Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Christians Cannot Walk Straight

The walk that supposed Christians walk today resemble nothing in the way Jesus Christ told us to. We know that He didn't carry a King James Bible with Him. The Old Testament information would have still been predominate at that time. But think about this. Jesus was telling things that people had not heard before. It had not been written. It was something brand new. But it did not overturn the Old Testament. The main point here is that there was no "brand name" to His Truth. He didn't drive a bus that said "Christian Church" on the side. He was just a man carrying Truth. Belonging to a club was irrelevant. He was a leader of Truth. And we were to choose to follow Him. Both literally and figuratively. Now, fast forwarding through time to present day, we see that pretty much all of what supposed Christians do today do not resemble anything of what Jesus and His followers were doing centuries ago. But as I have stated before, GOD never changes. What Jesus told us will apply till the End of Life. Society will continue to try and alter the ways of living just to contradict what Jesus told us to do. Living in society is incompatible with what He told us while He was alive. Hence the reason why so many rejected Him and did not follow. Today is no different. The only difference is that today, Satan has built thousands of churches that all lead people to believing they are on the right track. But they are not. Because there is no sacrifice. Just a bunch of amens and praying. With all the whims of the world mixed into it. Many will indeed continue to remain lost . I cannot see any way that so many who are smugly placed within a worldly life setting will ever open their eyes to the TRUTH. It's a sobering reality. One that cannot be taken lightly by those who actually care. Even those who care will stumble and make the worst kind of mistakes. Because we are just no good. So far from perfect that we cannot see the beacon of light that shines from it. All we can do is know what direction to go to get there. And only GOD can give us this information, a little at a time. We have to constantly stop and ask for directions.