Tuesday, January 6, 2015


We all walk in hypocrisy. Living in society, we can never be satisfied with that kind of life. People who live it strive for so-called happiness. But they are never really happy because that concept doesn't really exist. Its a mere moment in time where they can say they feel happy. Until the next moment of unhappiness comes. Money is the primary tool used to promote this man-made concept of happiness. Because it needs constant fuel to remain on the surface. Its like a boat with a small hole in it. It cannot float for long. And somebody has to keep getting the water out to keep it from sinking. When the energy runs out, the boat sinks. The concept of happiness is actually a replacement of contentment. Since we can only find contentment in a purposeful life of serving GOD's will, there is none to be found in society. But Satan has to come up with every false concept he can conjure up to keep a status quo. Happiness is that false concept that seeks to pose as contentment. But it never measures up. Because it cannot. Satan has ZERO power in that respect because again, only GOD can provide such things.

That said. As members of society we walk in hypocrisy. Because of the fact that we are never content. We walk a path of unrest. Lack of inner peace. We constantly fumble. We are flip flopping hypocrites. As we follow along with the ways of the world, we foul and fumble, and then realize our mistake. Then we flip to the other side momentarily. It is because of our conscience usually. Because we suddenly doubt what led us to mess up, then realize Truth. But it is short lived. Until the next time we flip again. We are like a pinball bouncing around until it lands in the hole. Only to try again to win the same game it loses every single time. A life of serving GOD has zero resemblance of that of serving society. We cannot do both. We have to make a choice. A life long commitment.