Monday, January 5, 2015

Life Serving GOD is Full of SIN

Life with GOD isn't a sinless one.

If you've ever watched the cartoon "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!" then you will remember the character Linus when he made the following statement:

"There are three things I have learned never to discuss with people: religion, politics, and the Great Pumpkin."

The kid had it right. More than he could realize. Because religion and politics are both the same thing. Serving the Lord is not religion. In this world, religion operates exactly the same as politics. And that is why there are so many versions of Truth depending on what country or church you go to. But there can only be ONE real Truth. And it exists without religion and without politics. It is heavily overlooked by the masses. Virtually unseen by many. It is not popular. It is not glamorous. And anyone who finds it will be looked down upon by most of the world. How do I know this? Because Jesus Christ was living proof.

When a person generally thinks of religion or "God" they think of churches. If someone has the desire to get to know Him, they go to church. In theory this is a good thing. But sadly, it is a step in the wrong direction. Now if what I am stating is a fact, then we are living in a world today where it just might be impossible for some people to find the Truth at all. Because they will have no source other than what they get from a pastor or priest. That is no different than a civilian trying to get the truth out of a politician. He might get some. But not all.

My overall point with all this is that sacrifices will be made when we live a life that includes GOD.  Because the world tends to tempt us with things that would break our spiritual bond. But because we do live in this world, we will NEVER be sinless. No matter what. Although I will say this. Assuming we have connected with GOD in Spirit, we will over time become LESS sinful. Because we will be led less by desire and more by virtue. Our love for many worldly things will lessen. They might not entirely go away. We could "screw up" at any time given the right circumstances. This world has a way of putting us in situations where we may be weak. It is ultimately our responsibility to try to know this about ourselves. And to avoid those situations. But it may not always be possible since the world has posted temptations all around us. And its getting worse. You can't go through the checkout line in Walmart without seeing magazine covers with half naked men and women. This could weigh on the minds of some people and cause inner struggle. The way many people dress today already makes it difficult. Clearly I am talking about lust in this example. But Sin is Sin. And today's world is designed to bring out the worst in us. At least from the Lord's perspective. He was right. This world is no good. We cannot have it and GOD both. Something's gotta give.

We cannot grow in spirit while indulging in Sin. There are both men and women out there that are being controlled by their desires. Prostitution is the best example of all. The world calls pornography stardom. But pornography is nothing but prostitution with a camera in the room. They are whores. Guided by lust. And they are almost always drugged or drunk to hide the feeling of guilt. The guilt was put there by GOD to remind us that we are doing something wrong. This is what self will does. It makes the wrong choice. If we allowed ourselves to be guided by GOD's Will, then we would not ignore the feeling of guilt. We would flee the scene and repent in our hearts. We would hate ourselves enough to stop the crime. And only through His Will can we lessen those desires over time to gain some self control. That's the key. It's not about wearing a robe, calling yourself a pastor, and pretending to be without Sin. Not at all. It is about just gaining some self control to turn your life around. To begin living a life with purpose that matters instead of being guided by inner desires. People often wonder why we hear so many stories about pastors and priests molesting children and committing other terrible sexual acts. Presumably moreso than the general public. I say it is because they are living a lie. Pretending to be something that cannot possibly be. Clearly a priest has no holy authority like he claims. And he lives in the worst kind of hypocrisy. It seems to me that GOD would propel them toward their Sin to shake them up. To humble them. To get them to run away from it. That would be the case in every person's life. But the greatest question would be this. Will those people even recognize what GOD is doing for them? Or will they continue to be foolish and not see? I think this is why we see the Catholic Church continuously covering up the wrongdoings of priests instead of admitting the Truth. Because the foundation of that church is one huge LIE.