Monday, February 1, 2016

Your Time Matters

What we do with our time does matter. Life was not intended to be strictly about money and what we can do with it. Rather, it is the way we spend our time. What we do with our hands and feet. What we do with our minds and our voices. Does getting a job at McDonald's really set a good example? Working at a restaurant that promotes poor health and adds absolutely nothing good to the world except food addiction? Or how bout working at a factory that takes all your time just to help someone else get rich to fulfill their own greed? Does it not matter to you? As long as you only work there you are not responsible for what happens to anyone else. Right? WRONG.

GOD sees things differently. Even though He certainly understands what you're going through. He also knows that we all need to seek Him. And the path we are on is usually the wrong one. Today, the typical person has come to believe that we can seek and know GOD every Sunday at church. While going back to our circular path that leads nowhere each and every day. That's the same as living in denial. Making a fool out of yourself. GOD built each and every one of us with a purpose in mind. When He decided to build YOU, He did not send you here to work at McDonald's or any other evil minded greed infested business. People today have become too tolerant and have fallen at the mercy of norms. Nearly every so-called Christian you have ever met walks the walk of an atheist. Going through all the same traditional predetermined paths towards the mighty dollar sign. Or even towards prestige and vanity.

When the great GOD comes into your life, He does not leave you on such a path. Such a path is nothing but an unhealthy distraction away from all important things. We were meant to be living more simply and peacefully. And I am sure that even those that live a life of hustle and bustle would agree. But they would also agree that to get to a peaceful life, you need lots of money. And they claim that's what they are working towards. That way of thinking is the same as saying "We don't need a GOD to get there. We can do it on our own." That seems to be the motto of the world today. The problem with such a motto is that it guarantees you nothing. Because your life isn't guaranteed at all. You could be gone tomorrow. And you have absolutely no power to prevent it from happening. GOD is bigger than you. Stronger than you. And He can decide what happens. You are tiny and fragile. And with all that money piled up high, next to you. You could drop dead and it wouldn't go with you.

Furthermore. If you do happen to live to be 100 years old. Then what? You going to finally sit down one day and tell yourself you've lived a long good life and now you're ready to go? Where are you going to go? Do you ever ask yourself that? Wherever you do go, how long are you going to be there? What is it going to be like? Does this life have an influence on what happens when we get there? Will we die today or tomorrow? Are we just robots who break and get buried in the dirt?

Life today has sunken into  pit of meaningless existence that satisfies nothing but greed. And that word isn't fully defined in the minds of the many. People are becoming dumber, not smarter. The concept of wisdom today is laughable. And anyone who knows will say that wisdom is always born yesterday. Not today. Trust your ancestors. They knew better. But no one knows better than GOD. And He will gladly set you straight. But only if you surrender to Him. He is the only one that can save you. This life means alot less when you live it like it's your last. But if you live it like you're going somewhere when you die, then it becomes alot different. GOD sent Jesus to be our best example of all on how to live our life. It could mean something a little different for each of us. It could be as simple as learning to put yourself last instead of first. Or giving your only shirt to a shirtless person. Passing up on that well planned vacation just to give the money to someone in need. Risking your own life to save someone else's. This would all be defined by churches as "works salvation". But, it isn't the work that matters. It's the conscience that drives you to it. Walking the walk of a selfless person who requires nothing at all in return. No appreciation. Nothing. Only to humbly serve the One Mighty GOD who made you and put you here for a reason. The world is full of opportunities all of the time to help lead the lost to a holy path. Spending your time working at McDonald's isn't going to help you or anyone else. We need to be leading others out of a life that only empowers the rich and foolish. And instead, into one that puts GOD on the pedestal He belongs. We were made to do such things. It is entirely possible to do something grande in this world that the whole world would not understand or appreciate. But GOD knows all things. Including what you do and why you do it. And He is the one we should want to please. Because He is our true Father.