Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Do you REALLY believe??

Romans 10:9

That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

Reading this single passage from the Scriptures makes it easy to ignore everything else that was written. Just say outloud that you believe in Jesus Christ, and that GOD raised Him from the dead, and you're saved. Simple Huh? Not hardly.

In this world, seeing is believing. All you have to do to convince anyone in this world that you believe in anything is to say it aloud or write it down. Just to turn around and walk in hypocrisy. It does not have to reside in the heart. When Jesus died, the state of man did not change. He promised us He did not come to change a thing. We still walk in hypocrisy the same as we did thousands of years ago. The only difference is that we cannot simply "do things" to see salvation. Our efforts alone will get us nowhere. But efforts will be made to walk with Jesus Christ. Do you spot a contradiction in my words?

The key is to understand the heart. We can only believe with our hearts. Not our mouths. Our heart has a direct tie to our soul. Our mouth will profess what is in our heart. Whether it is based on Truth or Lies. And people will not always see the hypocrisy in the words of others. But GOD always knows. The Spirit will convict you when you sin. 

When we were told to "believe in thine heart", then that means our whole LIFE. Because if we believe in something with our heart, it will lead our life. Just like when someone has it in their heart to become a rock star, it will lead their life. To destruction no doubt. But nevertheless, if something fills our whole heart, it will lead us that way. Just like GOD was in Jesus' heart 100%. He was led that way. He told us to follow Him.

So if you stand in a church, and by mouth profess Jesus, then state you believe in His resurrection with your heart, you are NOT saved. Because if your life doesn't reflect your words, then you are a LIAR. And this does not mean trying to do good deeds for the rest of your life. This means stepping back away from the world and devoting yourself to GOD. Because anyone who accepts Him in their whole heart WILL have the desire to hate the world and instead love GOD with everything they have. This is self denial. This is sacrifice. Not as sacraments or rituals. But as a result of something. Just like Jesus truly loved the One True GOD. There is a HUGE difference between being around something because you love it versus being around it because you are forced to be. 

Jesus is to be our ultimate example. He didn't walk a walk for us to witness, just to contradict it all through "easy believism" that we see in all churches today. He did not die just to tear out a handful of pages from the New Testament. We are to do 100% of what He told us while He was here. He did not toss himself in harm's way for us to do nothing. He lived by the same example we are to live by. And that should NOT be taken lightly.

Now read the passage again. If you truly believe in your heart that Jesus was raised from the dead, then you will believe everything else Jesus told us. And He told us plenty. Primarily to leave the ways of the world behind and follow Him. Just like the disciples did. To help bring others into the light of the TRUTH. Not by spending our lives building a personal fortune. There is no guarantee of a tomorrow. Your belief is where your heart is. Where is your heart guiding you?