Monday, January 5, 2015

Stop Clowning Around!

Think about how many times we celebrate mischievous behavior and other abominations.  Such as watching your small child beat up a doll in some comical way.  We know its wrong.  Yet we think its cute at the same time.  We might video tape it and show it to them years later.  As if its a proud achievement.  We are told its normal. We should be teaching them to be sober on life.  To be serious instead of being a clown.  Jesus didn't square dance his way to town.  He didnt tell jokes. People have come so far away from GOD that they fail to find Truth in any part of society.  Only the Spirit that GOD sends to us can give us clear vision of right and wrong.  And convict us when we ignore it. And that Spirit will never lead us to being insensitive or foolish acting.

Today's so-called entertainment has leaned more and more towards imitating the behavior of a bratty child. It is full of potty humor, swearing, children getting beat up, picked on, or placed in accidents. The list goes on. And it is all promoted in some comedic way. Labeled with a PG rating to get children to see it. The evil that rules over this world is fully political. And runs like a very large organization that branches out into the whole corporate scheme that surrounds us. And we get hit by what it produces no matter where we look. The idea isn't to run and hide. That will not work. But to take the advice of Jesus Christ when He told us to act NOW. Realize that nothing in this life can save you. Drop what you are doing. Leave it all behind. Read the Scriptures and learn all you can. Do as Jesus did and what He has told us to do. Make the commitment. Turn away from this world. Receive the Spirit into your life and let it guide you on the right path. Only then will you become increasingly protected from this world of immense temptation.