Thursday, January 22, 2015


The world will continue to undermine GOD by weakening the head of household.....the man. This will be done by encouraging homosexuality (less of a man), and encouraging empowerment of women (fall of Eve). To restructure and build a new society that is completely void of the moral principles of GOD. Certain contributing factors to a family that is unified in the Spirit of GOD will no longer be found in most homes. The man of the house represents the spiritual leader. Not single-handedly. But predominantly. Without the guidance of a father figure in the flesh, it would be very difficult to place children on the straight and narrow. Because a man's aggressive and fearing nature are important. It is typical to see children try to run all over a mother. But they dare try to run over the father. He can physically reprimand them in ways that will affect their whole disposition. Remember. The world always seeks to lead us all recklessly. So children sometimes NEED a heavy hand and guidance from above. The mother has her role. And it is indeed important. A man isn't complete without the help of a woman. But overall, a man should always be more influenced by the principles of GOD. Even above that of his own wife.

The typical scenario we are seeing today are gays trying to raise children. Raising them to simply "be nice", tolerant, and accepting to everyone. As if niceness is a virtue. Even your enemies can be nice. Right before they push you over. Niceness doesn't keep us from living selfishly and foolishly. We are no good to our Creator if we are only good for our own sake. We humans are all children of GOD. Naturally wired to follow certain ideas and principles above all other things. Thus, putting us on a path of spiritual growth and a working relationship with our Creator. And this material life is short. What exists beyond our short life is far more important than what we accomplish here. Because there is nothing that can be accomplished here. It is why we ALWAYS see society striving for something new and improved. Because they never achieve what they set out for. It is IMPOSSIBLE. This deceiving world creates it's own false ideas. And it leads people away from GOD in droves. Making them think they are good. But Jesus told us that no one is good except the Father. And this is proven every day of the year. The same person who flatters you and calls you good will turn on you a second later. Telling you that you are no good. The fact is that nobody can be the judge of anyone else. Good or bad. We can criticize all we want. But to say anyone is good is a judgmental lie and nobody can prove that anyone is good. It is all based on foolish perception by worldly influences. When something or someone is truly good, it/they will ALWAYS be good. Regardless of how it appears to us. GOD is always good. Even when He does not appear to be. But people are never always good. Therefore, they are not good at all. The reason why we were told to give up our will. And to be led by the Spirit of GOD. Not by the spirit of the world.