Tuesday, January 6, 2015

JESUS welcomes ALL

As the Bible shows us, Jesus ate with sinners. He walked a walk that went against the norms at the time. On the front side of this, He seemed to accept all people regardless of their differences. But this is where it seems to stop in the way of today's common perception of Christianity. That GOD accepts all people who know who Jesus Christ is. Even if they keep doing whatever they want in life. That is the way wrong perception.

Yes. Jesus welcomed all people. But He did so to give them a gift. The greatest gift of all. The TRUTH. That is usually where the climate of the room changed for many people. Once they heard what He had to say, their smiles turned into frowns. And some even became angry. Because, like I have stated before, most people hate the TRUTH.

Churches are often regarded as GOD ordained institutions that help "Spread the Word". But in TRUTH, they carry Truth up to the point right before delivering it. That's where it stops. If any church today delivered the TRUTH like Jesus did, it would be empty. And I am well aware of what churches do to stay in "business". Compared to what goes on in the world, they might seem like a good place. But they are not good enough. Not even close.

Just imagine this. If Jesus Christ had not come. But instead, GOD dropped a Holy Bible from the sky into the hands of a sinner to go on a mission. How different would things have played out? I guarantee you that such a man would be walking in error. And that is exactly what we are seeing today. A million men and women carrying Holy Bibles into churches, acting in error. And I did say "acting".  Jesus was not successful simply because He was conceived a certain way, or "sinless". Although that was a contributing factor. The NUMBER ONE reason why He was successful was because of the SPIRIT that He carried inside. His loyal, undying faith in GOD. His sinless nature only contributed to His walk in perfection. Something we will never be capable of. But that's no excuse for us not trying.

I will not sit here and tell everyone to go burn down all the churches and see the light. Because a church just might be the place that you could inadvertently find your way. Of course, if you do, the entrance of the building should likely become an exit for you at some point. Because it would be extremely difficult to grow in Christ while being pounded in the head every week by organized religion with all its errors and traditions. That is worldly. And contrary to the fundamentals of walking in the Spirit of GOD. Churches carry ONLY the Scriptures. And they brag it up by stating the "WORD" over and over. But it is NOT the word of GOD that we are after. That is only a starting point. Beyond that is the SPIRIT in the literal sense that is to guide us. And with the Scriptures no longer in hand. We don't need to keep returning every week to an institution for guidance. That's no better than a doctor, lawyer, or mechanic trying to get you to come back for a check-up. If you need a church to keep going, then you don't have the SPIRIT in your life. Thus, you have not accepted Christ at all.