Friday, January 30, 2015

FOCUS should be your MIDDLE NAME!


Anyone who has listened to business seminars will often hear them discuss the word FOCUS. They will tell you that is the secret to success. So how does that apply to life in general?

The reason is because FOCUS is the most overlooked reality in this world. If you acknowledge GOD, and think about Good vs Evil, then you NEED to think about FOCUS. Because the evildoers that govern this world are using FOCUS against you. They already know that whatever you FOCUS on, it will be driven into your heart. And your heart is what leads you. Don't believe me?

Turn on the TV. Flip the channels. Look at all the things they want you to focus on. Listen to the radio. Notice all the sounds and words they want you to focus on. Read the paper. Browse the Internet. Look at what is on display in the check out line in stores. My friends. Your FOCUS is being hijacked every second of the day. And THAT is what your life will become. THAT will be YOUR SUCCESS, or failure depending on how you look at it.

FOCUS is something that JESUS CHRIST told us and showed us. Maybe not the way I am telling you right now. But it is my duty to tell you that FOCUS is at the top of the list. Because without it, everything else you do is in vain. You can have all the good intentions in the world. But still end up at the short end if you are not in full understanding of how our minds and spirits work. The filthy rich and powerful few that own and operate nearly everything in society already know these things. And they would love nothing more than to turn YOU and I into dumb cattle just to keep their bellies fed while we do all the work. They don't care about your soul. They don't care about your life. They would soon shoot you in the head. Toss you aside. And wait for the next foolish child to grow up and become a new head.

FOCUS is a real threat to the evil in this world. And when JESUS stated a future return, He meant this would come through a changing of life on this Earth for all people. The wealthy evildoers that spread greed and immorality will eventually fall. Only then will true love of human nature spread around the world and create unity and community unlike anything this world has ever seen since all of Creation.

So keep in mind. That just because you see or hear something. That does not mean you should pay attention. Sometimes, we need to flee from the dangers that infiltrate our focus. If someone nearby plays a song that sends the wrong message. Do not be afraid to complain. Do not be afraid to plug your ears or run. Begin caring about what goes into your eyes and ears. Because those are the doorways to your heart. And as I always say. The heart is what WILL lead you in life. You have no choice in that matter.