Monday, January 5, 2015

SATANISM - Another Worldly Creation

Satanism as the world defines it is blatantly false.  It is nothing more than a man made concept that the media uses to conjure up news stories about cult activities that are comparable to any other cult that doesn't follow the Truth.  Society has foolishly gotten sucked into this scheme. It is mostly used to inadvertently legitimize the modern false concept of Good vs Evil as brought forth by Catholicism.  Many movies use it the Catholic church as the model of Christianity. Do not be sucked into the ideas of so called Satanism.  People will worship anything if it suits their own selfish purposes.  And to claim that you worship the devil is deceiving.  Because it is impossible to worship the real Satan.  The only One we can worship in Truth is GOD.  Anything else will be a man made scam.  Including Satanism. Some examples to use would be Charles Manson, Anton Lavey, or anything that resembles movies like The Exorcist. Those things are born out of drugs, yearning for attention any way they can get it, and vanity. And they all have one single thing in common. They are a result of being off the predetermined path to the Kingdom of GOD.

Keep this in mind when you see loads of articles and videos that attempt to legitimize satanic cults.  Just because Satan is real.  That does not mean we can worship him.  He is unobtainable.  He only rules over this world to mislead you.   He has nothing to offer except deception.  If your heart yearns for Truth then seek GOD now.