Tuesday, January 6, 2015



Something misunderstood. What is it really?

When you stress over something you CANNOT change. That is worrying.

When you stress over something you CAN change, that is NOT worrying. That is you recognizing that  something needs tending to.

Do you worry about having left the heater on after you left home? Do you worry whether or not you have something to wear for work tomorrow? Do you worry that your child has what they need to bundle up out in the cold?

Those things are not worries. They are YOU recognizing needs and taking care of them.

Do you worry about whether that tax refund will come? Do you worry if you will have a job tomorrow? Do you worry that your car will keep working for awhile longer? Do you worry that the world will end? Do you worry that your child will die in a car accident?

Those are worries. And we cannot change them. We were told to NOT worry. Because they benefit us NONE. They crowd our mind. Taking up space that is needed for something more purposeful and beneficial. How can we stand for something good if we are always worrying over things we cannot change? By letting GOD guide our lives, He will guide us through.

If you stress over something you think needs changed, and you can change it. Then by all means try to change it. But not if it requires breaking something that should not be broken. Patiently learn to tell the difference between His Will and your own. Just ask Him to show you. I promise He will.