Wednesday, January 7, 2015

All I can see is ME

Having the Will of GOD inside us gives us the ability to see outside ourselves. Like most things in life, this develops over time. Remember. GOD works providentially in our life.

Having lived our life for so long by our own will, we would have already established a belief system. Bringing GOD into our life will crush many of those beliefs over time. And there will be struggle and conflict within us as a result. As well as between us and other people. It also would not be surprising for others to notice that something about us has changed. Good or bad to them. Just think about all the things GOD may have to break down inside of us to make us truly humble. This definitely takes time. And He always remains mysterious to us. Even though we know He is truly here. We walk in a brand new growing Spirit that guides us.

Does this all mean we are working to become perfect? No way. That kind of thinking comes from our own will. Which is what foolishly misleads us. Life will always be hard. As a matter of fact, there is a good chance that a life guided by the Spirit will be much harder than before. But we will become more resilient and strong inside. And that is what counts.

The people of this world often base inner strength on the size of their financial security. Those things are illusions and lies. They do not exist more than a moment in time. Hence the reason why people scramble from day to day trying to maintain such things. Its false security. If the money was taken away, they would crumble. When it really comes down to it, those people fail miserably in the eyes of GOD. Because they are guided by their own selfish will. They invest most of their time on their own destiny. As if they have no faith and trust in GOD to guide them. They instead guide themselves every single day as if there is no GOD at all. And once a week at church, they acknowledge GOD with their mouths and their offerings. They are a disgrace to say the least. They are hypocrite liars. They are Cains.

The things GOD does to us on the inside do not need constant rebuilding. They do not depend on how much money is in our wallets. Whether we face tragedy or triumph, we remain stable in spirit. We stand in courage for the sake of not ourselves. But to continue down whatever path GOD is paving for us each day. Life is no longer about "me". We are no longer kings with crowns. We are servants. And our lives are a bow to Him.

Strive to recognize that GOD is working in our life each and every day. You will get better at checking yourself. Your flaws that need changing will be recognized by you. And you will throw yourself into suffering if necessary to begin changing those flaws. Again. This is not about making you perfect. It is about changing whatever needs to be changed to suit a purpose placed upon you. And you may not be able to define that purpose in words. It is just about becoming compatible with the shoes He asks you to wear. Surrender who you are. Become a "nothing" in your heart. Empty it. Let Him fill it with something else. You may lose a lot of friends and family. Because they will not understand. They will shun you. Avoid you. Some may hate you. Because they love the world and hate anything truly holy. Jesus Christ faced all these things throughout His life. And it meant His ultimate demise in the eyes of this world. But through the eyes of all that is holy, He became something very big. And it all symbolizes what we must go through. Sadly enough, many people do not recognize this. And many who do, will not have the courage or willingness to give themselves up. They love the world too much. But like it or not, we were told directly that we must make a choice. We cannot have both. GOD will not give us the world. And anyone who thinks otherwise is a liar and a fool. We must walk away from it. Leave the tree alone. All its fruit is forbidden. Turn toward GOD instead.