Monday, January 5, 2015

The TRUTH Revisited

Walmart - Save Money Live Better (prove it)
Levis - Quality never goes out of style (prove it)
Energizer - Keeps going and going and going (prove it)
Disneyland - The happiest place on Earth (prove it)
Holiday Inn - Pleasing people the world over (prove it)
John Deere - Nothing runs like a Deere (prove it)

"I would die without you" (This has never happened)
"My heart is on fire" (You would be dead)
"There's an old flame burning in your eyes" (You would be dead)
"We made love last night" (Love isn't made overnight)
"Hit me with your best shot" (Abuse fetish?)
"Heaven is a place on Earth" (prove it)

The world absolutely hates TRUTH. So much so that LIES are celebrated every single day in every single home. It can be from listening to music, writing poetry, reading fictional stories, watching television. And even buying a soda pop can be the result of propaganda, which is nothing more than a system of LIES. The very fabric of today's spoken languages is based on LIES. People wilfully legitimize lies in the way they talk to others, such as "I would swim 100 rivers for you". I am pretty sure there is no person that would really do that.

We are raised to prefer lies over TRUTH. It is incorporated in the way of life, regardless of what country you live in. The whole world is one gigantic ball of LIES.

By realizing and understanding this to be true about the world. It helps to clarify the perspective that Jesus Christ came to give us about ourselves. We are Sinners. No matter who we are. Because to live in this world is to be one. And it is quite a task to attempt not to be.

But we are to TRY not to be. We have been told to strive for perfection in the way we walk with GOD. For it is highly important that we do so. He calls us OUT of this world. Not to love this world. Not to party with it. Not to be part of it. We are to deny ourselves as members of the world. Instead, we devote ourselves to a calling that is far too great to leave room for many personal conveniences. The world hates TRUTH. So what does GOD need from us? He needs for us to uncover the TRUTH. Because without TRUTH, many will walk the path of destruction. Knowingly and unknowingly. Through His Spirit we will be shown how. One day at a time.

Realize this as the TRUTH. Because it was told that the path to the Kingdom of Heaven is NARROW. The BROAD path to the false kingdom will be the one that most people follow. Meaning that the world will present a false path that has been labelled as true. And because foolish people will listen to the world instead of GOD, they will follow it.

But the ones who care enough to give up their whole life to know TRUTH. They will be given it. And they will know to avoid the world's ways. The true path will be revealed. It is NARROW. It is high priced. It isn't popular. It isn't easy. The whole world will hate anyone who walks it. And perseverance will be needed. We MUST be willing to be persecuted, beaten, and/or killed to follow it. Because any of those things WILL come our way. They did for Jesus. And He told us they will come for us. For any person to think that salvation is simple and easy. They are fooled.

We are incapable of tasting the fruits of the world without being poisoned by them. So we should deny ourselves. The whole idea of heading to church on Sundays is a man-made tradition meant to led people away from Heaven. Because it is nothing more than another system of LIES. A tool of distraction. To keep people in the world, indulging in it. It feeds us tiny does of lies from every direction we look. Turn on a TV, you get a quick lie. Open a newspaper, you get a quick lie. Play a video game, you get a quick lie. Walk into a store, and we see more printed lies. And because so many people of the world are lost and corrupted, we pick up even more lies just by hearing them speak to one another in public.

It is very difficult to avoid LIES. But keep this in mind. Jesus did not avoid LIARS. He knew better. He knew perfectly, the difference between a LIE and TRUTH. He was no fool. So He ate with Sinners. He did not forsake them. He called them out of their LIES and into TRUTH. They either obliged. Or they denied. He did what He was called to do. And He told us to do the same. It is up to us to call upon GOD and to devote ourselves to coming into knowing the TRUTH about this world. And we must uncover it to turn people against the world. To get them to turn to GOD instead. This world has nothing to offer. It cannot save us.