Tuesday, January 6, 2015

We Have but ONE CHOICE to make

What would you be willing to give up for GOD? Can you think of some things in your life that you would NOT be willing to give up? I am 100% sure there are some things. What if GOD told you that you had to give up those things to please Him? Would you do it?

Here's the thing. GOD isn't tangible enough to be heard with the naked ear or seen with the naked eye. There is a degree of faith involved in all things that involve Him. We MUST make sacrifices. Because that is essential in "cutting us down to the size" of humility. Because the bottom is far more valuable than the top. It is why the world lusts for the top, yet demonizes the bottom.

Our lives are filled with pleasurable things. It can be a favorite TV show. A sport. Or anything ritualistic. Something that becomes a "go to" for comfort. There lies the problem. We were never meant to use the world for comfort. GOD is to be our sole place for comfort. But we have been mentally conditioned to place far more value upon things we can see and touch. They come first. This obviously puts GOD in the dark. Even when we remind ourselves and others about Him. It's all just words and games to ease the conscience. GOD is not at all pleased with the world. When you watch your favorite TV show, He doesn't share in your pleasure. When you cheer for your son to score a point in a basketball game, He doesn't share in the glory. Because neither of those things serve any purpose other than to hinder virtues. Unholy behavior is considered mandatory by society. The idea of holiness is looked at as alternative. And it is often improperly stereotyped as well. Such as wearing a robe and praying all day.

What really matters in this world are all the things that are covered up. Because TRUTH is not allowed here. Evil rules the Earth, and it thrives on deception. Just ask Adam and Eve. TRUTH is the biggest threat to evil because evil would have no way to survive if everyone knew the absolute TRUTH. Look around you and look long. How do most people spend their time in the world? What are the things they do most? Those are popular things. Evil will not allow good things to be popular. Because that would threaten the status quo. So we can safely say to ourselves, "If it's popular, then it is probably bad." And that is true in the way of living a truly holy life. Look at hinduism and other popular forms of religion. They are false. Why? Saying its because they are popular is enough. The TRUTH has never been popular. Jesus died for it. Many shunned Him all because of the TRUTH. They couldn't handle it. They embraced the world and all its ways. And as I stated before, the TRUTH is a threat to evil. When you embrace the ways of the world, those things would be ripped from your life if you carried TRUTH. It would truly be a good thing. But if you are selfish, it would seem like a tragedy.

Religions in the world are many and are variable in what they believe and promote. Popular Christianity is among them. The only thing it gets right is the Book it uses. And that goes to show that a book in hand doesn't read itself. And it takes more than memorizing scriptures to carry the passion that GOD can give us. WE MUST REALLY AND TRULY BE WILLING TO THROW AWAY THE WORLD FOR THE TRUTH. We must love the idea so much, that it becomes our reason for living at all. There is very little room for coming and going like the rest of society. There is ZERO room for promoting its causes. We must stand in TRUTH. And because we are not perfect enough to fill those shoes fully, we must take a daily strive towards searching and battling our way towards perfection. But we will never be certain. There will be no assurance. We won't know if we walked a mile or an inch. We will have to depend upon GOD to the fullest extent. That He will shine the light for us to see. But we must continuously prove ourselves worthy. It is permanent. There is no tally count of how many good deeds we have done. We cannot trick our way into Heaven. The idea is to stay out of Hell, not focus on Heaven. Because we have already been condemned. We must climb up and over. Jesus gave this Truth to all the people in His own way. They didn't want to listen. It was too much for them to commit to. Imagine feeling content in your life, full of nice things, and plans to do and to have next week, and next year. Then suddenly a divine prophet is sent from GOD to tell you to leave your life behind in order to have salvation. Most people could not and would not leave their life. They would rather remain in the status quo and somehow believe that maybe GOD won't toss them into Hell someday. Not realizing that their ticket to Hell has already been paid. They have one chance to get out. So really, Jesus didn't give us two choices. He gave us ONE. Because the other choice has already been made.

It isn't a suggestion to leave your life. It's a command. Because if you do not leave it, then this will surely be the last good life you live. I will not pretend to know what the alternative to Heaven is truly like. We should all care. This stinking life doesn't matter so much because we can get hit by a bus tomorrow and die. Then what? We all are surely one step away from fate. This makes it imperative that we make the choice Jesus gave us. Because life beyond this one is likely to matter far more.