Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Be Active

Are you physically active? You need to be. Ever notice when you are less active physically, your mind becomes even more active. You have time on your hands. You think, think, think.

Thinking has it's place. But it is always the beginning of something. But it never leads to the end. That's where it becomes important to be physical active. Without that, we just go nowhere. We're full of ideas. But that is all. We're no better than a closed book. Just setting there.

It is amazing how GOD created our bodies to be active. The proof is here. The more active we are, the better off our bodies are. When we sit all of the time, our bodies begin to shrivel and fall apart. Isn't that a clear enough sign from GOD? Get off your behind He says!

There are times when we have no choice but to stay inside and think. And it is important. Even though we sometimes sit and wait for the next sign or opportunity, the wheel is always spinning. And when the call comes to get off your behind, do it. You had your break. It's over.

Our minds are also better off when we are active. Not just because we think less and do more. But because it protects our minds. When we are active, we think differently than we do when just sitting around. It is why you see teenagers typically sitting around on their behinds listening to crap music. Get them to rake the leaves outside and you won't see them wanting to listen to that music during that time.

Music has become one tool of a larger weapon on the world that demoralizes everyone. making them become a product of that weapon. Lazy. Lost. Confused. And miserable. This makes the ground underneath us thin and crumbly. It is just a matter of time until we land into a tough situation that we cannot handle. And the only way out is overboard.

GOD did not create us to sit around, indulging in things. He had a plan when He constructed each and every one of us. Not like a toy on a pedestal. But we're all part of the same plan. We each have unique abilities. If we commit ourselves to allowing GOD to lead us, He will show us what we are made of.

I was once told that I have a great musical ability. A GOD given talent that should not be wasted. Those same people thought I should go to Nashville and be a big star. And that is the load of crap people often hear when a special ability is recognized. They want you to indulge in it. Use it for your own selfish gain. And simultaneously help the popular world become even worse than it already is.

That is not how GOD works in your life. He does not lead us into the belly of the beast. But He uses us to lead people out. If music is your tool. Then it will not be through a record contract.

Let me end with this. If you really have what it takes to let GOD lead you. Then you would sit on a chair in the middle of an isolated field out in the middle of nowhere. Alone. Waiting for His call. Patiently. Full willingness to give everything away. Just to be on His side. You love Him that much? Prove it. Do it for the rest of your life. Thats how He comes into your life. You MUST walk a walk. You must be willing to walk it alone and never stop. Because at some point, you will realize that you were never alone.