Wednesday, January 7, 2015


As parents, we often sacrifice for the sake of our children. Why do we do it? You may get different answers depending on who you ask. But I know that the most common answer would be "because we love our kids". Some parents may also say "It's all part of providing for and meeting their needs".

Both answers gets us in the ballpark. We sacrifice because we know it's right. If the sacrifices aren't made, then we know those parents are selfish and unfit. And their kids are suffering.

Why can't we sacrifice for GOD? We should be giving up all that is necessary to do so. And most importantly, we should sacrifice out of love. Not for salvation. There is a big difference.

I know what it feels like to have something everyone wants. And that many who envy you for it will treat you kindly. They will exalt you for it. But the minute you throw away what they want, they will turn their backs on you as if you never really mattered at all.

That is what Christianity often is like. Just a bunch of churchgoers led to a cause that revolves solely around getting something in return. If they knew ahead of time that GOD would not give them eternal life, none of them would even bother serving Him. Wouldn't it be nice if all those people that once envied you would actually treat you well, even while knowing that you have nothing to offer them? Shouldn't people give that kind of faith and trust in you. Shouldn't you do the same?

It is no wonder that GOD has not been pleased with His people. So many continue to use Him for a special prize. But I tell you this. This life isn't worth the effort of obtaining what we desire above all else. If we give it up, we lose nothing important. None of those things could ever make us content. And we can still find contentment without all those things. Again. We are giving up nothing.

But we do have something to gain from sacrificing this life for GOD. He will provide what we NEED. And as long as we do so whole heartedly, and without condition, our efforts will make us feel far more content than before. The idea isn't to harp on the salvation kick. Instead, we should be making the same level of sacrifice for GOD that any caring parent would make for a child.To put ourselves last.