Monday, January 5, 2015

WHAT have you DONE for HIM lately??

How can we say that our life is full of purpose in GOD's eyes when all we do is feed a GODless system each and every day? Working for a corporate business that is based entirely out of GODless principles. Using that money to feed other corporate businesses. Yes. Maybe we can call it survival at the very least. But that's all it is. GOD did not put us here to merely survive for our own sake. Jesus proved that if an early death came out of serving GOD, then so be it. He didn't cop-out for his own sake. His put GOD on a pedestal at all times. And this is where the majority of all people fall very short in GOD's eyes. We can never fully measure up. But there's a difference in accepting our shortcomings versus trying to overcome them. How many pastors out there have you heard that can really talk the talk but not walk the walk? Many! No-one is giving up everything! They have no trust in GOD. But loads of trust in their own will. That is what keeps them stuck at their dead end jobs! Are you ready to live a life full of purpose? Or will you simply keep feeding the rotten satanic system that keeps this world in rust?? Stop contributing to the world and start contributing to GOD!!