Tuesday, January 6, 2015

LISTEN to your HEART??

Everything today is designed to invade your heart. This is REALLY bad. Because a fundamental concept of Following Christ is to remove things from your heart that should not be there. And because we cannot be a good judge of all the things that should be. We rely on GOD's wisdom to get us there. This directly refers to surrendering our own will to replace with GOD's. In the practical sense, this would be to make the necessary sacrifices of all the things in our life that distracts us and keep our focus upon the world. All the while, learning and becoming biblically trained to gain GOD's perception of the world, rather than our own. Because GOD sees all TRUTH. We don't. We will never be fully immune to the ways of the world. Because our hearts are targeted directly by society. So even when our hearts are filled with GOD's TRUTH, we will still stumble at times. Never stop trying. It's a never-ending journey that requires constant maintenance.

Now I have to say something else important here regarding the heart. You have to know that the mind and heart are separate. But what goes into the heart must go through the mind first. This can be good or bad. What is in the heart depends upon what we think and believe. If we stop believing in something, it can die inside our heart.

Okay. Now let me say this. YOU ARE A LIAR. Yes you. You have not only hurt yourself. You have hurt your children. You have hurt me as well. And most of all, you have hurt GOD. You did it yesterday. You will do it again today. And I will bet you with my life that you will do it tomorrow. Wanna bet?

I guarantee that if you understood how your mind and heart work together, you would gain some valuable insight that would change you tremendously over time. The discussion of the mind and heart sets right at the front side of this blog. Because this world that hates truth is using your mind and heart to keep you and others away from GOD. 

When you put on a set of headphones and listen to a pretty song you grew up with, it goes through your mind and down to your heart. The heart has no brain to know what's going into it. It just fills up. It is the mind that knows. Some say "The heart is wiser". They are fools. When the heart is filled with TRUTH, we can trust where it leads us. But when we fill it with LIES, we cannot trust it at all. The popular music we listen to is constructed using fragments of lies. Just look at the lyrics of any song. Each line of text will be an untruth. Something that either never happened, shouldn't happen, couldn't happen, or wouldn't happen. Just made-up lies. Those harmless bit of lies go into your mind one at a time. If someone took a single lie out of that song and simply spoke the words to you, you wouldn't believe it. It wouldn't go to your heart. But if they conjured up a spell with music and beautiful sounds, it would attract you. It would caress you. It opens you up completely. Then the tiny lies get poured in one at a time. They go into your mind and slide right down to your heart. You just got hijacked. Now even if you know the lies are wrong. You can't shake them out of you. Because you now LOVE them. Because they are wrapped in such pretty sounds and music. So now you make excuses for them. You are now on your way to becoming the typical liar lover the world is full of. Don't try telling me that you don't LOVE listening to Belinda Carlisle cast her spell of "Ooh baby do you know what that's worth! Ooh Heaven is a place on Earth!". That is far from being the will of GOD. That should bother you tremendously.

This same method is used in all aspects of popular media. Movies use it. Video games use it. We now love running down a street with a machine gun, blowing holes in cars, buildings, and even in people. Mindlessly watching blood splatter all over the place. "Ahh. It isn't real!" you say to yourself. But to your heart, it is fully real. If you didn't love it, you wouldn't do it at all. You would hurt inside. You would cry. I have been down the road I speak of. I know what it is like to love all those things. I am probably more guilty of it then anyone i have ever known. But GOD has given me a large gift of sight. I still carry the burden of proof that I have been down that road. I will never forget. But it exists more in my mind than in the heart. For He has brought it out of me. And continues to do so more as time goes by. Because of this, my Love for Him grows stronger.

But the flip side is that those who still continue to fill their hearts with lies will quickly scold me for telling them the TRUTH. They can be watching a movie or listening to a song. The lies will stick out to me like crazy. So I will be calling them out one by one. Nitpicking it to death. It's my way of protecting my own heart as well as anyone else's. They accuse me of ruining the song or movie. As if I committed a crime. Even though in reality, I did them a huge favor. That's the way GOD would see it. Now I see why there is a Head of Household with a large responsibility to uphold TRUTH. Sometimes requiring a firm hand or a sharp tongue. For GOD's sake. We must celebrate TRUTH. Not LIES!!