Thursday, January 29, 2015


What is your foundation? What is holding you up? Is it strong? Will it last indefinitely? What truly defines us exists at a spiritual level completely separate from our material nature.

It is important to know this about yourself and others. Knowing what defines others and how to break them down is imperative to understanding the single most important thing in your life. Foundation. For instance. A person who uses money as their primary means of living their life would fall apart if you took away money. It isn't hard to notice these types of people today because our culture is heavily reliant upon using money as a means of survival. People often buy their way through life. Relying upon businesses to supply them with resources. Outsourcing it is called. If you need something, just buy it! Take away the money and you will not be able to survive. It has often been said that America was founded on Christian principles. And none of it is true. Because the government built this country with money and blood and created an individualistic style culture which is contrary to the unity that Jesus Himself promoted in His time. Our culture is founded on money. 

Everyone in this world has a foundation. Just like a tree cannot stand without the ground below it. GOD has created all things with some type of foundation. The foundation is the beginning of something. The one single thing that defines everything. The first words spoken from GOD were "In the Beginning..." which refers to the foundation of life. When we talk about roots, we are referring to foundation. Because the roots will determine the rest of any particular thing or person's life. A plant with a poor root system will not fair well later. Jesus often made reference to this in His own brilliant way.

Now ask yourself what defines you. What is your foundation. Think about all the things in your life that you can or cannot live without. You may not know this about yourself. And even if you think you do, you may be wrong. But you can think about this. If you had everything, including your family and friends taken away from you in a single day, would you live through it? We all depend on something or someone. We are not alone in our life. While it is beneficial to us to have family and friends to  shape our roots. There is one thing that should define our whole being or foundation. And that is GOD. Because anything and everything can be taken away from us. Even if it comes in the form of a government swooping in to take it all. The one thing that nobody can take away from you is GOD. And as long as He is your foundation in life, you will be just as strong with or without everything else. With that kind of constant contentment in life, there is little need for everything else. We become more frugal and without any commitment to a material life. A necessity based life is all we need. We live and grow spiritually. Our bodies die a little more each day. So while we're falling apart on the outside, we're growing on the inside. At least we should be. And we can be. Take your eyes off the money. Take the hands and feet GOD gave you and use them to survive without relying on money so much to do it. Do the work. Your body was meant to help yourself whenever you can.

You will be amazed to know that only GOD can rebuild your foundation to be strong enough to hold unlimited weight. You can easily see the signs in a person's life that they lack a commitment to GOD. Because you will see money and materialism infesting their life. It does not matter if they spend time in church or call themselves Christians. If they spend their time spending money to create a picture perfect image for all to see, then they lack GOD. It has been said they we cannot have GOD and the world both. Take your pick. The two cannot co-exist. Hence the reason why Jesus walked in a necessity based life only. He was a far cry from materialism!