Monday, January 5, 2015


The world dictates proper behavior. Which of course is NOT proper behavior in the truest sense. Media has become the dominate tool being used to promote what is considered normal in the world. And as we have been told by GOD, the world is ruled by evil. So we can safely assume that whatever behavior is common in the world, it is likely improper to GOD.

Television, video games, music, story books. The list goes on and on. A child can watch a movie or a cartoon and be sucked into it and influenced by it. Essentially, it should be seen as a conspiracy. Because the whole intention behind the programming is not to be beneficial to the viewer. NO. The intention is to draw the viewer in. Take them on a dream-like ride through a fantastic experience. And have them come out feeling and thinking differently. Leaving a lasting impression on that person, spiritually. And as I already stated, the world intends to promote any behavior that is contrary to what is proper in GOD's eyes.

The amazing thing that comes from all this. Is that the behavior promoted in this world is so common, that it is VERY difficult to not see it as normal. Most people adopt this abnormal behavior as normal. Just like the world wants it to be. So when we encounter people, we are encountering the very behavior that has been used as part of the media conspiracy. The media truly is dictating the masses into world of compliance. What a massive betrayal towards GOD!! And all in a way that has fooled millions of people all at once.

That said. It is no surprise that we were called out of the world by Jesus Christ. He did not tell us to stay in the world. He literally told us and showed us how to come out of it. When we consider what the world does to our minds and our spirit, then we see the importance. The world opens us up for demonic possession. There were cases of this in the Holy Bible. So we know that it does in fact happen. Possibly more than we could assume. We can also assume that this possession does not occur in those who properly serve GOD. A deliverance is likely to take place. But those who are of the world will likely be extremely vulnerable to possession. We are not likely to be any good at all to GOD unless we come out of the world.

In media entertainment, a single demented behavior that leads one open to possession can be promoted. To disguise it, many good behaviors and ideas are also promoted around it. So the viewer is conquered by what seems to be good and wholesome. They accept what they witness. They suddenly believe it is normal. Thus, they become corrupted. This sets them up to yearn for even more of the same. Its a downward turn spiritually.

When we put things in their true perspective, what is occurring is a spiritual detour that leads people away from the correct path, and to the wrong one. The world doesn't give insight to this distinction. Therefore, we look upon a society and simply see what seems like a large group of people, all in the same boat. But behind all that is essentially a bunch of individuals who are all being led around like cattle. Blindly going wherever their personal society dictates. Some may have found their way. Some haven't. But they ALL believe they have.

The most serious reality about what I am stating here is that ALL people around us are a threat to the path we are trying to walk. Corruption is everywhere. Our mother. Our brother. Our Uncle. Our friends. ANYONE at all. We are all prone to being deceived and misled by this world if we partake in its ways. Assuming YOU are lucky enough to find your way, it is very possible that your mother, or even your daughter, will not. We are not saved in groups. It is why we have been warned in the Bible that we should hate all people(or keep our guard up), including our families, in our search for GOD. Now of course, be careful about the context of "hate" here. It doesn't mean to go out and spread hatred. It means that we must not allow ANYONE to come between us and GOD. He should come first at all times. There should not be a single purpose that we serve in this world that does not include Him. If it does not, we MUST find a way to make it include Him in some way. Because not a single moment goes by in life that we deserve the life we have. We serve Him 100% of the time. That's quite a duty. And it could easily be threatened just by living with a family that doesn't take such a duty seriously. I have been in such a family. My parents never seemed to take GOD seriously. Therefore, I did not. And it wasn't until later in life that I found my calling. Yet. I look upon my parents today and see the same thing I saw before. So I must of course treat them the same as I would treat anyone else. With kindness. But also with skepticism of their ways and beliefs.

As much consideration goes into learning about and serving the One True GOD. I feel as though I should break down in tears when I look around me to see such ignorance about the whole thing. People have turned our precious Jesus Christ into a world celebrity, bowing to Him, kissing His behind and feet. All only because He promised them a way out of pain. They want to give nothing at all for such a large promise. Therefore, they want it to be FREE. The world has exploited this ignorance fully. Conjuring up a Christ that delivers exactly what people want to hear. Large droves of people are walking the false path. And they are smiling about it as they do. Try to imagine in your mind, millions of people, all walking together in masses, down a road. See it in slow motion. You look upon them from a sideline. They all look so happy and full of joy because of where they believe they are going. There are children amongst them. All happy as can be. Their bags are packed.But YOU know they are heading toward destruction. And all you can do is drop to your knees. pleading with GOD that there MUST be a way to save them from where they are going. MY GOD. What can we do? This life is so short. It has nothing to offer that is worth taking. There is so much more to gain from giving it up. Why is it so hard to make this clear to others??!