Tuesday, January 6, 2015


All I ever wanted for my family is the best. For most people that is something material. But I surely have learned that nothing in this world compares to what GOD can ultimately provide and has already provided. Those are the things that the world tries to cover up because those things don't hold up pride and lust. My family is far better than that. Yes. I have a fight on my hands. And my actions may be misconceived. There may not be an easy road to what matters in this life. But as long as I know that I can take it, I will damn sure try. And even if my family hates me throughout the course, they will eventually become what others are not. This isn't about who's better than whom. It is about finding and following a path that we did not carve ourselves. But one that was made for us to take. I admit that I hate life. It's painful and difficult to stand in Truth. It seems far easier to just fall back like everyone else and want to love yourself. But as much as I hate this life, I feel a strong sense of comfort from being given a Truth I didn't always know. One that no man I have ever met would accept. Not even my brother. But I can reach my children. Because they aren't already lost. Right or wrong, I will do everything in my ability to lead them to Christ. It may or may not lead me to Heaven. This I don't know. All I can say is that if I have done right, then GOD will know. If I did a botched up job and made a mess, then He will put me exactly where I deserve to be. But there is no way that I will ever give up trying to walk a straight path. And I may feel alone when I do. But I will keep calling on GOD every step of the way. And I pray that if I am right, that GOD gives me the courage and strength to tell others about it.