Tuesday, January 6, 2015


You're such a MEANIE!!

Something children often say to their parents. They do not understand why we do some of the things we do. We show them our love. But we also scold and discipline them. We warn them not to do certain things they want to do. And throughout their entire childhood, they just cannot understand "why". Not until they get older. So for now, all they can do is to trust that we will take care of them and lead them right. If it were not for parents, children would be ruined by the whole world. Ending up who knows where. And the evidence is everywhere. We see neglected children feeling lost and confused. Getting into trouble. And often, they make it to adulthood never finding their way. They become adults ending up in prison. By that time, nobody can seem to get through to them.

We expect children to obey us. And they should. But they should also be able to trust us in return. We must set a good example to be worthy of any kind of respect. Not just push kids around because we are bigger. Parents are children of GOD. We should be listening to Him. Trusting Him. Doing what He asks us to. Even when we do not understand why. A properly raised child will give up a lot of what this world has to offer. Else they would be spoiled rotten. The same applies to adults. We should be giving up a lot for Him. Because it is necessary. If we make excuses and just do what we want, then we are no better than a spoiled rotten child. Because YES we will always be GOD's children. And we should act like it.