Tuesday, January 6, 2015


We are all children of GOD. He is our Father. Just like I am a father for my own child. I am to raise that child the way GOD would want it raised.

But I am not GOD. Therefore, it is unlikely that I would do an excellent job. I can only hope that I do it well enough. Unlike any other job on Earth, every day is like the first day on the job. Kids are unpredictable and unstable in many ways. It is all part of a growing process. I won't pretend to know how to analyse it to death and break it down piece by piece. That isn't necessary. I would much rather depend on GOD to help make me wise enough to do what's best.

When we think of ourselves as children of GOD. And wonder how we are supposed to act. How do we find out? Other than looking to the Holy Bible? We are taught a lot about this through the children He sends into this world. Any caring parent knows that children have a dramatic impact on our lives. Parenting changes who we are in so many ways. We watch many old beliefs crumble. New beliefs emerge. And we stress and struggle our way into a brand new skin. It can be ugly. And it can be beautiful. No matter how you define it, it is what it is. And that's all that matters. Rearing our own children teaches us a lot about how we should be acting in our life. Do our kids make a lot of foolish mistakes over and over? You bet they do. We can get downright angry with them to get them on the straight and narrow. And as long as we do it for the right reasons, they learn and they forgive and forget. There are many things they hate us for. But they thank us later. Our relationship with GOD is the same. As adults, we are still foolish. We never truly grow out of it. If we did, we wouldn't need GOD. But I think we always need Him.

I remember how I never wanted a son. When we had our first, we had a girl. I was thrilled. Seven years later, we had another girl. I was equally as thrilled. Two years later, we had a boy. And somehow I saw it coming. Because it's often said "Two outta three aint bad." I had the hardest time accepting a boy. He did all the things the girls didn't do. It was such a challenge to my patience and long standing beliefs, I thought I would never cope. My comfort zone had been destroyed.

Several years later. My outlook is nothing like it was a few years ago. I thank GOD for that. And I sincerely mean that. Without Him I don't know how I would have coped. My boy is different than his sisters. GOD certainly has a special purpose for boys. They come into this world like an explosion. They rule over this world, good or bad. We can only hope they will follow Him. I certainly attribute much of my experience with raising a boy to shaping my present perspective on life. A kid can challenge you in so many ways simultaneously. And it can be more than enough to send you right over the edge. Many people do actually go over the edge. Another good reason why GOD needs to be in our home at all times. He does indeed have the power to give us the strength we need to handle even the worst situations. My kids drive me half crazy sometimes. But not always. I handle things much better than I used to. And I do sometimes find myself needing to show horns and smoke. Not something I look forward too, ever. It is the same when I have to spank them. I dread when that happens. But I know deep down that what I am doing is right when it makes them stand up straight. There is no affirmation from it today. We only reap what we sow later. Child rearing isn't always gentleness. Contrary to what some people may think. There is a certain dose of "hardness" that goes into it. And I will tell you why its most important. Although gentleness has its place. And it is important. There are times when we must fully "exert" the TRUTH to others. We must be capable of sounding serious enough to stop a room full of people. Because sometimes it takes aggressiveness to make a point and to move people. Call it shock value.

So. All those times of "meaning what you say" leave a lasting impression on your child. And it will reveal itself again later in life as needed. Either when they raise their own children. Or if they are standing in front of a group of people, telling them the GOD's honest TRUTH that they won't hear anywhere else. Sometimes we do have to be tough. Because the TRUTH can seem ugly to someone who tries to avoid it in favor of a feel-good LIE. Jesus wasn't always so soft. He showed contempt at times. Anger is an integral part of TRUTH. GOD proved this many times in the OT. But as long as we show mostly love and affection, all the aggressiveness we show will mean something. And it will work as a blessing throughout life.