Tuesday, January 6, 2015


We are taught to lie on the first day we are able. We are babies in a crib, hearing music on the radio spouting false stories that aren't comprised of any Truth. We hear the commercials that lie about products and services. It is all we hear. LIES LIES LIES. We are taught to believe in Santa Claus. We are told the tooth fairy will bring us personal fortune for pulling a tooth. We are told great things about historical figures who owned slaves and who also murdered the masses for the sake of "progress". We see movies on television that tell all the same lies. And we see a preference of fictional characters supposedly telling Truths which is a contradiction in of itself.

Lies define all societies and cultures in the world. And I do mean EVERY ONE. You cannot look around the world, shopping for a place of Truth to homestead. Because there aren't any. We can only find a shadow to hide in to protect ourselves, while allowing us to grow in TRUTH. We reach out when the call comes.

The consequences of all the lying is that coming generations are born into it. Thus, they end up walking a walk of lies as if it is the most normal thing ever. And in this process, those people become fully incompatible with GOD. Many will come and go, never really ever walking in TRUTH. Mostly because of denial. Because TRUTH is indeed promoted by a minority. Enough to give people ZERO excuse for ignoring it.

But imagine this. You have two ears. They each can hear a different sound. But our minds cannot comprehend both sounds simultaneously. We can only jump from one sound to another in our mind. What's that I hear in my left ear? What's that I hear in my right? I cannot hear both sounds at the same time unless they are the same sound!! Now think about a Truth being spoken into one ear. While a lie is spoken in the right. What do you end up with? The fact is. A person doesn't adopt a Truth when it first goes in the ear. It must be fully considered and comprehended. It must go through a process. So it may not even be adopted as a Truth at the start. Because in this case of a LIE going into the other ear, the Truth may never stand a chance. This same analogy can be understood through GOD -vs- Santa Claus. While GOD is trying to teach us TRUTH, Santa is teaching us LIES, claiming to be as powerful as GOD. So Clause cancels out GOD just by being in your life.

So not only is TRUTH cancelled out. But LIES become the preferred reality because they nurture desire and LUST.

NOTE: Write to demonstrate how sounds (such as music) are an exclusive tactic used in the world to lead people into destruction. One thought would be how a person could turn on the TV and keep the volume muted. Try watching it for awhile without sound. Then watch it for awhile with sound. Notice the difference in the impact on your mind and how you feel. The sounds are spellbound and invade your mind. It is a very seductive tactic that is used to "open you up" to make you vulnerable and easy prey for passing off lies and corruption. SO we should realize that sounds are one of the biggest threats we face. Because even if we learn TRUTH through words and understanding. Sounds can infiltrate our heart, causing us to be led by pride and other anti-virtues. This stunts our inner growth. And ultimately weakens our stride. The majority of all sounds I refer to is music. We should sing in private if we really choose to glorify GOD in that way. Because it is only in private that music does not breed self pride and flattery. But then again, one can find self pride in private. We are not supposed to be proud of the things we accomplish. Because we cannot be the judge of our accomplishments. Only GOD can. There is no short term reward for what we do. So it is best to just rid our lives of fashionable music and keep our minds and hearts filled with only sober TRUTH, and not some spellbound ritual that inflates us with dreams and wonders just to carry us into the sky. GOD made us to be serious. Not to feel good all of the time.