Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Guard your heart. It is one of the most important things you have. It has the biggest influence on your life. So there is a big responsibility that goes with it.

There is only so much we can do to consciously protect our hearts. We can be cautious as we go through life. But, it won't protect us from becoming the fool. GOD has given us many examples of foolishness in the world. And the very first was with Adam and Eve. People can have the right intentions. But that does not mean they will be act wisely.

Imagine a person who sees that you have something they want. They pretend to make friends with you just to use you to get it. This happens often in life. And is no different than the deception that occurred In The Beginning. We can be leary of all people to a point. Yes. But if we rely solely upon our own will to protect us, we will likely have to become hermits to avoid people and the world. It is why we need the Spirit of GOD in our lives to lead us.

The world targets our hearts each and every day. Throwing false truths at our minds everywhere we look. Television. Music. Video games. News. Books. Shops. Due to our nature, we will notice. There will always be something in this world that is appealing enough to attract our attention. In other words, infiltrate our mind. We can run but we cannot hide. Our mind is the doorway to our heart.

Now what happens to the things that go into our mind depends on what we believe. And how strong those beliefs are. It's not hard to see that when a person has really strong convictions about something they believe, there is nothing you can say to them that will change their mind. That is the kind of conviction we need to have when we carry GOD's will.

Our beliefs must be founded on biblical principles. Everything else goes around it. The world typically raises children the other way around. Handing them mostly meaningless and/or bad information. This becomes their foundation. Then they become foolish and easily misled throughout life. Again. Referring back to the Tree of Knowledge and the Forbidden Fruit. Certain knowledge was forbidden to Adam and Eve because they were not ready for it. I recommend that you remember to read my articles Growing Too Fast and Listen To Your Heart?? to gain a better insight on that topic.

The whole idea is to raise children with the right beliefs that properly develop the foundation of their existence. All other things that come their way will "filter" through that foundation. In other words, whatever goes into their minds throughout life, will have to go through their belief system. And it will either be accepted or rejected. So having GOD's will inside of you can keep you from becoming fooled by the world. Even if your are tempted, you will have the conviction to reject that temptation. Knowing its wrong for you. Conviction is strength. GOD's knowledge and principles are much much stronger than anything the world can or will give you.

So when you have a strong core belief system, all things that go into your mind will pass through it before ever being able to reach your heart. That is how GOD protects your heart. People often foolishly believe that all you have to do is pray in order for GOD to change you. Life does not work that way. We MUST do most of the work. It's how we pay the price. With our LIFE. You might have heard the expression "GOD helps those who help themselves". That sums it up. Although it has been taken way out of context most of the time. It should instead read something like "GOD helps those who might help Him". That sounds better. That should not be an alien concept to follow considering we should all be helping one another.

So assuming you are carrying the will of GOD. And you have strong convictions. You are guarding your heart. And it is 100% guaranteed that something in this world will come your way SOON to try and infiltrate your heart.

Popular media is the number one weapon used against us all in this world. It is all around us. It is VERY glamorous and appealing to our nature. It will capture our minds in a split second. Try imagining that old Tom and Jerry cartoon where the cat is trying to get rid of the sleeping dog Butch. He hangs a big juicy raw steak over the dog's nose. Using it to get the dog into a cage. The dog's body "floats" across the air, following the steak wherever it goes. Successfully the dog follows it right into the cage. This is a good example of what happens to us every day we look upon the world. Just driving into town, or walking into a store. We could simply browse the Internet and be tempted by something almost instantly. Websites are loaded with ads and other glamorous information with the intent of drawing you in.

But NOTHING can capture your heart without going through the mind. So a lot of effort is made all across this land to capture your mind. And if you are not strong in GOD's beliefs, you will most certainly become a fool before the day is over. And that should grab you. Now you should understand just how important it is that you act NOW. Jesus told us that we have a choice to make. And that we must make it NOW. Now you understand why. The world is stacked heavily against us. Ready to pounce and steal our hearts away. Because once it has our heart, we are lost. Fill it FULL of GOD's Will and nothing can steal it away from you.