Tuesday, January 6, 2015

LIES Revisited

People in this world love LIES. They hate TRUTH. Its proven every day. By those who reject GOD. And even by those who claim to love GOD. For instance, in popular music. It is based on lies. A boy sings about a girl and tells a story. But it is FICTION. Children's TV shows are based on fictional characters that are human-like animals or demons that pretend to be nice and good. All the while seducing them with LIES about many things. In other words, it is NOT based on TRUTH. And if something isn't based on TRUTH, then it is a LIE. Every form of modern media entertainment is wrapped in LIES. All the TV shows, movies. Even the news reports that are supposed to be based on TRUTH are wrapped in lies. "We are your one source of news in the world..." Or, "No other station can give you the weather like we can". The list goes on. You can never trust those who use lies to promote TRUTH. Because events that play out in TRUTH are trustworthy. Hypothetical scenarios do no good at all. They only set a bad example and lead others towards LIES of everything else.

I remember when I first had the revelation in my life about GOD. And how it changed my perception of the world. It really did straighten out my life and put me on a different path. But I also remember how the so-called "Christians" that were in our families. All with a long history of attending church. They criticized us for telling our children that Santa isn't real. The Easter bunny isn't real. And that most all holidays were created to promote lies and to control people's minds and actions for the sake of deception. This is a VERY important insight of TRUTH that GOD has given to me. Yet, all these "Christians" I know do not agree with it. The haven't come into the basic fundamental TRUTH about this world and the people in it. Instead, they have been given watered down ideas to follow. Mostly rituals on Sundays. Otherwise, they just live the same lifestyle as any other atheist in the world, minus a few things. But they are far from being wise. Because they have given up little to nothing for GOD.

We are imperfect. And we always will be. So mistakes will be made by anyone who strives for the perfection Jesus told us about. It isn't about winning a prize. It is about doing the best we can regardless of how much we screw up. But there is a difference between living in Sin, and living AMONGST it. Our society is demonic. It spreads its evils through the phone lines, so to speak. It comes into our mailboxes. It arrives through the news and through politicians. It is the largest entity in the world. It comes in the food we eat, whether it be as a chemical or just by design. White sugar would come to mind here. It isn't a product that GOD created for us to consume, even though we do. And as much controversy as there is over it. Its no surprise that it does more harm than good in this world. But many remained deceived about it. And many who aren't deceived are not strong enough inside to get rid of it. Deception comes in many forms. One can easily assume that anything in this world that comes to us through deception does indeed contribute to the greater evil. It doesn't matter if we see it or not. We must trust the fact that it does. And we must separate ourselves from it. This will not always be easy. We may struggle with it our whole life. That's part of being imperfect while striving to be perfect.

Just knowing that we are imperfect tells me that we are at risk of falling and failing GOD by living amongst Sin. The world is full of it. But we can choose to plant ourselves somewhere where we will minimize our exposure to it. Thus allowing us to grow in GOD's Will more and more. We eventually become strong and wise enough to be amongst Sin without being affected as much as we otherwise would have been. It is our duty and responsibility to know this. Not for our own sake. But for the reason that there are children in this world that need the example.

We must begin with the mendset that TRUTH is far more important than anything else in this world. Because GOD will not be put on a pedestal unless TRUTH is. For they are both one in the same. With TRUTH on a pedestal, we will willfully strive to eradicate LIES in our life. Facing them with courage, even if it hurts us.

Clearly we are facing a very troubling time in the world. It has become increasingly difficult to seek GOD at all without being deceived. But as Jesus showed us. It doesn't matter what the time period is. We always have the ability to "clean the slate". Thus allowing ourselves a clear perception of the world in order to see the TRUTH that exists outside it. We have to walk out of the bubble. The churches all exist within that bubble. So you are at a VERY high risk of being deceived if you seek GOD there.