Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Just Say NO!

NO should be our favorite word.

But sadly it is not. We live in a YES world. People are drawn to it. They will invest all their time and mite in getting that word into their lives. Why do they work so much? To get the bank to say YES to that loan. Why do they horde so much money? So that YES they can go on those fancy vacations whenever they feel like it. They willfully walk into malls, pointing their eyes at the many temptations. So that YES they can buy this and that. Things they do not need.

Children are born with the tendency to quickly accept a YES. But they will kick and scream if they hear NO. You ever wander why that is? It goes with saying that children are predisposed to gravitate toward sin. We are all born with desiring hearts. And without guidance, we will most assuredly follow those desires. Those desires tell us YES every time we are tempted. So just imagine what too many YES's in our life would do for us. It would easily nurture the sinful desires we are born with. Sending us straight into the heart of the world. Exactly the place we do not want to be.

We should know that children must be raised to learn what is right and wrong. Because their hearts will lead them toward wrong otherwise. YES nearly always leads us to wrong. NO isn't the word that we typically want with our hearts. And it is why our willful hearts must be separated from our lives. Instead, we need to be guided by what GOD tells us. That means there most certainly will be many NOs appearing in our lives. Denying us our desires. Cutting apart those desires as they come. And over time, it will become something we learn to understand. We will be much better for it. Because our desires will lessen, leaving room for our hearts to be filled by the Spirit of GOD. The sooner this happens in our life, the stronger our walk with GOD will be. That is why we MUST raise children this way from day one. They must hear the word NO many times in their lives. If they do not, they will become children of the world.

The word NO can easily solve many of our problems. When a child asks for something, instead of asking yourself "What's the harm?" you should be taking advantage of an opportunity for them to develop self control. By denying them their desires, you are giving them a special gift that will become a blessing later in life. When I look upon the world and see so many obese people keeping McDonald's in business, I realize the lack of spiritual morality in the world. Regardless of what the intention of parents are, many are actually unfit. And they are failing GOD's children and don't even realize it. Self control is Satan's enemy. Hence the reason why we need to use the word NO alot more often with children. Some modern thinkers believe its deprivation.They are fools that carry false wisdom.

It is easy to find YES. You don't need guidance. You can go on your own and find it. But how many people do you know that will willfully look for a NO? Nobody. We all depend on something outside ourselves to lead us that way. We MUST be guided by something other than our own will. And that is where the Spirit of GOD comes in. Grown people often talk about revelations or some other "strange" occurrence in their life that has compelled them to take a different path in life. That is one way that the Spirit can find its way in. Causing you to switch tracks. Trying to get you to turn towards GOD and see for the first time. Because once your will is pointed to Him, then there is hope for you. Because you will begin to see that it is your will that He wants. And when He asks for it, say YES.