Sunday, January 25, 2015

Resisting Temptation

We live in a world where it is encouraged to give in to temptations. They tell us to dream big and focus our whole life on achieving what's in that dream. Follow our hearts. Do what comes natural. Be who you are. Get what you can while you're here. You only live once. Right? When we are born into this world, we are vulnerable to the temptations of Sin. We cheat, lie, steal, and betray. The list goes on. We can be raised up to "be good" and know right from wrong. Yet, when opportunity knocks, we fall into the temptation. It could be as simple as leaving the store, only to find out when you get home that you forgot to pay for something that was in your shopping cart. Oh well. No harm done. You got it for FREE! The store won't miss it and nobody gets hurt. Right? Well. That's how easy it is for all of us. To rationalize over our mistakes and wipe the slate clean in our conscience. But in reality, that only desensitizes us from the guilt of committing Sin. Making it easier to commit the next one.

Think about this. When we are children, we aren't very good at a lot of things that we need to be good at when we grow older. We must be taught and we must walk the walk. And it takes time for newly adopted ways to grow inside us to be strong enough to guide us when we are on our own. Morals and principles. No meaningful change happens overnight. We may suddenly become self aware in some way. But it takes a long time to truly change ourselves. There is usually some long term struggle involved. This is necessary for lasting growth.

To begin with we need to understand that because we come into this world, prone to the temptations of Sin, we must learn resistance. Once you understand how a muscle in our body is trained to get stronger, then you will understand how we become stronger emotionally. Training a muscle with weights is the same as creating resistance to make it more difficult to move it. You have to really put in the effort. Thus, breaking into a sweat. It can be dreadful for some people. But its mind over matter. The payoff is significant. If you keep it up, not only will the muscle be stronger in time. But it will make it easier to train other muscles because you will also become stronger emotionally to push yourself towards the goal and to do the work. There is repetition involved.

If we also resist temptation with all our might, we will be slowly training ourselves to become stronger inside. The more we do that, the easier it will become. Although, how strong we become will be directly proportional to number and level of challenges that each person faces throughout life. You cannot always rely on "life" to bring you up. And that is why GOD gave us parents. It is their responsibility to watch over us and help us meet and overcome challenges. Kids typically ask us questions every time they meet a new challenge. And they need answers every step of the way. It's an opportunity for growth.

Many parents let the world raise their children. Placing them in institutions like public or private schools, and daycares. They get them heavily involved with sports and other recreational activities late in the day. It gets to the point to where busy parents stay busy and preoccupied. They may lay claim to owning the children. But they do little to bring them up the way they should go. These children may or may not meet and overcome challenges in life. It's like rolling the dice.

GOD sent children to us to bring them up for Him. It's our biggest job that revolves around a child's whole life. We should take it far more serious than anything else. It's the planting of a seed that sprouts and is to be tended to in order to grow into something that will multiply into many more. Becoming something big and full of purpose. This is what GOD meant we he said to be fruitful and multiply. The fruit comes before the multiplying.

There is hope for a child that grows up in a bad environment and needs help finding the way. Some people in the world are dedicated to helping others with this cause. People who are heavily guided by the Spirit of GOD. Due to the nature of this Sinful world being full of pitfalls. Namely churches. People may fall into a false sense of finding the right path. The usual hypocrisy of social groups who form church institutions to have gathering and field trips. This is not spiritual growth. Its a club environment. Reality exists in the real world. Not fantastic weekend rendezvous. Jesus reached out in ways and places that the churches would not.

Through pain, prayer, and above all patience, GOD will send His Spirit into your life and guide you through. Just ask. Keep asking. Resist the temptation to show contempt if what you hope for does not happen. GOD is mysterious and knows better than us as to what we need. He delivers it in a customized package. And we might not know or understand what is happening at first. But He will make certain that it is revealed and that we notice when the time is right. Just be ready to commit yourself. No one can change overnight. Planting a new seed where one failed the first time will require an extra special solution. And there is one. Resist temptation. Exercise your trust and faith. And you will see.