Tuesday, January 6, 2015

CHRISTIAN...the new synonym for ATHEIST

All the institutionalized churches and religions are false. And science cannot detect GOD. That does not mean there is no GOD. I am certain that science cannot explain some events that have occurred in my life. Even though I experienced all of them and eventually made sense of them. Just because a psychologist cannot figure something out doesn't mean that I cannot.

I have seen things happen that have amazed everyone in the room. And not one person could explain it away in typical fashion. But it certainly could be explained in a spiritual way.

Although I have never denied the existence of GOD. Most of my life was lived no different than that of an atheist. And even after I found Him (or He found me) some things did not change. First of all. I do not attend church. I do not call myself a Christian, or any other man made title. I do not hang out with certain groups of people who believe as I do. There is nothing in my life that distinguishes me from others. Except for a few things. I live in a camper with my family. And I don't rely on what others think to live my life.

They saw my wife and I give up a home with 10 acres of land to buy a used camper and live in it full time. It isn't perfect. It isn't decked out or fully stocked. It's dirty half the time. Well lived in. And not always suitable for company. But we do the best we can. It is the place that GOD has led us to. And it certainly has brought us and our three kids together in ways that our old life could not have. Even if there is struggle. Each day brings us closer to a new sense of what purpose GOD has placed upon us. And He reveals this in signs and doses of inspiration as time goes by. It is what I recognize as being guided by the Spirit of GOD.

The Holy Bible is a fundamental teaching that leads us to a point. A point where we finally surrender and make the commitment. The rest is a spiritual journey. One that brings inner peace. And sometimes worldly struggle. Others look upon us differently than before. Some with envy. Some with disgust. You definitely see life from a different angle. It allows you to REALLY see people as they truly are. And that's a big thing. I look upon most churchgoers and realize "They really do not know what its like to follow Christ". They are walking the popular and false path He was talking about. The path my family and I are following is not popular. And nearly every person I know wouldn't do it. Its like asking the rich man to give up his riches. Everyone today is too spoiled on material things. They cannot see the spirit when they are so caught up in the flesh.

Atheism. Christianity. Call them all what you like. But they are all the same. Just a bunch of people who think they know the answer about life. But they all do the same things for themselves and to each other. They all still love money and material things too much. They care about themselves too much. And no matter what their mouths may say, their actions never match. They cannot see the spiritual path. You cannot drag your worldly baggage down a spiritual path. Our hearts are filled with garbage by the world. And that must all be removed by GOD in order to refill it with something else.

If you are someone who does not believe in GOD. You are no different than many who say they DO believe. Because both types of people live a life that isn't so different. You change your mind. You do whatever when you feel like it. You change your words when it suits you. The world tosses you around. Your actions show that you only believe in YOU. Psychologists call it narcissism. And even though they are correct in recognizing the symptoms. They of course are wrong about the solution. GOD is the only way out. Because He is what exists beyond this world and has control over your destiny. Your life is not guaranteed. And we are reminded of this every day by world tragedies. You could work years for a pot of gold. And then die tomorrow and never see it again. What matters is what is on the inside. Invest your time in your Spirit, not your bank account.