Wednesday, January 7, 2015

For the Love of the TRUTH

When we conform to society, we ALWAYS end up succumbing to pride. For the simple fact that society is unholy. People often forget, or just plain never learn, that Satan rules this world. That said, the ways of the world will reflect that. We often hear people arguing that America was founded on Christian principles. They have been deceived. There are many false concepts of Christianity in the world. And all are due to trying to mix GOD with the world. This happens for only one reason. People are so conformed to the world, that they are unable to see GOD for who and what He truly is. The written scriptures in their truest form are FOOLPROOF. Those who interpret them correctly will know to stop conforming to society. Those who don't will continue to be foolish.

What would have been the point for Jesus and others to devote their whole life to a cause? He called people out of society. He didn't blend into their lives through their traditions. That is what we are seeing today. And it has been that way for thousands of years. Such as, America was never founded on Christian principles. There is NOTHING worldly that was founded on them. Satan rules the world. He hates GOD and all His people. And He would love nothing more than to lead them the wrong way. He does so through deception. We make the choice to follow through our own will. It is our own will we cannot trust. GOD didn't create us to conform. He made us to live in His principles. This prevents us from indulging in the flesh. We remain conscious spiritually. As well as sober and not drunken on fantasies and dreams like the majority of the world is.

GOD is very far from popular. Satan would NOT want the One True GOD to be popular in this world, and for obvious reasons. And because he knows that people instinctively seek TRUTH. All he has to do to lead them down the wrong path is to create a false "TRUTH" for them to follow. And it always has temptation and anti-virtues attached to make people worldly. He does indeed spend more time in the churches than anywhere else. The false Catholic Church has promoted the worldly idea that churches are holy. And that Satan avoids the churches. A COMPLETE LIE. GOD never authorized institutions to hourde GOD's knowledge like a system of government. They are far from being immune to the world. And its obvious by the traditions they follow. You will NEVER gain a true and full understanding of TRUTH by using the church as your one source. The majority of all your research and studies should come by your own efforts. It requires diligence and time to grow.

Many sources attempt to define two ways to GOD. One is by works. And the other is by faith or grace. The idea of trying to define GOD this way is another sneaky LIE. The path to GOD will reflect in your life. So there will be WORKS involved. But there will also be faith and trust involved. After all, we cannot walk the path without depending on GOD to lead us. Any other way would be impossible. There is no way to streamline it. Jesus didn't do so with His death. There is no simplicity in salvation. And there certainly is ZERO assurance we will truly make it to Heaven. But there is 100% guarantee that we can make it to a bad place. Just like there is 100% guarantee that a child will fail without being trained to NOT fail.

It is sickening to me to look around and see one person after another living life the way they do. I have been guilty of those things. But have learned that when GOD is reflected from your life, it will not appear to be like the traditional worldly life. It will be different. And in a way that turns people off. Because people of the world praise material things. The way you dress. The car you drive. The way you act. The pride you show. All the things you talk about. There is nothing but shame in them when GOD is brought up. Because He is not compatible with the world. A person who truly puts GOD above all things will have little to talk about in a room full of non-followers. This is even true in the churches. If a TRUTH teller stood up in a church and spoke GOD's TRUTH 100%, many would be discouraged or let down by it. Because it would drive a knife of guilt right into their hearts. That is what GOD does. He forces us to face everything we have ever done wrong in our life. Because we cannot deny ANY wrongdoing. This is what "cleansed" really means.

But I tell you with full certainty. I am confident enough to stand here and say that every person I personally know has likely not accepted TRUTH as their guide in life. GOD is to be put on a pedestal. And He is TRUTH. Just like Jesus said to us. "I am the Truth". Pastors often rationalize the "easy" path to salvation by stating that no one could possibly live up to the hard path. Therefore, it is unreasonable to promote the hard path at all. So it MUST be wrong. There are other variations of these same tactics to lead people to the same destruction. But I tell you. Many HATED Jesus. He handed them the TRUTH about their own existence. They resented Him for it. Because like today, those people were conformed to the world. Incompatible with the True GOD. They would have to make sacrifices in their life to follow GOD. Because anyone who really does love GOD and is willing to give up anything for Him. They will do so. They won't look for ways around it. They will just pour everything they have into doing it. Even if it means to throw away this life. Jesus proved it. He told us to do it. And we rejected Him because it's too hard for many to give up the things they love in this world.

They do not think about the fact that there is no guarantee they will live another day. A person could easily shun the path to GOD in favor of "living it up while I can". And then get hit by a bus tomorrow. What would you accomplish? Our bodies and all the things we love in this world will rot to the ground. But the soul part of us we reject in our daily life will hold us accountable later. The complex nature of the Holy Bible belongs to only certain minds that can carry it and use it to reach the masses. For there are many simple minded people in the world who are incapable of following the intended path on their own. But the way we are to follow can be adopted by all. Jesus handed us the "gate" by telling us to forfeit our life here, and to follow Him. That is the entrance only. He called it a small gate. This is an act of commitment. The biggest commitment we could ever have. The path that follows He referred to as "narrow". There isn't much room for mistakes. We may stumble. But we should never fall. It is because once we make the commitment to GOD, we will have sacrificed this life. We will segregate ourselves from it. And this will shelter us from the ways of the world. Why will we stumble? Because we are not fully isolated. Because we are supposed to reach out and bring others into this TRUTH. So we will not completely avoid being exposed to and tempted by Sin. Only Jesus was able to walk that walk perfectly.

Be careful what you believe. Because it might just be your undoing. When you see a family that claims to be "Christian". And they are dressed all fancy, looking like they fit right in with the club we call society, then you can be skeptical. They are following a false ideology of TRUTH. Most likely from a church. There is so much virtue to be found in not dressing in nice clothes. Because the imposters will want nothing to do with you. But those who know TRUTH will see you as something far better than what the world has to offer. Someone who is humbled is easier to reach. Those who stay wrapped up in pride and vanity are the ones that would have praised Jesus in church. But would reject Him if He crossed their path.