Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Truth about ATHEISM

Atheism has everything to do with what a person does not want to hear or believe. It has little to do with what they do believe. Because their beliefs vary from person to person. And they never stay the same. That is the same as not having any real beliefs at all. The only consistency IS the idea that they reject anything that doesn't suit them personally. It's all about "me me me" and how I feel and how I want things to be. They gladly accept any belief that suits their own personal agenda. But quickly reject anything that doesn't. And since GOD's TRUTH does not suit any person's personal agenda, it is no surprise that atheists proclaim what they do about GOD. There is a consistency there. But it is sheer coincidence and has nothing at all to do with any ideology or system of belief from so-called "atheism".

That said. Atheism doesn't really have anything to do with a group of people. It's an individualistic concept. But it is foolishly promoted as something else. The term Atheism is not of Truth. It is man-made. Because one day someone is an atheist, then suddenly they are something else. But someone who loves the Truth above all other things will find GOD. And they will never turn away. Thus, Atheism has no real merit.

I proclaim that atheists do not know history. They carry little to no wisdom at all. I for one have spent years reading literature from the 18th and 19th century. So I have discovered many things about history that you won't find in official textbooks. And there certainly is a lot left out. The fact is that when God was in the majority of all households long ago, society was considered to be in order, balanced, and lacking in crime. There was more unity which translates to true community within a town. There was hardly any need for more than one church. So everyone was educated the same about God and His principles. We could trust sending our kids to school because the principles were honored there. Plus, school was put in place for the right reasons unlike today where the compulsory attendance has more to do with incentives or money, and political corruption.

In the 19th century when atheists were causing the Bible to begin disappearing from the schools, the children with poor upbringing were ending up in prisons. A prime reason why biblical principles belong in all schools. More than 100 years later, we see what has happened to communities and to schools as atheism became more prevalent while Christianity became more diluted and full of vanity. Rarely are churches even saving anyone these days. Just more atheists with "believer" name tags.

As long as we conform to the modern ways of society, we are no better than an atheist. It doesn't matter what we believe as much as it matters how we live spiritually. Materialism and vanity have run wild and embedded themselves in the ways of the world. And as long as you live their way, you are one of them. The only true Christians in the world today are "Off The Grid". Some say that the Amish appear to be the very best example of all. But I say they still fall very short because they follow a false German ideology. Not really knowing why the church makes them live the way they do. They also segregate themselves from society without reaching out like Jesus did. But I am seeing more and more people today going off the grid and living the way the Amish do. Forget about what atheists are doing. If you want to please God, save your children from them. Alter your way of life to reflect a God intended life. This is how you breed true Christian generations.