Sunday, January 31, 2016

There is but only ONE Church!

All labeled religions are false. Including Christianity. But the Scriptures in the Holy Bible are TRUTH.

So did I just make a contradiction? Not at all. The Christians take from the Holy Bible. But they are nothing more than a modern social club. Churches. All have fallen away from the true path that Jesus Christ carved. They are cowards. They are NOT risk takers. They are smug in all their social gathering, field trips, youth groups. They call it "fellowship". They are selective in what they exploit from the Bible to maintain their cults. That's why its possible to have many different denominations of churches all using the same book.

But when you use 100% of the doctrine, you get ONE CHURCH. And its not a worldly institution. The fact is that when Jesus promoted church, He was referring to our commitment and relationship to GOD. Not to people. Not to a pastor. To GOD. It is a personal one. We come into this world separate from everyone else. And we go out of it by ourselves. There is a string between YOU and GOD. And it is very important that you understand that. Because there is not a single ritual or sacrament in this world that will hand you to HIM. When Jesus died, all rituals were destroyed. No longer valid. So when you see people like the Jews still fasting and doing their rituals, they are foolishly rejecting Jesus as the ultimate sacrifice to GOD.

Someone mentioned prayer. It is a hypocrisy to pray in churches or out in the open. People tend to do things that aren't honest with their hearts when its in front of others. But if you went into a closet and prayed silently to GOD, it would be sincere. Keep it personal and sincere. And also know that you pray with your heart. Not your mouth. Not your knees. You sit in silence on the couch before bedtime when you can clear your mind. Or when you're alone driving down the road. And you hope and invite the Lord into your life. Trust that He will come and guide you. We don't use GOD to ask for favors. We don't bargain with Him. If anything, we should be sacrificing our lives. Shedding off all our bad habits and baggage. Making room inside ourselves and our life for Him to fill the void.

Jesus gave us a few steps. The first is to learn and understand. Something He did constantly with people and for His disciples. It took time. But this Knowledge came from above. Not from a book. Once Jesus passed on, the disciples relied on further information from above. The Spirit dwelled in their lives. EACH disciple's life. Not as a group. Each one tried to go back to their old life when Jesus passed on. But failed. Because once you have committed to Him, He will infiltrate your heart, and you will fail at everything else.

Once we come to know so much, He will send the Spirit into our lives to further enlighten and guide us. But this will only happen when you commit to Him in your heart. He talked about entering through the small gate. Meaning you can't get through it with baggage. You MUST leave your old life behind. In other words. Get rid of everything that you don't absolutely need in your life. Video games. Politics. Cigarettes. Porn. Whatever. How much are you willing to prove to Him? Once you commit you cannot go back. You will not. Because when you commit with your heart, it never leaves you.

He also talked about beyond the gate is the narrow path. Meaning there's little room for screwing up. Chances are, if you are committed, and the Spirit comes into your life, He will be guiding you. He becomes the balancing pole that helps you across the guide wire. And keep in mind. This path is not of the world. So your life will no longer be like walking through a shopping mall. Being distracted by temptation and such. ALTHOUGH. Once we are deeply rooted at a later point, we will be strong enough to be around temptation without being taken by it. Without the Spirit of GOD literally in our lives, we are DOOMED to fail every walk. The church walks the false path. And Jesus told us this.