Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Worldly LOVE is Nothing but LUST

Love or Lust?

Amazingly, the dominate form of "love" in the world today is a relatively modern concept. Like many things in this media driven age, it is heavily promoted through commercialism. It is a mere illusion. A fantasy. Something made up. Wrapped in a sweet soundtrack and images of people shedding tears or giving hugs. This isn't real love. It might be affection. It shows emotion. And it may or may not be a product of love. But it certainly is not a definition of "love".  The world advertises a quick and easy to find "love" that is totally fake.

Love as it is accepted in this world is variable in form. It takes on many shapes. For instance. When two new people are infatuated with one another, or in lust, it gets promoted as love. Such as "love at first sight". There of course is no such thing. It is just lust and nothing else.

I will tell you right here and now that REAL love isn't something that goes away once it is there. It cannot and will not. It does not exist in finding a "perfect mate" either. It isn't a Hallmark card. It is something whole that is comprised of many parts. And it comes together slowly over a long period of time. It builds upon itself into something so strong that it cannot be torn down. When a man and woman walk together through life and all its trials and tribulations, a love is constructed. And it only comes after the infatuation period has worn off. Which usually begins after the "newlywed" phase has ended. Usually years.

The same holds true for children. As parents we will quickly say that we love our children. When we hold a two day old infant, we would say that we love them. But truly. We have not established any relationship. Sure. We care for them. It is instinctive. But a sincere love is developed over time. Not suddenly created out of nothing. We cannot just decide one day that we love someone. But when you watch movies, you see many scenarios of people quickly "falling in love". And they are false. We have to drift in and out of struggles with something to develop a real love. It is proven. That's why you could say you love your mother or your brother. Look at all those years of living under the same roof!

Many people use flattery to get people to do what they want. It mistakenly is taken as love. It's a foolish game that is often played between a man and woman during the period of infatuation. Love games as they are called. But it is not love. And it can stop on a dime, ending in separation. If those two people stayed together for 20+ years, they would definitely have something to say regarding love and what it means. Assuming they have actually been devoted and invested alot of time in one another. Not just simply existing under the same roof. But showing interest in each other.

So once you understand how time plays an important role in developing Love, then you should see that it is no different when having a true Love relationship with GOD. It does not happen overnight. And it does not stop on a dime. And it does not develop because of one person. GOD isn't going to do all the work. You have to give yourself to Him. Just like you are to be devoted to your spouse. It defines your whole life from then on. It is a marriage. And for better of worse, you walk the walk. Thus, Love is defined not through words. But through the length of a proven path between two. There is no shortcut.