Friday, January 23, 2015

Back to the Past

The biggest mistake we could ever make is to stop learning from the past. This goes for each and every person. Not just a "society". As a matter of fact, there is no such thing as society or community. Just a world full of people who either agree or disagree. And their beliefs can change at any time. Anyhow. The past is an integral component for wisdom. Something time tested by billions of ancestors who lived and learned well before we came around. I am certain that each and every one of them knew something that you or I do not. The people of the past represent the outside looking in. While we live in our modern day bubbles, the past is looking in through the window. Trying to get us to step outside ourselves to see just what we really are. And what we may need to change. If we did not rely on the past, we would be severely limited to only what modern day thinkers tell us. And when you're living in an age where everything revolves around materialism and money, there's hardly a chance to find what you are looking for without turning back time.

Sometimes we cannot trust how we feel based on popular perception. When you look back and see that billions of people over thousands of years all agreed on one single idea. Then look to modern day, seeing that the masses believe otherwise. It is time to be skeptical of what is getting tossed around today. Because it takes a fool to think a single generation is far wiser than thousands of years worth of wisdom. Today, the educational institutions have become highly political. Controlled. Regulated. Any information being passed through them is filtered and approved (or disapproved) by the government. In other words, children and adults alike are only being given limited or false information. The only information from the past that is being taught is that which honors past politicians, leaders, inventors, etc etc. As well as whatever is "cool" or "neat", such as prehistoric times. But you won't learn about groups that overcame tyrannical governments. If you do, the information will be filtered to prevent today's generation from being "in the know" about our own tyrannical government. The idea here is to "dumb down" today's youth so that they will be far more foolish and naive. Making it easy for the government to keep them weak and compliant. Like human cattle. Yes. A conspiracy for sure. Many who have become wise to present political schemes might still fall short on knowing how to identify modern political conspiracies. For instance. Politics are tied directly into popular culture. The television and radio media are owned and operated by those at the top of the political ladder. That same media is responsible for corrupting and controlling the thoughts and beliefs of the masses. As many as possible. By crowding our minds and hearts with unhealthy information. Through sights and sounds. Movies. Music. News. Commercials. Trends. They can be VERY sneaky about it too. Enticing you into gossip and dirt. Michael Jackson. Bruce Jenner. Justin Beiber. The list goes on. Today they pick this person to be front and center. Tomorrow there will someone new. They empower the degenerates. Creating a song and dance for all to watch. All the while the President of the United States is signing over YOUR life while you're not paying attention.

What do we do? Look at things this way. The filthy rich political entities didn't get that way by accident. It was people like YOU that got them there. And you are keeping them there every single day that you continue living the way you do. Living on the grid. Working for corporations. Buying from corporations. Depending on corporations. If more people went off the grid and became self sustaining, things would begin to change. Create a self contained life at home without relying so much on the outside world. Outsourcing has always been a tragic reality. Our children's minds are being outsourced for education. When they should be getting it at home. But people have become materialistic and are selling out what is truly good in this world. Stop enabling media and politics. Those two things should be crushed completely. We don't need either one to have a happy and fullfilling life. Tell the President to get lost. We don't need him either. By getting rid of these things, more and more people would be pulled together. Real unity. Real community. Creating a stronger TRUE government that aligns with people. Its criminal to let ANYONE who has alot of money to make decisions for the people. Because they are crooks. You cannot trust them. You couldn't 100 years ago. You still can't. Rid the Earth of those people and watch life dramatically improve for everyone. The past has taught us this long before now.