Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Your Life Depends On GOD

To serve GOD, we must depend upon Him. Because only He can deliver the things we truly need to thrive spiritually. Our lives must be blessed by Him in order to even have Him around. It's a daily strive to measure up. The average traditional modern life is not dependent upon GOD. It avoids Him altogether. Therefore, that life CANNOT be blessed at all. It depends only upon SELF and society to thrive. And the purpose of it does not serve GOD. We must give up such a life to find one that depends upon GOD and serves Him at the same time.

An example would be to stop conforming to society.  Such as by going off the grid. Growing our own food. A simplistic farming, homestead type of life. One that depends upon our own hard work, as well as prayer and gratitude that GOD will provide for us. Additionally, there is far more to be gained then simply reaping what we sow. Because we aren't the only ones that have needs. With our life filled with the virtues that GOD provides, as well as freeing up our time, we can serve a far better purpose than one of our own, like those in society often selfishly do. It is no surprise that a proper life would make one feel as if they are shunning others to become hermits. But that is far from the Truth. The idea is to leave the worldly bubble of existence in favor of a life that gives us spiritual strength and the wisdom to see the world as it truly is. And this is a MUST. Because everything about society seeks to lead us astray. Evil is the ruler of the world. And you can guarantee that anything that is common or popular isn't made entirely of good. We must be unconventional in how we think and believe. Biblical Truth is not compatible with worldly life. Jesus walked the walk better than any other man. He proved it. He spoke of it. And He taught us. For us to not know better is to live in ignorance. For there is no excuse not to know the Truth. If anyone chooses to remain caught up in a life void of GOD just to survive the way they choose, then it is their choice to suffer the consequences in the long run. You cannot choose both the world and GOD.

With all these things said. We often see a person who conforms to the world working each and every day to promote man made evils, knowingly or not, while carrying the many burdens it imposes. Yet, they somehow believe they have GOD in their life. As if GOD is some crutch that comes and helps when called upon. They get in a bind. Maybe they are short on money to pay a bill. Or someone in their family is ill. They pray to GOD. But when everything is perfectly fine, they forget GOD. They don't need Him. They are selfish to Him. But He is nobody's slave. They have done NOTHING at all for Him. They are FOOLS with a false god in their mind. And as I already stated, the only way GOD will come into our life is if we depend upon Him while serving His purpose as well. We cannot live to serve our own purpose. The only way our purpose can be served is if that purpose is the one that GOD made for us. And He would never create a purpose for us that also serves the purpose of society.

Just by knowing these things, many are destined to fail GOD. It's a tragic thought. Because I wish all people could know the TRUTH. But I look around and see people I know feeling all smug in a lost life void of everything good they think they are working for. They will never achieve the things they desire outside of materialism. Because desire always leads us nowhere. It's like running around in a circle, spending money to please ourselves on something different every day. But we are never spiritually content. No amount of money in the world can tap into our innermost being. Only GOD has control of that. It is foolproof. Because one cannot be a fool and be right.

Jesus told us to sacrifice. And He showed us as well. Many believe that He sacrificed so that we would not have to. But they are deceived. He didn't spend the years of His human life to show and tell us all that we needed to do, just to die later so that we could ignore it all. His death opened a closed door. But it changed nothing at all in the way of getting there. Jesus Himself told us that He had not come to change the law or anything else. But He did tell us that He is the way. Meaning that we do as He had already told us. We focus on how He lived His life and the teachings He gave. And all those things were void of conforming to society. Learn it now. Give up this life. If you do not, it'll be the last one you live.