Monday, January 5, 2015

Children Hold the Truth

We can look to children and learn a lot about Truth. Because they are naturally drawn towards being little deceivers. They celebrate lies in a fun filled way. It looks harmless to us because of the pride we carry with us for them. And it took many generations of foolishness to condition ourselves into believing that this phenomena is normal. But we should not see it as normal.

It isn't hard to see that most grown ups today prefer lies over Truth. You can test them by giving them a truth about something in their life. And they will reject that truth and choose denial. That behavior began when they were children. Because they did not have someone in their life that put Truth above all things. That is the same as saying that they didn't put GOD above all things. Because He is TRUTH. If we teach our children to love the Truth, instead of celebrating lies, they will eventually see the errors of the foolish ways. This will lead them to being wiser than they are. For children are naturally predisposed to Sin. That is, they will be everything GOD does NOT want them to be. And it's a long, hard road to teach them to be good.

The amazing thing to me is this. The Bible gives us the idea that only a wise person can raise a fool to be wise. For a fool can only raise a fool to become even more foolish. So we look around us, seeing so many foolish parents, raising their kids to remain foolish. Society wants this to happen of course. Because society is ran by Satan, not GOD. Our children need to be protected and kept separate from the world. They will not be alone. Because as long as GOD is invited into our life, He is there. But there are strict conditions of course.