can only jump from one sound to another in our mind. What's that I hear in my left ear? What's that I hear in my right? I cannot hear both sounds at the same time unless they are the same sound!! Now think about a Truth being spoken into one ear. While a lie is spoken in the right. What do you end up with? The fact is. A person doesn't adopt a Truth when it first goes in the ear. It must be fully considered and comprehended. It must go through a process. So it may not even be adopted as a Truth at the start. Because in this case of a LIE going into the other ear, the Truth may never stand a chance. This same analogy can be understood through GOD -vs- Santa Claus. While GOD is trying to teach us TRUTH, Santa is teaching us LIES, claiming to be as powerful as GOD. So Clause cancels out GOD just by being in your life.

So not only is TRUTH cancelled out. But LIES become the preferred reality because they nurture desire and LUST.

NOTE: Write to demonstrate how sounds (such as music) are an exclusive tactic used in the world to lead people into destruction. One thought would be how a person could turn on the TV and keep the volume muted. Try watching it for awhile without sound. Then watch it for awhile with sound. Notice the difference in the impact on your mind and how you feel. The sounds are spellbound and invade your mind. It is a very seductive tactic that is used to "open you up" to make you vulnerable and easy prey for passing off lies and corruption. SO we should realize that sounds are one of the biggest threats we face. Because even if we learn TRUTH through words and understanding. Sounds can infiltrate our heart, causing us to be led by pride and other anti-virtues. This stunts our inner growth. And ultimately weakens our stride. The majority of all sounds I refer to is music. We should sing in private if we really choose to glorify GOD in that way. Because it is only in private that music does not breed self pride and flattery. But then again, one can find self pride in private. We are not supposed to be proud of the things we accomplish. Because we cannot be the judge of our accomplishments. Only GOD can. There is no short term reward for what we do. So it is best to just rid our lives of fashionable music and keep our minds and hearts filled with only sober TRUTH, and not some spellbound ritual that inflates us with dreams and wonders just to carry us into the sky. GOD made us to be serious. Not to feel good all of the time.

CHRISTIAN...the new synonym for ATHEIST

All the institutionalized churches and religions are false. And science cannot detect GOD. That does not mean there is no GOD. I am certain that science cannot explain some events that have occurred in my life. Even though I experienced all of them and eventually made sense of them. Just because a psychologist cannot figure something out doesn't mean that I cannot.

I have seen things happen that have amazed everyone in the room. And not one person could explain it away in typical fashion. But it certainly could be explained in a spiritual way.

Although I have never denied the existence of GOD. Most of my life was lived no different than that of an atheist. And even after I found Him (or He found me) some things did not change. First of all. I do not attend church. I do not call myself a Christian, or any other man made title. I do not hang out with certain groups of people who believe as I do. There is nothing in my life that distinguishes me from others. Except for a few things. I live in a camper with my family. And I don't rely on what others think to live my life.

They saw my wife and I give up a home with 10 acres of land to buy a used camper and live in it full time. It isn't perfect. It isn't decked out or fully stocked. It's dirty half the time. Well lived in. And not always suitable for company. But we do the best we can. It is the place that GOD has led us to. And it certainly has brought us and our three kids together in ways that our old life could not have. Even if there is struggle. Each day brings us closer to a new sense of what purpose GOD has placed upon us. And He reveals this in signs and doses of inspiration as time goes by. It is what I recognize as being guided by the Spirit of GOD.

The Holy Bible is a fundamental teaching that leads us to a point. A point where we finally surrender and make the commitment. The rest is a spiritual journey. One that brings inner peace. And sometimes worldly struggle. Others look upon us differently than before. Some with envy. Some with disgust. You definitely see life from a different angle. It allows you to REALLY see people as they truly are. And that's a big thing. I look upon most churchgoers and realize "They really do not know what its like to follow Christ". They are walking the popular and false path He was talking about. The path my family and I are following is not popular. And nearly every person I know wouldn't do it. Its like asking the rich man to give up his riches. Everyone today is too spoiled on material things. They cannot see the spirit when they are so caught up in the flesh.

Atheism. Christianity. Call them all what you like. But they are all the same. Just a bunch of people who think they know the answer about life. But they all do the same things for themselves and to each other. They all still love money and material things too much. They care about themselves too much. And no matter what their mouths may say, their actions never match. They cannot see the spiritual path. You cannot drag your worldly baggage down a spiritual path. Our hearts are filled with garbage by the world. And that must all be removed by GOD in order to refill it with something else.

If you are someone who does not believe in GOD. You are no different than many who say they DO believe. Because both types of people live a life that isn't so different. You change your mind. You do whatever when you feel like it. You change your words when it suits you. The world tosses you around. Your actions show that you only believe in YOU. Psychologists call it narcissism. And even though they are correct in recognizing the symptoms. They of course are wrong about the solution. GOD is the only way out. Because He is what exists beyond this world and has control over your destiny. Your life is not guaranteed. And we are reminded of this every day by world tragedies. You could work years for a pot of gold. And then die tomorrow and never see it again. What matters is what is on the inside. Invest your time in your Spirit, not your bank account. 


We all walk in hypocrisy. Living in society, we can never be satisfied with that kind of life. People who live it strive for so-called happiness. But they are never really happy because that concept doesn't really exist. Its a mere moment in time where they can say they feel happy. Until the next moment of unhappiness comes. Money is the primary tool used to promote this man-made concept of happiness. Because it needs constant fuel to remain on the surface. Its like a boat with a small hole in it. It cannot float for long. And somebody has to keep getting the water out to keep it from sinking. When the energy runs out, the boat sinks. The concept of happiness is actually a replacement of contentment. Since we can only find contentment in a purposeful life of serving GOD's will, there is none to be found in society. But Satan has to come up with every false concept he can conjure up to keep a status quo. Happiness is that false concept that seeks to pose as contentment. But it never measures up. Because it cannot. Satan has ZERO power in that respect because again, only GOD can provide such things.

That said. As members of society we walk in hypocrisy. Because of the fact that we are never content. We walk a path of unrest. Lack of inner peace. We constantly fumble. We are flip flopping hypocrites. As we follow along with the ways of the world, we foul and fumble, and then realize our mistake. Then we flip to the other side momentarily. It is because of our conscience usually. Because we suddenly doubt what led us to mess up, then realize Truth. But it is short lived. Until the next time we flip again. We are like a pinball bouncing around until it lands in the hole. Only to try again to win the same game it loses every single time. A life of serving GOD has zero resemblance of that of serving society. We cannot do both. We have to make a choice. A life long commitment.