Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Guided Spirit

People in this world generally live by their own will. When you ask them to talk about what "change" means, they will gladly talk about how much they have changed. They identify their "change" by their appearance in the mirror in comparison to two years ago. They drive a better car. Have a better home. Have more money. They have kids unlike a few years ago. To them they have been through a lot. So they have changed. They are nicer to people since they went on Prozac. They believe they have changed. So they have a shallow sense of what change really is. Because to them it is dependent upon external things in the world.

There is a life that is unlike what we are taught in this world. Living a life that relies solely upon being guided in Spirit and pouring our whole heart into a GOD given purpose yet unknown. Living in a variably slow pace. It requires undying patience. And it certainly will not resemble anything the people of this world would find glamorous and exciting. The pace of change in this life may be slow. Because life is no longer about superficial accomplishment. We don't get old someday and look upon our life to see how much we were able to hourde for ourselves or accomplish. When we die we will take nothing with us. What good will our children be if we build everything for them? Just think of the spoiled rich kids who had to do nothing their whole life. What good are they? Life is not meant to be an accomplishment in the eyes of the world. It is meant to be testimony. A spiritual trial. If we invest our time into what's on the inside, we might amount to something. But if not, we wasted our precious time on things that rot a little more each day. Why invest your time into something that is destined to decay? We do not have the magic power to make material things become worth more than the rotting raw materials they are made up of.

We don't build for our children. We build WITH them. From the day they are born, they bear witness to the life they have, based on the path we choose to take them down. As they grow, they learn and choose from that same path. We are their leaders. And protectors. But they build from it. By the time they become adults, they would have already learned and understood many important things. Hopefully enough to keep them on the straight and narrow. Being financially well off takes no part in this process. Not only is it not a requirement. But it is discouraged. It is no secret that personal wealth is a complete distraction from a spiritual life. It quickly pulls us into being conscious of the things that are NOT important. And not one single person in this world is above it. That said, you can understand WHY we MUST make the effort to avoid it. And to think, personal wealth is the one thing that MOST people in this world are focusing on. Even our relatives. The Forbidden Fruit represents all the material things people strive for. Things they do not need. They are repeating Eve's Sin over and over. Now keep that in your mind while asking yourself. If we cannot live a spiritually guided life while achieving personal wealth, then does that also mean that our relatives are on the wrong path? Even though GOD could have a different plan for anyone, we should say that it is so. Personal wealth squashes the ability to live by Spirit. And if you need to ask me to elaborate, I will simply say this. If we are living by the Spirit of GOD, then chances are we are not hourding. If we come into large personal wealth, it may help us fullfill a need we may have. But there will most certainly be a surplus that will test us. We do not hourde this. It is a test to exercise a purpose. We put the rest where it must go. To fullfill more needs. The needs of others if necessary. We do not keep it, thinking that it will help us tomorrow. Because there is no guarantee of tomorrow. It's a shame to think that someone would hourde resources for their own future's sake, while there are people in the world that need them NOW. To ignore this is the same as NOT following Jesus. This includes the majority of all people in the world. Including the religious.

The idea of living this way may seem as if it leads people to poverty. First of all, there is ZERO shame from living in poverty. Living that way just might open the door to finding a GOD given purpose in life. IF you are looking. Some who live in poverty live in misery and dread. Self indulging in drugs and alcohol to kill the pain that they THINK is coming from poverty. They are damn wrong. Their fault comes from within. They are no better than the wealthy, because their focus is actually the same. The only difference is that they either don't know how to get wealthy or are living in fear. But I will say that living by GOD's Will destroys any sense of classification. Whether you are rich or poor, those concepts will be erased in your life. Even if the rest of the world tries to remind you otherwise. You no longer NEED to be wealthy. You no longer care about being called poor by everyone else. You will be extremely wealthy in Spirit. And that my friend is what Jesus was talking about. When He told us that we cannot have both the world and eternal life, this is what He meant. Much of what He foretold takes place in this world. Spiritually we can be led into an existence that goes above and beyond the traditional life that gave us nothing. Instead, leading us to a more pleasing existence to our Lord. And all this while we are living here. And we should be taking that path. And as I always say. Don't go to church to find it. You won't.