Friday, January 30, 2015

Modern Music, Movies, Video Games, News - EVIL!!!

Modern music is a form of incantations. As sensational as it may be, the way it makes you feel has little to do with its true nature or reason. Yes. GOD gave us music. But music long ago did not resemble that of today.

Long ago when there was a lack of technology, people would have simply sung together. And if there were instruments, they were crude but beautiful. More than likely string and/or woodwind instruments. The bottom line is that the music would have come directly from the hearts of those showing their love for the One True GOD. A sincere collaboration.

Today. Music is nothing of the kind. It is a spellbound form of self indulgence. And a way to make people envy and worship one another. It is used in many ways to lead people astray. At one time, the meaning of words certainly did matter. When you made a statement, it was the honest truth. If you sang the words, they were the honest truth. Today. The truth in words has become irrelevant. You can speak lies. You can sing lies. And people will praise you for it. You can make up all kinds of stories. It doesn't matter if it's true. And if that isn't bad enough. Most song lyrics set bad morals and paint a dark picture of the world.

That is where it coincides with the fact that FOCUS is the number one thing in this world that leads us. Because our focus comes from the heart. And we will follow it. The world intends to control our focus through everything we see and hear. Junk gets poured into us almost every day. We get brainwashed constantly. Being turned into something we were never meant to be. Led astray. Music is the number one tool in the world used to alter our focus. Just listen to the lyrics of music. Incantations repeated over and over. Pounding ideas into our minds. Wrapped in seductive and beautiful sounds that make our bodies want to move around. We are literally being swept off our feet with lies. And those who perform these spells are highly rewarded with fame (worship) and fortune (riches). They become kings in this world. yet, its like making a deal with the devil. They eventually fall hard. Because there is only ONE KING. And that is GOD.

Yet. Because we have been brainwashed over the last 100 years, it now seems normal for these things to happen to us. The truth has been turned upside down. And by knowing this now, you can understand why thousands of years ago, Jesus was leading people out and away from the ways of society. Because there is simply no way to stay exactly the way you are and accept GOD. In spirit, we are purified. Right down to the heart. Losing our love for the world and the things in it. A sincere love for GOD bears fruit in our life that shows love for family and nature. All the original things GOD gave us from day one. He did not mean for us to self indulge and love man-made technology. Those things lead us away from Him. And that is why we must be led away from the life we now have. We were told to raise children in the way they should go. Because they WILL be raised that way. If you raise them in the center of society, THAT is the way they will go! The wrong way!