Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Mom? Why does that Protestant Church have a Catholic Cross on it?

People often post questions online, asking about what GOD thinks about different things. It is a sign that they have not invited Him into their life. Because if they had, all their questions would be answered as needed.

This is something important to know. Because churches operate this way. People use the pastor as the "go to" source of information. Clearly they don't have the Spirit of GOD in their lives. Because it would be totally unnecessary to rely upon a human to guide you through life. That's certainly a sign that GOD isn't in it. Relying upon churches would be completely unnecessary if people were doing what's expected of them. All the things that matter exist outside the churches. We need to stop wasting our time following men who wear honorary titles in the social club we call CHURCH!

I find it tragic that this is a reality. A very common one for sure.

When Jesus Christ chose His disciples, they were clueless for quite some time. They did not have the Spirit in them. So it took some time for Jesus to teach them and bring them into a deep understanding. Enough to infiltrate their spirit. Once that occurred, they needed no source other than the Spirit to guide them. They did not run to a pastor for answers. They had a direct connection to GOD. And THAT my friends has not changed today. People have been brainwashed by today's society to think a direct connection to GOD is like a Hollywood movie or fictional story. Something magical and fantastic. Those things are deceiving and false. Although you can recognize when His Spirit is in your life. He works providentially and signs are given to you. But they cannot be recognized unless you are humble and devoted.

GOD works WITH you not FOR you.

With these things said, imagine how difficult it would be to raise your children to develop and exist in such a spiritually guided life. Society has a completely contrary way of dealing with and rearing children. They grow up incapable of knowing what it is like to walk a Christ-like path. They get the same hogwash from churches as everyone else. Never really knowing. And going through all the same struggles for nothing. They never seem to get it. It is why people continue to fall away from churches by the millions. Many so called Christians have migrated other religions. A person who follows Truth never falls away. Furthermore, those same churches have bible study and youth groups where they memorize Scriptures. Somehow they believe just because they can store and recite loads of information in their brain that GOD will be proud of them. Sorry guys. But He gave that job to parrots, not humans. Your WHOLE LIFE is the proof. Nothing you can say or do exclusively could save you. You really do have to PROVE to GOD just how much you are willing to give up. If you hourde ANYTHING you don't need, you are already failing. I am saying this outloud to every person who reads this.

Also, there is a special demand for those who can figure out ways to bring people into a great understanding. One by one. Jesus was very clever and unconventional. If it needed to be broken down to a child's level, it was. If it needed to be vague and riddle like, then it was. The world needs those who can and will devote their life to this cause. There is nothing else important enough to not devote ourselves to this. Life has nothing to offer but endless moments of trying to satisfy ones self. Ultimately you end up getting old (if you're lucky) never having done anything for Him. The world may love you. But the world can't save you.