Tuesday, January 27, 2015

100% All Natural

The modern world has an obsession with things that are deemed "natural". While some things were meant to be utilized in their natural state, like water and air, not all things that are natural are good for us. Some might argue since GOD creates all things, then all things are good in their natural state. But something being good does not necessarily mean "good for us". And here is why. Read the book of Genesis again. Try to remember that GOD gave Adam and Eve a warning to avoid the Forbidden Tree of Knowledge. So He knew that they would have a NATURAL tendency to approach that tree. Hence the reason why He gave them the additional knowledge to avoid it. And of course, they followed what came natural instead of denying their hearts and following GOD's principle.

That simple understanding should be enough to tell us that we are natural born sinners. And the only way to stay off that path is to deny ourselves and follow holy principles that were given to us from above. If you wonder why it is important to follow GOD instead of ourselves, then you need to read other articles I have posted on this website. Even better would be to actually read the Scriptures and pray each night for GOD to bring you the TRUTH. Denying our inner desires are an integral part of walking in Spirit. Not through rituals or religion. But by hating the sin in our hearts and instead choosing to love Jesus Christ wholeheartedly.

Now we look upon the world and see that is in no different than it ever was. Even since the Beginning. People have been denying GOD instead of themselves. Following their hearts and selfish desires. It does not matter if society uses a horse and buggy to travel, or automobiles. It does not matter if people wear southern dresses, bell bottom jeans, or leather suits. It does not matter who the President of the United States is. Underneath the image of it all, people are the same as they have always been for thousands of years. No matter what the official know-it-alls in the world say. They are liars. People have not changed. Society has not changed. It still centers around desire and greed. And the monetary system is still here to prove it. GOD's written Knowledge has proclaimed that people in this world will always be sinful. And that the only way out is through Him. It was true thousands of years ago. And it will ALWAYS be true. We need to accept this and become very skeptical of what the GODless world will tell us.

Dig deeper. Take notice of the political agendas that get pushed upon us through the "100% natural" scheme. They set us up by first setting up health schemes that are based on natural eating. They throw that word around very loosely in the media to get it engrained into the front of your mind. Over time, society accepts whatever is natural as all good. Next comes things such as homosexuality. Ready to be accepted by everyone because their feelings are "100% natural". If its natural, then it must be good. Right? NOT RIGHT!! They are misled in this world, without GOD. They are at the mercy of what society tells them. They do not deny the tendencies that are destructive to GOD's own principles. And as His written Knowledge has told us, GOD ALWAYS wins in the end. I am certain that in every case, real justice will take hold. And we must always walk in this kind of faith and trust. Even when the world around us seems unfair. We might even land in situations where our faith and trust are tested. How will we handle ourselves when we are at the butt end of the law? Always remember where you stand. Be ready for it every day. A Spirit led life is no smug life. Always be on guard. Because the world is 100% naturally driven by Sin.