Tuesday, January 6, 2015


People hold on to too many of the wrong things. They feel as though it would be a tragedy to lose it all. What if your house burned down and you lost everything? Would you go jump off a bridge thinking life is over? Really. You would start over. Begin building again. Jesus told us to give up our life because this life is Sinful. We cannot partake in its ways because it only makes us unworthy of GOD's Will. We need to rid ourselves of it all and begin rebuilding. Only this time, we should do so His way.

There is no tragedy in losing all your material things. You can live without them. And you should. Make as much room as possible for things that matter. Modern life is proof that we crowd our lives with too many of the wrong things. We carry a mindset that we should keep this and that "in case" we might need it. All we end up with is a closet or garage full of junk. We file those things in our heart like some form of worship. We stay too busy and preoccupied. No wonder no one can see the Truth.

We were put here to be "fruitful". That is, according to the meaning that GOD has defined for it. Not as the world sees it. To the world, being fruitful is personal wealth. GOD sees nothing in all that. Because those things don't define you. And anyone who invests their life in those things will have no time invested in the one thing that doesn't die when our body does.....the SOUL.

Let your worldly life burn to the ground. See yourself as someone homeless on a park bench. With nothing. Now ask yourself. Where does GOD want me to go now? I guarantee you that He will not lead you down a path of worldly riches. If you go that way, then YOU led yourself. Or should I say MISLED.