Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Do Not Let Children Grow Too Fast

God asks us to surrender our will and replace it with His. But we cannot carry around bad beliefs to do so. Therefore, we must completely eradicate EVERY ONE of our beliefs that we have. Clean the slate. Be skeptical of all you know. He will gradually erase the bad beliefs and add new ones to your life.

We should think of our beliefs like weeds and flowers in the garden.

annuals represent bad, weak beliefs

perennials are good, strong beliefs.

We represent the soil in which those beliefs grow.

To be a servant of GOD we must mow down every single thing that grows in that garden. We cannot take them out one by one. We must mow them all down. This means getting rid of all annuals and perennials. Even though we mow them all down, the roots remain. Which roots die? The annuals. Which roots remain? The perennials. So we are left with nothing but perennials which remain indefinitely. They always grow back as long as their roots remain.

So GOD is telling us to "mow down" everything we know. And that all good beliefs we have will stay with us no matter what. We can trust this idea. Because truly good beliefs will be comprised of TRUTH. Without adhering to principles like this, we cannot consciously recognize what is good and bad on our own. These principles are from GOD. Since we live in this world, we are constantly bombarded with false wisdom which plants bad beliefs in our spiritual garden. To keep them out we follow the principles of GOD to protect ourselves and others.

But we are not fully immune to corruption. Weeds often find their way into the garden. So we must tend to it often. But as long as we plant and maintain those perennials, there will be far less room for weeds to grow. In other words. Focus on what GOD teaches. And do so often. Because the world will continue to rain and storm on us. Tossing foul balls every chance it gets. Corruption. His wisdom will give us clear vision to know better. Always.

Adam and Eve were children. GOD truly was their caretaker. The forbidden tree of knowledge was not a tree of evil. It represented knowledge that children were not ready for. Hence the reason why GOD commanded that they stay away from it. The serpent represented all things that were contrary to the order of things. It was through Eve's childish and foolish heart that she be deceived and disobey, suddenly knowing things she shouldn't have. This gave her wisdom she was not ready to carry. For she would use it recklessly and for the wrong reasons. She gave this to Adam as well. This would explain the sudden shame they had for being naked. They became aware of things they had not known. Out with their innocence. Their new-found knowledge was contrary to what GOD intended for them at such an age.

This explains to us that children should not be taught too many things. There are many meaningless and useless forms of knowledge in this world. They are often limited in what they provide for us spiritually. So we must pace ourselves on what we learn. A child must carry innocence throughout their youth. As long as that innocence remains, a child can be kept on the straight and narrow path. But if you give them the "tree of knowledge". That is, the wisdom of the world, they will lose their innocence. They will pretend to be wise and special. And they will go down the wrong path, betraying GOD and loving the world. And they will become as meaningless and useless as the information they carry with them. To the world, they will be everything. But to GOD, they will become nothing. We can carry worldly knowledge better if we are rooted in GOD's knowledge FIRST. It should come before all things.

Do not be afraid of your child knowing very little from this world. The useless knowledge of this world can be learned at any time in life. Therefore, it should not be rushed. If we rush it, then we are making the world more important than GOD early on in their life. For His knowledge should always be on a pedestal in our life. Our children must grow, spiritually aware. They are roots. They are not flowers. Once they bloom later in life, they will have unsurpassed beauty in them that pleases GOD most of all. The world will not share in this glory. It will not recognize this beauty. So do not build roots with the knowledge of this world. For it will not bloom in anything that pleases GOD. It will only be recognized by the world. And when the world passes, all things meaningless to GOD will pass with it. There is no eternity in things that will pass. GOD will truly bless ALL things that are comprised of His TRUTH.