Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Jesus Is Not The Reason For The Season

They say Jesus is the reason for the season. Honestly. I am not sure who exactly came up with that. But it's chocked full of hypocrisy. I am not writing this as a lesson on hypocrisy. Although, it would be appropriate to mention that Christmas has nothing at all to do with Jesus Christ and everything to do with commercialism. Additionally, Catholicism is the false religion behind such a holiday.

When I think about the seasons I don't think of holidays. I used to when I was younger. But these days I think more about purpose. There is a cycle with the seasons where many things in this world grow. And many things die. Most anyone can observe this reality from Spring to Winter. From a farmer's point of view, this period is work season. We begin work in the Spring to prepare and to plant. We do this all through the summer. By Fall, harvest comes around. That makes us extra busy. Once Winter comes, most or all work should be completed. It is time for rest. Many animals and the atmospheric pressure of the sky show us what to do during this time.

But there is a problem. People don't seem to rest in the Winter. They keep going and going. Not paying attention to the signs of nature. Is that such a bad thing? If we can get away with it and cope, does it really matter? I say it most certainly does matter. Because Winter is the off season. A time for rest. Reflection. Renewal. During the farming season, we work and we play. While the plants are born and they grow, we are breaking ourselves down each day. Too busy to care about anything but the work we do. But in the off season, the plants die. And we ourselves grow. Spiritually. At least that is what's supposed to happen.

When we go through a season of rest, we are far less distracted and more focused on the things we were unable to focus on so much during the work season. The work season is all about the material things of this world. The off season is more about what's on the inside of us all. The Lord is much easier to connect with in the Winter. And we need Him in our lives. I say that with most conviction. Because we are lost without Him. Even if we don't know it.

In a world that relies too much on pills and therapy, it is obvious to me that He is needed but not found by many. I can tell you this. If people rested the way they should in the Winter, they would connect more spiritually to their lives and not so much on material things. More and more of them would be coming out of Winter time to walk away from their present lifestyles. That's an extremely important thing to understand. Because by no coincidence, the Winter season is heavily promoted as the most material season to the world. All because of the Christmas holiday. Do you ever ask yourself why there is so much emphasis placed on it? I will reiterate and say that it is NOT because of Jesus Christ. It is due to the large conspiracy against GOD's people. To keep them busy during the off season. Thinking material instead of spiritual. To make matters worse, much emphasis is placed on the "Spirit of Christmas". Which is to cover up the true meaning of the off season. To the world you are supposed to be more spiritual in the Christmas sense, rather than in the true Holy sense. But it ultimately is all based on complete lies and serves no purpose other than to ruin the spiritual growth of people while fattening the belly of the beast.

By understanding all these things, I realize why there is no spiritual renewal taking place in millions of people's lives. They are getting duped. But let's not place ALL of the burden of responsibility on the evil entities of the world. Clearly GOD has ways of making Himself known after so many years. Every human life that comes into this world has the opportunity to hear about Him. Enough to spark their curiosity. It is up to them to make some choices and invite Him in. Everyone comes to a crossroads in life. And that always brings to my mind the parables of Jesus. I think about what happened between Jesus and the rich man. And life is exactly like that. Mix that with what happened to Eve and the Forbidden Fruit. There are always two ways to perceive the moral of a story. But only one perception is right. People who are guided by their own "self will" will always choose the wrong morals. In the case of Eve's incident, its all about deception. They focus on the crime. Someone who is guided by the Spirit of GOD will undoubtedly see that story as being more about loyalty and obedience. Or should I say "lack of" in Eve's case.

The bottom line is always the same. We were designed and created with purpose in mind. And it is important that we go through life knowing this. A good sheep ALWAYS stays in the vicinity of a shepherd. One that runs off will foolishly get eaten. GOD is our shepherd. He won't force us to see Him. We must care enough to see Him. When a sheep remains loyal to a shepherd, what's the catch? Self sacrifice. But the reward is great for that sheep. He is protected for sure. The same applies to people. When we sacrifice this world for GOD, on the outside it seems like we are giving up everything for nothing. But inside ourselves there is great reward. Something money cannot buy. And that truly is the greatest gift of the season.