Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Warning! Pastor approaching!

Pastors can be the most dangerous people on Earth.

That's a very bold statement that no doubt requires explanation. GOD created us all to desire Truth. Of course, many lies are disguised as "Truth" in this world. So there will be foolish people who end up at the wrong end. And it is usually always out of ignorance of the unadulterated TRUTH as given to us by Him. The Bible calls people FOOLS many times throughout. It is because people have a tendency to be fooled in this world. But why would GOD allow this? It isn't His fault. We all have the chance to hear the Truth that we desire. But some people ignore it. Because it doesn't suit their other desires which are selfish. So they reject it. Instead, they opt for a false Truth as given by the world. Who helps supply this false Truth? The pastor.

Who knows GOD's Truth better than any human in the world, besides GOD? Satan. He has his own seat in the churches. Because they are designed on a worldly foundation. The door stands wide open for deception. The pastor is nothing more than a man who is misled into an institution created by other men. It is a college of organized religion with rules and regulations. It has absolutely nothing at all to do with the Holy Spirit. Now I say regulations because there is only so much a pastor is allowed to speak. Many Truths are shunned and forgotten. Because the fundamental purpose of the church does not revolve around leading others into TRUTH. Rather. It is to mislead them into HELL. But keep in mind that this does not mean the pastor knows the error of his ways. It means he is a FOOL. Just like anyone else. GOD did not ordain him. He did not sprinkle holy dust on the man.

The pastor tells the truth. But not TRUTH. There is a difference. A "Truth" is a single authentic Truth. But "TRUTH" is the whole unadulterated TRUTH the defines the full doctrine of the Bible. It is important to understand this. Because we cannot compromise when it comes to learning GOD's written Knowledge. There are many variations of a single word to be found. The context of these words aren't always the same in every case either. Even so. The word "truth" without capitals refers to an intended or supposed Truth that may or may not be authentic. So you refer to a supposed Truth as "truth" to avoid conveying something that leads to confusion or misinterpretation.

That said. The pastor intends to tell the Truth. The church needs someone to fill the shoes. And only someone who has been misled will do so. Because anyone who truly cares about the whole TRUTH will be ready to convey it 100%. Because that person will be led by GOD and not by men. But the pastor is led by men. He chooses to hold back certain Truths from his listeners. And when one holds back a single Truth, that means the whole TRUTH is not being delivered. People are being short changed and ultimately misled because of it. So there is no way that the church can lead people to GOD. Instead of leading people out of the world, the church is leading people into it and through it. This is a grave mistake. And they are smiling the whole time. Laughing and having fun. Not realizing where they are going.

Another reason why the pastor is dangerous. He expects others to seek him. Yet. Most people who are in need of TRUTH will not be seeking it. Because they think they already found it in the world. It is the reason why Jesus traveled and brought the TRUTH with Him to "hand out" to all. Regardless of whether or not they wanted to know it. A good reason why He wasn't always welcomed with open arms. The pastor sits on a throne. He goes nowhere. Because he doesn't carry TRUTH, then he isn't compelled to carry it abroad into the places that need it most. He has no desire to take risks or chances. No willingness to face persecution. He thrives on reputation and honor. This is most evident in the Catholic Church.

Furthermore. Anyone can become a pastor. You don't need to have a certain mind for it. Even though the Holy Bible DOES indeed require a certain mind to convey it. The world teaches that an educational institution can teach anyone anything. And as long as they are certified by men, they can do it believing they have the seal of approval. Of course, GOD has NOTHING to do with any of it. THERE IS FAR MORE INVOLVED WITH GOD THAN THE BOOK!! The Holy Spirit comes a certain way. And it is very unpredictable. When we serve GOD, we are often led spontaneously. GOD did not invent calendars or schedules. He did not tell us to invent clocks. He leads us when it is needed. And when the call comes, we answer it. This is fully contrary to how a church operates. And as I have stated before. Churches are fully incorporated into society. They are there to "serve your needs" like any other institution. But they do not serve GOD's needs.

Any person would ask. "If I cannot trust a pastor, then who can I trust?" There is only ONE that you can trust. GOD. And He comes through TRUTH. Let that be what you seek with all your heart and mind. And make sure that the only source is the Holy Bible. It will take a life's journey full of devotion. It will not come easy, regardless of what a pastor will tell you. We are sinners. That means we are LIARS. We cannot be trusted. But we can convey GOD's TRUTH if, and only if, we completely surrender our own will for His. This translates to mean that we give up our own life. We no longer live our life for our own cause. Rather, we live it for His. That is what we were put here for. GOD did not create Adam and Eve with the intention that they live as they please. Otherwise, the word "forbidden" wouldn't be written in Genesis. There is a purpose for our life. And in every case, it NEVER means our own purpose. Our will is what led Eve to destruction. If we follow GOD's will like we are supposed to, then things take on a whole different meaning.

Where are you going to find a pastor that will tell you these things? Nowhere at all.