Monday, January 5, 2015

PORK is NOT the other WHITE MEAT

When He told her to "Go and Sin no more!" He was essentially telling her many things in a single statement. Do you really think the woman could go back to her regular life and not ever Sin again? Impossible. Therefore, when Jesus told her that, He was essentially stating something that He had previously said. But in different words: "Follow me." The woman would have to leave her present life and get on the path that Jesus was already on. The same as He expected from all others that follow Him. And as the Bible has stated, the path is "narrow", it would not be the popular path. As we saw, Jesus became increasingly persecuted for following it. The world hated Him for it and killed Him. For the path He followed was not popular. And the Bible states that the popular path will be the false path. And looking at today's concept of Christianity is a revealing of the popular path. The majority of all churches are following popular concepts. Making fools out of people. It does not matter if those people appear to be good in the world. For they apparently do not love GOD for what He TRULY is. Because if they did, they would come out of their foolish slumber and give up their lives!! All people have a chance to hear the unadulterated TRUTH in their life. Enough to hold them accountable. GOD will make certain of it. The only excuse poeple have for not making the sacrifice and seeking GOD TRUTHFULLY is ignorance. They ignore the pull towards salvation. To derail them and get them on the proper track. But they choose to indulge into the "fellowship" of the Sunday cult they choose to follow. For comfort and a way to sink further into denial like the rest. It is why we see materialism running rampant over the churches. Because its the same for anyone else who is lost. They indulge to distract themselves from the emptiness of a GODless life. They often refer to their god as "My god is an awesome god..." But they know nothing at all of the concept of 100% unadulterated TRUTH. And only the One True GOD can be found in 100% unadulterated TRUTH. Because They are both the same. GOD cannot exist outside TRUTH. So unless we strive to live a life that reflects 100% TRUTH, we will be led astray. This translates to all things in our lives. For instance, when we know the food we eat is bad but we eat it anyway, then we are NOT living in 100% Truth. Thus, we are being ignorant of our conscience. This is not striving for TRUTH. This is embracing LIES for our own sake!! We must diligently work to toss out all bad things from our lives. Instead of trying to find good in something that is inherently bad, we should just do away with it. Separate ourselves from sinful things.We must grow. So it will take time. But we must stayed leaned into it each and every day.