Tuesday, January 6, 2015

GOD the Greatest Parent Of All

God is not only good. He is the Greatest of All. The only One who could be put on a pedestal. Because He has the power to back it up.

What parent would condemn his/her own child? A good one would not. And GOD is the greatest parent of them all.

That said. Why would there be a place of condemnation? There is no such place. GOD will not condemn His own creations. Consider all the effort that went into each living entity on this Earth. Look at the time given to us. It isn't for nothing. The Scriptures have been misunderstood and in some cases, twisted around by churches. The Catholic church is the most deceptive and heavily promotes a fiery place of eternal torment. But the Scriptures, in Truth, speak of a place of purification. Not torment. The fire represents the process of purification. And that was not the only word being used in the discussion. There was also the mention of "sulphur" which has been used with fire to purify things going back many centuries. That is what the Scriptures were referring to. All souls must be purified to end up where GOD needs them to go.

So why would churches lead so many people away from this Truth?

That said. You may think since there is no condemnation then why bother living differently than the rest of the world? Everyone is saved! Right?

Just because there may not be a place of Hell that condemns people. That does not mean you will go to the place you WANT to go. Put this in your mind. Where do criminals go in this world? Prison. When a child does something awfully wrong, what happens? He gets punished. Possibly spanked. Have things taken away.

The bottom line is the same for all. None of the wrongdoers wants those things to happen to them. So why wouldn't the greatest parent of all PUNISH His children for doing wrong? There is forgiveness. But not all acts of wrong can be forgiven. Imagine someone who commits a crime against someone and then asks them for forgiveness. He might receive it. Then later he turns around and commits another act against the same person. Chance are he will not be forgiven a second or third time.

The Bible talks about running out of forgiveness. We cannot keep running back to our sinful ways. There is a difference between having a weakness that we fight every day of our life. Or willfully running toward something we know is wrong. We must pray every day that we will be intelligent and strong enough to know the difference between trying to battle our sinful ways versus being foolish.