Monday, January 5, 2015

Elvis Loved Satan and So Do You!

I keep seeing the popular church induced MYTH that salvation is based upon "Faith and Grace" in Jesus Christ. There is no other way to respond to that but BULL!!

Your life cannot contradict what you believe. There is a form of "easy believism" that makes it simple for people to seek salvation while living in Sin. That is the broad path that the Bible talks about. Millions upon millions will seek GOD this way. And they will be turned away. If one studies the Bible enough, they find out that the narrow path Jesus speaks of is one that very few can or will walk. Because there is a life commitment that leaves no room for being of this world. You either serve GOD or the WORLD. NOT BOTH.

Elvis Presley did not serve GOD. If he did, he would have been shown to denounce his fame. Thus rejecting it, condemning it, and calling it satanic. And that he gave up that and riches to serve the LORD. He did none of those things. He was worshiped even by his band members. The popular perception of holiness, even in gospel music, is satanic. It is worldly and completely contrary to the TRUTH that is GOD. There was an incident at one of his concerts where a fan was holding up a sign that showed "Elvis is the King". That is what he is well known for. Anyway. He subtly denounced that sign stating that Jesus is the King. Although it was a good thing for Him to say, that was only his guilty conscience speaking. More empty words that he didn't back up with his life! His life choices continued to call him a hypocritical LIAR.

And for the record. There is no such thing as SAVED. I have personally walked in a life that made others envy me. It brought me pride and vanity. It put me on a pedestal. People pretended to love me completely. But once I gave up that life, they rejected me 100% because I didn't deliver the goods they wanted. I was being used the whole time. This sinful world is like that. People use each other just to get what they want. Its why we are defined as Sinners and are no good to GOD as long as we are.

Anyone who seeks salvation just for the sake of salvation, and then affirms it to others is ONE BIG FOOL. The Bible even condemns such things. There is no room for smugness or affirmation of salvation. Jesus did indeed tell us that we could obtain salvation. But there is a high price on it. And even if we commit to the narrow path for the rest of our lives, there is no guarantee of our salvation. Only hope. Why? Because salvation is at the end of a perfect path that we will never reach the end of. Only GOD can and will decide if we enter Heaven. And that decision will not take place before the time comes.

I am amazed at how many false doctrines float around the world that claim to come from the Holy Bible. Because they are based on selective scriptures. NOT THE FULL DOCTRINE. We have been warned to follow the full doctrine. Not a single church I know follows it. Except for a few hateful churches that use it to spread evil. Such as Westboro.

I just want to reiterate. There is NOT a simple path to salvation. We cannot take Sin to Heaven. We must check out our baggage NOW and start walking the walk while we talk the talk. Forget riches. materialism. vanity. And all other meaningless things that won't go with us to our grave. Where is your focus? This society is founded upon the practices of evil because Satan rules the world. Pride is everywhere. Lust drives all things around us. We MUST be unpopular in the eyes of everyone else. For someone who does not conform to the world will be unpopular and hated by everyone else. Including familiy. Jesus did not conform. He was hated. Because TRUTH is incompatible with traditional life. People want to live with LIES. They don't want something that ruins their life of desire.