Tuesday, January 6, 2015


You can be a god!

Satan, the fallen angel, wants to be one. He wants all the glory of the One True GOD. But he knows he cannot have it. But he will gladly show YOU how to obtain it! But not really. He will just fool you into thinking you can. And that my friends is what we are seeing all around us each and every day.

For all the desires within our hearts are nurtured by this world often. Making us feel good inside. Which in turn makes us WANT to KEEP feeling good inside. Once is never enough. Twice is never enough. Three times are never enough. And it continues on. We can never feel any everlasting satisfaction from having our desires met.

So there is a grand scheme that has a VIP status placed upon it in this world. A special place that many spend their whole life trying to achieve. A god-like status. One that has the whole world in envy. At least that's the theory. It of course never measures up. But nevertheless, it gets promoted BIG into the homes of all people. The world calls it FAME. A man is covered in a man-made disguise. He is given a "king" like status full of riches. He is flattered from every direction. He is told that he is a god. He stands upon a pedestal too high for millions to reach. He is called Justin Bieber. He is called Lady Ga Ga. He is called many names. But he is always the FOOL. He loves his life of lies. For there is no TRUTH in it. GOD is no where to be found. Only the many ways of this satanic world. It is only a matter of time until all the flattery, envy, and riches become boring and meaningless. There will be emptiness. A very large HOLE in his life. He will suddenly become the CLOWN to the world. No longer on the pedestal. But now in the alley. Being tossed around and beaten by everyone, including those who put him on the pedestal.

We have seen these things play out many many times throughout the years. Michael Jackson is probably the most popular case of all. They often refer to it as the "Rise and Fall" of a famous person. But this yearning for fame occurs everywhere. Not just in the media business. But in politics or just around the corner. There are people everywhere trying to get attention for all the wrong reasons. Wanting to be "special". Why do you suppose that people do not learn their lessons when it comes to fame and fortune? Are there not enough examples in the world to show them that it is a life that destroys, not builds?

I see it this way. The world hates TRUTH!! They live in denial. Because they would rather seek a colorful lie over a dark Truth. They follow their desires and only work for what they want. Even if they know its bad. Just like we know that fast food kills us faster than home cooked meals, we continue to run to Mcd's every chance we get. It's the curse of our own stinking will. One we must fight every single day. Walk away from society. It never delivers on its promises.